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Laura Belgray  Copy Expert & Unapologetic Lazy Person |Non-Sucky Copy Tips to give your biz some damn personality. QUICK, get my B-School bonuses before Thurs! 👇👇👇

You GUYS! My first piece in Business Insider! Byline and everything!⠀

I'm so excited. And also a little embarrassed? Because I feel like a showoff? But F that! ⠀

This is for any creative who's been told, "Get a real job." Or anyone who's had enough of all this talk about "hustle." That sounds exhausting. ⠀
(Some businesses are data-driven; some are purpose-driven; I like to think of mine as couch-driven.)⠀

If you're worried that doing something creative for a living means you have to exist on instant ramen and borrowed Netflix logins, this is the read for you.⠀

Link in bio.⠀

If you ever think, "I can't write to my list, I don't have enough to say," remember: ⠀

No one ever said, "This message was too short. Take me off your list and never contact me again!"⠀

By that same token, no one will complain if your Instagram caption is too short. And if they did, I wouldn't know it. This is the shortest one I ever wrote and it's already too long.⠀

Now, on the other hand -- boring, wordy, or unoriginal...THOSE will get people scrambling to that teeny unsubscribe link at the bottom. So get some help squeegeeing the suckiness from your copy with my Non-Sucky Copy guide. It's free, just hit the link in my profile.

Why aren't YOU in these pictures? (With me, @selena_soo, @susie.moore, @chriswinfield @todd_herman, @nickonken and more - swipe through)⠀

Want to be? You could win an expense-paid trip to NYC to visit & get mentored by my friend Selena Soo -- and hang out with me. 🛬🗽🚕🍽(Details at end, link in bio.)⠀

If you'd like to be a *little famous* (as in, reach a bigger audience and get known for what you do), Selena's the one you want to learn from. ⠀

And you DO want that, if you have a business and want to help more people, land bigger opportunities, and attract high-paying clients. Or sell more books. Or get big speaking gigs.⠀

To wit (did I just write "to wit"? wtf): Since being featured on top podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire, So Money, The Copywriter Club, the Kate and Mike Show, plus speaking gigs, a feature in Forbes, and other moments I guess you'd call "publicity," I've attracted better clients than ever, grown my list, landed on affiliate leaderboards, and have a better business in general. Also raised my prices by over 25%. ⠀

And that's all happened since I met Selena. She showed me how important it was to get media and be more visible. It works -- and can work for you, too (even if you're not "ready."⠀

Get started with Selena's first video. In a quick 12 minutes, you’ll learn:⠀

👉How you can use The Publicity Pyramid (not to be confused with a pyramid scheme, promise) to get your ideas out to millions of people ...whether you’re just starting out or already doing well in your field...⠀

👉Why the media is straight-up drooling to hear from you right now (and how to get “expert cred” with the media right away)⠀

👉How to start confidently getting media opportunities with top podcasts, magazines and TV (even if you’re an introvert, majorly self-conscious, or don’t feel “ready”)⠀

👉Selena's 3-step process to pick your “go-to” expert topics -- even if you have too many ideas, or secretly don’t feel like a real expert⠀

PLUS...a bonus guide to media outlets that want YOU.⠀

Sign up to access the video + deets on how to win the trip to NYC! (You have to watch all 3 vids and answer a few EASY q's to enter.) Link in my bio.⠀

Yes, I know pronouns are for gender identity, not sexual. Get off my case. It's Friday. My brain is fried.⠀

Time to make sweet love to my DVR. I have a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills burning a hole in the cue.⠀

How you livin'? ⠀

You feeling productive today?⠀

Are you a #bravosexual too? ⠀

Heads up! There's a seat for you in B-School! ⠀

OK, I took this pic on some flight to show my joy at an empty middle seat. ⠀

But I'm using it to entice you into what will be an absolutely First Class (window or aisle - your choice) spot in @marieforleo’s B-School. That's because you'll be flying with Team Talking Shrimp - and getting my bonus of free one-on-one time with me. ⠀

👉Enrollment closes Thursday. Link in bio.👈⠀

For any friend who's been looking to make a career pivot and start their own thing, or has a business but needs more buyers and clients, or wants to use online marketing without being ick, THIS IS THE PROGRAM. Now in its 9th year, it's the gold standard for online business courses, and I'm proud to promote it every single year. There are 185 case studies to show you why. (More on that on my site.)⠀

Every year, a friend or two from the TV promos world, or the restaurant world, or some other non-online-y circle, sees my posts about this, joins through me, and does amazing things with it. This year, a friend from camp DM'd me about it. She's in!⠀

What about you? You can see more over at talkingshrimp.com/bschool, or hit the link in my bio. Ask me questions! Would love to have you next to me.

