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talldrinkowater  Mostly cats and doorknobs. Sometimes Cheese. Also posting for Spirits Alive at the Eastern Cemetery: @spiritsalive


Hi, I can't see what you're doing in there, but I'm hoping it has to do with opening cans and cats

Y'all, this is a #hippo drain spout omg

More #bostoniron I like these little wizard hats

That Charles Q. Clapp was a fancy pants with his architectural details, I say.

She was yelling out, "take my picture!" With her little iron voice (though I've taken it so many times before. #portlandiron #ironfences #decorativeiron

This is what I wanted to do all day but no I have to work to pay for cat treats

It's finally so green here the black iron is really standing out! #portlandiron

This weirdo eats raked leaves and cracks me up jumping in them. Then she peed in my leaf pile and we weren't friends anymore.

This is how we rake leaves in La Camparacha's neighborhood

This cat and his eye rubs

Says he forgives me for dropping banana smoothie on his face

More Boston iron 💪

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