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Ah, the struggle.
So much happens in the struggle.
It can feel infuriating and disorienting,
Exhausting and confusing,
Overwhelming and scary,
Familiar and foreign.

It's a curiously painful place,
with more question marks than periods.
It forces change –– it forces growth.

Don't skip it.
Let it teach you.
Sit in the uncertainty.
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
It won't last forever and the change will be worth it.
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Knowing all of its downsides, why is gossip still so hard to resist? Head to the #linkinbio for some therapist insights on why gossip is so seductive, and how to avoid it.

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Summer can be a joyous time for some –– it may mean vacations, barbecues, road trips, extra time spent with friends or loved ones. But as we peel off extra layers of clothing during the hot summer months, many also increase a spike in body anxiety –– an experience that can oftentimes be debilitating. To learn more about what this means and how to combat it, we connected with some experts for their experiences and guidance. Head to the #linkinbio to see what that had to share. ☀️🌊

Pain can be a touchstone for growth. It’s often in our most uncomfortable moments that we find the courage to choose another way — where we reject how it’s been and choose something new. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. But at least then you know you have the courage to try again. #regram @words_of_women

☝️ THIS is the definition of self-love. Head to the #linkinbio for 10 inspiring self-love quotes from #LGBTQ icons. #Pride (

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