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Laura Belgray  Copy Expert & Unapologetic Lazy Person |Non-Sucky Copy Tips to give your biz some damn personality. Click to get freebies + go down the rabbit hole.👇

✨Say it in the mirror. Every day.✨⠀

So, I was at dinner with my bestie @susie.moore, who always talks about her affirmations. She's the most confident person I know. ⠀

I asked, "Do you think your affirmations work? Or do they just seem like they work because you already believe them?" ⠀

She asked what my affirmations are, and I said I don't do them.⠀

She looked at me like I'd said "For dessert, let's go to 14th Street and lick vomit." ⠀

"Why would you ever think affirmations don't work?" she asked me. ⠀

I said I dunno. Stuart Smalley? That SNL sketch always made them seem stupid. No? "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me." ⠀

She said, what makes you who you are?⠀
--> What you believe. Got it.⠀
And what determines what you believe?⠀
---> The words you hear. OK. Got it.⠀

I guess if telling yourself something negative makes you believe it, why wouldn't telling yourself something positive?⠀

And why only let other people's compliments make you feel good about yourself? Why believe theirs and not your own?⠀

Another good point: What do I have to lose? I don't have to do it in front of anyone. ⠀

And what else would I do with that time? Probably check Facebook and IG to see who likes me. ⠀

And most of all, if anyone had better stand by the idea that words's this person over here. The one who gets paid for them. 👋⠀

👉Here's an affirmation: My emails are awesome. And everyone who gets them loves them. Link in bio. 👈⠀

I would not at all mind being back in Capri right now. At the same time, being in NYC or anywhere else with this guy doesn't suck. ⠀

Feeling very lucky today.⠀
For @cklers, for travel, for my family, for where I live, for what I do. ⠀

(Also, for not being psychic. If I'd known the future when this photo was taken 5 weeks ago, I would've been freaking out.)⠀

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Repost from @ecklers

My vibe today. ⠀

I remember my dad teaching me to tie my shoes. ⠀

(I'm gonna say I was 4? Does that sound right?) ⠀

He made the mistake of teaching me in front of the TV, which I kept my eyes fixed on. Holding my lace in a loop, he said, "Do you want to learn to tie your shoes, or do you want to keep watching Sesame Street?" ⠀

Me: "Sesame Street." ⠀

He said, "Well, if you can't tie your own shoes, I'll have to keep doing it for you." ⠀

...And? ⠀

If you wish someone could just do your job for you so you can keep watching TV, well...I have a half solution. Write great copy. It does the networking and selling and buyer-finding stuff for you. Too bad it doesn't write itself for you. (Or tie your shoes for you). But you can get to love doing it yourself. ⠀
Want copy that gets the job done? Download my 5 Secrets to Non-Sucky Copy. Free. Link in bio.

On the set with Team Forleo! I spend weeks in fear of a shoot (and always one sleepless night before) but these guys make it as smooth as a baby’s butt after a wax. And so much fun. @elsaisaac @makeupbyjaegger @gregorypattersonhair @ericmichaelpearson @geadaford @mrarieljr @withlibertyandjustinfarrar @louiseflory cc @marieforleo

They can copy your idea, they can undercut you on price, they can rip off your color scheme, they can one-up you on size and scope. ⠀

But no one can outdo you at being you. ⠀

Pumping your personality all through your business, so what people are really buying is YOU, is the one way to have a true monopoly. ⠀

And, it's fair and legal. Unlike the mofos who our building contracted to redo our apartment windows. They're the only company allowed to make them, so they have us by the nostril hairs - even more tender than the short and curlies.⠀

Best and easiest place to get personal? Your emails to your list. (AKA your "newsletter," but I hate that term.) ⠀

Email is conversational and intimate by nature. You can make yours feel like an EFAB (Email From A Bestie) with the tips I share on my site. They're free. Link in bio.