Some people are driven by a big vision of changing the world. I'm driven by visions of sleep. ⠀

I used to have a boss who'd call me at my desk at 9am - just to make it official that I was late - and say, "Hi Laura, I was looking for you. I guess you're not here yet." ⠀

Except she always sounded like she had a cold, so it was more like "I was lookig for you. I guess you're dot here yet."⠀

I lasted 6 months in that job, the only one where I've ever agreed to be in before noon. ⠀

Now, I start client hours at noon. No talking till 12pm on the dot. I'll talk to the person who makes my iced coffee, but that's about it.⠀

Mornings are a whole thing for me. Waking up is a 2-hour deal, minimum. ⠀

I love that I get to choose when I do it. ⠀

If you want that, maybe it's time to choose B-School. Sign up through me, and you'll get my personal, one-on-one copy (or general) help. Enrollment ends this week! ⠀
Hit the link in my bio.

In 2003, there was an annoying chick who always stood in the front of my hip hop class at Crunch.⠀⠀⠀
Er. She kinda changed my life. ⠀⠀⠀
Wanna read it the story ? The link in my bio will take you there. Click it! ⠀⠀⠀
And if you already know this story and know Marie, go next-level and get on her live class tomorrow: 5 Mistakes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make. Bet you anything you're making one of them. (Link also in bio.)

First, B-School is OPEN, ready or not! ⠀
If you go for it and don't wait for it, you'll get my fast action bonuses (includes a chance to win Copy Cure) along with my main bonus of FREE 1-on-1 copy help. ⠀

Link in profile.⠀

🚍Second, I used to take the 79th Street Crosstown to school every day. Once in a great while, I'd be standing there in front of Chase Bank with my wet hair freezing into sticks, peering down the block for a bus that just wouldn't come. And I knew that by the time it did, I'd miss at least first period. ⠀

Time to walk. ⠀
(That's a lie - at this point, I'd get a cab and make my mom pay for it. But it doesn't really serve the analogy.)⠀

Point is, "feeling ready" is that bus that's never going to show up if you wait for it. ⠀

Take it from me, I'm a natural waiter. Not food server, I'm terrible at that.⠀

Rather, someone who waits to feel ready. Ready to write the thing. Ready to sign up. Ready to give a talk. Ready to get ready to go out. (I'm always getting yelled at -- "We have to be there in 30 minutes, have you not showered?")⠀

But some of the best things I've done in my life, I've done before I was ready. Sometimes, because I was pushed. ⠀

Building my business, for instance. I would never have done that if I'd waited to feel ready. I did it because I got the axe from my biggest TV writing contract. Basically, my job. ⠀

Luckily, I'd also done B-School before I was ready. It was included in my friend Marie Forleo's mastermind, which I joined before I was ready to do anything with it. I just knew I needed to do something new in my career, and thought Marie might have some magic. ⠀

With my B-School skills, I'd started blogging and building a teeny list. So I had a foundation to attract private clients and replace all that income from the sweet full-time gig I'd lost.⠀

👉What do you want to do that you're not ready for?⠀

Remember, readiness doesn't come from waiting to feel ready. ⠀

It comes from taking action when you're not.⠀

OK, @marieforleo and I don't look our most alert here. Maybe we weren't! (Shhhh)⠀

But she'll be 100% live this week, talking right to you in the first-ever B-School launch webinar.⠀

[Get in on it through the link in my profile, or copy paste: http://bit.ly/tsmfwebinar]⠀

✏️TOPIC: 5 Mistakes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make — And How To Avoid Them⠀

