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Talkspace  Therapy for the way we live today, wherever & whenever you need it. Join our community of Mental Health Warriors. #HereToHelp #TherapyForAll

Brick by brick. Step by step. Sometimes you tread water for a little while... the change happens when you commit. Sometimes it takes a while to see but you will get there — just not over night. #regram @words_of_women

What are the factors making the mental health crisis of teens and post-millennials today so acute? How are the problems of today’s youth different than previous generations? And most importantly, what can we do about it?
Join us on October 25th for a day of panels at TheTimesCenter as we explore these questions and their solutions. There are a limited number of tickets available at the #linkinbio. ✨✨✨ #TalkspaceTeens

Tag someone who needs to hear this. 🙌 #Regram @words_of_women

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T👏G👏I👏F .... the days feel long but the years are short. No matter what’s going on in your world, we encourage you to find a moment to be present today — a moment where you say “hold on” to your list, to your phone, to your fears — a moment where you say yes to your process, to your well-being, to yourself. Wishing you a very beautiful and human Friday. ✨✨ #regram @bumble

Did you know that 10-20% of adolescents, worldwide, experience mental health conditions? Within that percentage, most cases go undetected or untreated. We're living in an intense time –– a time where it's hard to differentiate between what's real and what's filtered, a time where we're viewing a collection of curated moments instead of what's really going on. There's cyberbullying, there's school shootings, there's political and social tension. We're living in a pressure cooker and young people are paying the price. That's why today, on #WorldMentalHealthDay (and every day) we share this message that it's okay to reach out for help when you're struggling. It's time for us to stand up for our young people and offer them much needed #mentalhealth support so that they can grow up healthy and resilient. Taking action today, is an investment in tomorrow. ✨

In honor of #WorldMentalHealthDay, we’ve joined forces with our friend @cbquality to give away a free month of therapy to three individuals. Head on over to her account for more on this and for how to participate.
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It's a really interesting time to be alive. For as much is going on for all of us in different ways, I'm glad we live in a time where there are some amazing resources for mental health and the care and keeping of humans. In honor of #worldmentalhealthday I asked my friends at @talkspace if we could gift a month of online talk therapy. We all need someone to talk to sometimes. And maybe more now than ever, it's a time to support ourselves, our friends and family, and our communities in mental health awareness. So here we go. @talkspace + yours truly are gifting 3️⃣ randomly selected winners a month of #talkspace. All you need to do is: 🌿 Follow me + @talkspace 🌿 Comment #therapyforme and you're entered (to protect your stories and experiences, this hashtag is all you need to do) // For anyone else who's interested in the @talkspace model, head over to my blog where I chat about my experience (and yes, I was a user for two+ years) · Im also linking a blog on #mentalhealth resources (both in bio)

Call them growing pains, or being in transition –– call it a period of unrest or that bit of darkness needed to get to the light. Whatever it is for you, know that feeling uncomfortable sometimes is good. It's a sign that change is happening, that something is reorganizing and shifting. Yes, it doesn't feel good. Yes, we all wish we could skip it. But sticking with it, and making it to the other side, this is what ends up transforming us. #thistooshallpass

🙌 TRUTH. Thanks for this reminder, @thepouf. 💫💫

To freedom. 🙌 #regram @nayyirah.waheed

☝️ In therapy, we often refer to the peeling of an onion. We’re complex as anything and are constructed of memories, emotions, perceptions, behaviors, habits, experiences... and so on. Showing up for your personal growth means an endless discovery process. It means you’re always growing, changing, challenging — and not unlike an peeling an onion, tears may be shed. But sometimes it’s kind of comforting knowing that who you will be tomorrow is slightly different than who you are in this moment. Change can be freeing and terrifying and beautiful and painful and unexpected and necessary... here’s to all of you endlessly evolving beings. 🙌 #Regram @refinery29 @hannahbullion

Such an important reminder as we close out what’s been a heavy week. Speaking up is hard. Showing our truths and being vulnerable is scary. We recognize the strength and heroicism that’s required of us when we stand up and say “this happened and it’s not okay.” We see you. We hear you. We believe you. Keep showing up and greeting each other with kindness and compassion. The world is safer when we speak up. ✨ #BelieveSurvivors #regram @cleowade

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