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Yup, they are done! Back on the road to find something better. #lightlytoasted

Cutbacks on nightshift means putting a little spit shine on the heap, and sucking out years of struggle and Black and Mild. New rubber and an alignment are next.

Torture test of this little #bissellproheat today by cleaning the carpets in the apartment and the veggie oil soaked rugs in the back of the Great White. Gotta say, I'm impressed by how much grease it has sucked out. Maybe now I won't set the truck on fire when I weld!

Huge fan of the oil field scrap TV stand. Issa theme, and we are going to find more!

"My car is making a noise" mmhm, let me get my detective glasses. And what happened to good old fashioned rivets on linings anyway?

Got to see some great things today, and even finially took pictures too. Fisheye was great! I got to see a shark making rounds, and that's my little homie "One Fin" saying what's up. Then, went and scratched the surface of Guam's war history at the museum, and war memorial park. Looked at a cave system that the Japanese dug into a hillside and used as a shelter, and at a gun box that the Japanese used to protect the island from the American soldiers during the invasion. Too cool, and much more to come!

The cinnamon shop is on your block, Let's get the doodoo nova cleaned up #sb350 #69nova

This is the weight of the rolling shop (tools included) no trailer. Poor girl handles it well though, just gets a little winded on hills when towing. Looks like it's about beer-thirty and the boys are waiting #73idi #rustybuttrusty #220hp

This here is the last picture taken on the old galaxy S3. Out by the power lines, we lived out the last charge in nature, where it always liked to be. Wishing it a happy retirement, and a big thank you to my mother for dragging me to the store and finally talking me in to moving on.

Merry Campbell Christmas! Stockings are de-stuffed and we are feeling very thankful for each other, where we are in life, and to be here with our amazing family. Peep the Snap-On light my mom got me! #merrychristmas #mom #snapon #sharpie #michigan #kinfolk

See the old box truck pulling Santa's sleigh this Christmas. If you've been naughty, we will roll coal in your stocking. #merrychristmas #yourpresentsmightbelatethough #7.3 #idigang # itstheclosestthingtoatreeihave #moretocome

Found this in the Mercenstin. After 3+ days soaking in #evaporust I was able to read it. This coin came from such a different time- Weird Al was born, as was Mike Pence. Bread and a gallon of gas (real gasoline, not this ethonal infused garbage) cost around 20 cents. Your average Joe made a healthy 5k a year, but that was fine because a house cost 12k and new cars cost around $2,200. Eisenhower was president, and Hawaii and Alaska became the final two states to join the Union. Certain groups here did not have the same rights as others. It's interesting and sobering to think what this object has lived and seen.

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