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Talleigha  🇦🇺 From the land of the vegemite sandwich 👻 SNAPCHAT: Talleigha 📩 Talleigha_bookings@hotmail.com


dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin.
The chemical reaction we call love.
Don’t over think it, it’s that simple...

What are you searching for?

My dreams are so vivid I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse. The war inside my brain come sleep time is insane! I need to learn how to control these things because I’m starting to become confused between reality and dreamworld, this has gone on for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s haunting. Either way both are super draining to deal with... do I ever even sleep?
@perrywinklephotography X @gooseberryintimates

I was created to create. Even from the age of 12/13 my sense of self awareness was large.
I knew what I wanted, I knew if I manifested that shit and worked hard towards it anything could be mine. The only class I prospered in was art class, the rest I was considered a failure...
The system never worked for me I was a 15 year old drop out, 50 Grand hecs debt never sat well in my soul.
The rise continues to be internal, not taught to me through lectures. I’m not saying you can’t be taught to achieve greatness. I’m saying sometimes greatness can be inside of you, fucking believe in yourself.
/ @perrywinklephotography

At what age do you realise it’s time to settle down, tame yourself and be gentle with your shell? My mind is aware yet I still feel indestructible. Maybe that’s just the kind of woman I am, live fast die young may the memory live on. @perrywinklephotography X @riotswim

“Make your Mark” @highvibe.tv X @riotswim


If you know, you know. Artist @fintan_magee

Re reading the monk who sold his Ferrari this book hits home hard. I like to read books that teach me consciousness and self awareness. I want to learn and be captivated by the story at the same time.
What should I read next?
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Good morning from @theapartmentscanggu I keep having the strangest dreams, layers upon layers I wake myself out of one and I think I’ve woken but I’m just beginning a new dream. It’s some hectic stuff and when I do actually wake it feels like I haven’t got a minutes worth of sleep. What is this!? I need a good nights rest.. 😩

Have you ever visited another country and felt more at at home there than in the country you actually reside in? Well that’s me here in Bali, Something about the ocean here makes me want to stay forever. 🌻🍯🌞 Photographer - @perrywinklephotography
Dress - @andi_bagus
Swim - @riotswim

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