(The secret 6th mistake is missing this webinar.) ⠀

She'll dig into head-slap, "Oh no, I do that" flubs that cost us all money -- and fixes that work. Even if you've watched her 3 videos, you haven't seen this. And she's SO. GOOD. LIVE.⠀

Find out: ⠀

👉How to 45X your marketing efforts using a tool everyone thought was “so over.” (Oooh, I know what it is! It works! 🤓)⠀

👉The surprising links & widgets you might have on your website that can stop buyers dead in their tracks. (Wait, I don't know these. 😯)⠀

👉Why more traffic isn’t always what you need — and what you should do instead. 🚦⠀

👉The story of how one entrepreneur killed almost every single offering she had and tripled her income in mere months. 💰💰💰⠀

👉The controversial truth about marketing that even the most brilliant CEOs don’t understand. 💡🤔⠀

Look, I normally hate webinars. They make me antsy. But I'll be watching this one. Marie keeps it entertaining - and you never know what she'll say when she's not on script. ⠀

Want in? ⠀
Sign up through the link in my profile. ⠀

Ps - summer allergies can make you look hazy.

Here are 7 ways you can reinvent yourself.⠀

1 - Get a makeover: hair, makeup, clothes, and, where applicable, better bra. *Is that you? Zowie!*⠀

2 - Get an EXTREME makeover: hair, makeup, clothes, and freaky plastic surgery on face and all parts (like on that old reality show The Swan). ⠀

3 - Fake your death, change your name, move to another country with lax extradition laws. Wearing a wig. Never contact anyone from your old life again, except one time when you need to hear their voice so badly that you call them by pay phone, don't say anything, and then hang up. 📞(From many movies.)⠀

4 - Change your handwriting -- preferably, to bubble letters. (From personal experience, 7th grade)🖍⠀

5 - Create a vision board of your new future, and step into it. (Found this when I googled "how to reinvent yourself.")⠀

6 - Give up sugar. Because people who give up sugar claim, "I'm a totally new person!" Yeah, one who makes me feel bad about dessert.⠀

And if none of those do the trick on a satisfying level -- they won't, except maybe number 4 if you're 12 years old in the 1980s, or number 3 if you're an escaped felon -- I recommend this one:⠀

7 - Create a successful business doing something you love.⠀

If you're in a rut, know you should be doing something more creative or "bigger," have been teased that the business you've tried to start is a "hobby," or are just sick of yourself saying, "I need to do something new..."⠀

...number 7 is your best bet.⠀

Having your own successful business can change not just your lifestyle and finances, but the way you see yourself.⠀

And, the way other people see you. ⠀
Not that we care about that. Oh fine, we care a little. ⠀

Now, if you want help making number 7 possible, I've got 2 words for you. Or one hyphenated: B-School. ⠀

Click the link in my bio and you can find out more -- plus, get a peek at my 2018 bonuses.⠀

Love is agreeing to hate Valentine's Day together! (And then posting a picture that kind of violates that pact, but I can't help myself.)⠀

I love @ecklers so much. He loathes selfies and doesn't like it when he gets tagged by "a corporation" AKA my Talking Shrimp account, but I think he loves me back.

You never forget your first.⠀

💝The first time someone you've never met or heard of, in some part of the world you've never been, sends you money for something you JUST put up on your website.⠀

💝The first time someone writes you to say, "You don't know me, but your emails/ blog posts/ tips have changed my life. Thank you!"⠀

💝The first time you get a google alert that someone quoted you or recommended you on their site.⠀

💝The first time you can say "No thanks" to work that doesn't feel fun. ⠀

💝The first time you can say "why not?" to something you never thought you'd be able to afford.⠀

💝The first person who publicly declares you their "biz crush." ⠀

💝The first weirdo who writes you either praise or criticism -- hard to tell which -- in RHYME. On a regular basis. (Anyone else have one of those?)⠀

💕Those are a few of the firsts of a business you love. 💕⠀

👉Want that hot, throbbing business love for yourself? My friend @marieforleo is offering free training this week to help you grow or start a profitable business online. ⠀

Her teaching is the magic behind my own business, btw.⠀

Hit the link in my bio and get your cute cupid tush in there. ⠀

Happy Valentine's Day! 😘

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