"Be gentle with yourself."⠀

I've heard that a lot lately. It's a nice reminder! You know what'd be really nice? If I got paid to do that. It's expensive to be gentle with yourself. Send the gentle money.⠀

I have great clients who are are kind and understanding when times are tough. Unfortunately, even the nicest people won't write you a check to watch reruns of Real Housewives and Younger for a week. ⠀

When they give you money, they expect some ridiculous thing called "value" in exchange. The nerve.⠀

Note to self - generate more passive income. Later. ⠀

Note to you - sign up for my emails. They're damn good even when I don't feel like working on anything else. And they'll inspire you to write better emails yourself.⠀

Link in bio. You'll also find my free guide to subject lines that don't suck.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to my dear Dad. ⠀
He's been the source of so many stories, imitations, and, no doubt, resignation notices from tortured customer service ppl, that it was impossible to capture it all in one service. But 1 strong theme ran thru it all: his passion for connecting with people, & connecting them w each other. ⠀
As his final act, he rallied my friends from all stages of my life - my text-everyday pals, those I've barely talked to in 25 years, and everyone in between. ⠀

I'm so touched by those who showed up & who sent love & recollections, many on multiple platforms. ⠀

Dad was hopeless at social media (blamed "fucking AOL" every time he accidentally hit ENTER while posting on FB) but his sendoff was a 360 affair. ⠀

From his NYT obit:⠀

BELGRAY--David C.,⠀

86, died on July 25th, 2018, surrounded by his family in Torrington, CT. Husband of Alice, father of Laura and Marian, father-in-law of Steven Eckler and Rob Blatt, adoring PopPop of Samson and Elena. Native and lifelong New Yorker, from the Bronx to the Upper Westside. Stationed in Hawaii in the Army, with R&R in Japan, he kicked off a passion for new places and people. Long before there was an, he discovered and connected over 2000 relatives worldwide, finding cousins in Israel, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, and other far-flung places. His favorite book was the phone book, which he'd open in any city, country, or planet. Any name starting with Bil or Bel was a likely new cousin, and about to get a call. After putting his Columbia University MBA to use in finance and systems at American and Eastern Airlines, he earned a PhD in psychoanalytic psychology and began his life's work as Dr. Belgray. He was the last to leave a party; the first to speak out about mismanagement, injustice, or an item on a bill. He constantly connected with new people and reconnected with friends from as far back as age four. He could say "What is your name" in every language. He loved feelings, genealogy, helping people, Judaica, tradition, speaking Spanish, reading obituaries, rain, an ocean view, wrinkle- free shirts with a pocket, smoked herring and borscht, and, most of all, his family.

⏳💊#timecapsule July 15th, 1992. Staying up at my parents' place, in my childhood (through early adult) bedroom while we have our windows done -- and found this NY Times cover yesterday. 26 years to the day of publication! Weird, right?⠀

What's weirder: It's a parody -- it was in my fat folder labeled "SPY stuff" from when I worked at that magazine, and this was a 4-page joke version that they handed out wrapped around the real NYT as a prank during the Democratic National Convention.⠀

That's not the weird part. The weird part is that, like, what would you even print as a newspaper parody now? What could be more ridiculous than the actual headlines today? I don't know how the Onion continues to do it.⠀

With this version, I had to double check that it was a parody. The only real indication was the small headline below the fold, "Paul McCartney is Dead."⠀

And by the way, yes. I've been working in writing for that long. I was a somewhat pathetic intern when this came out, but I soon switched over to the ad side and became a copywriter. In the same "Spy Stuff" folder are five dusty copies of the edition (Jack Nicholson cover) with my first advertorial in it. March, 1994. I guess I was there a good year and a half before doing anything useful.⠀

#Copywritingtip: Have a mom who lets you keep your old file drawers full of your old shit. Boom. Content for days. Wash your hands after. ⠀

ps - my sister still has a floral Anna Sui babydoll dress in her old closet.

⛱🏝Those people who return from vacay saying they're recharged and excited to jump back into work are either lying or made of an entirely different human fabric from me. ⠀

Vacation is great for my soul, but not for my love of work. ⠀

I discovered a while back that my "best self" is the self that wakes up to a glorious hotel breakfast buffet -- with several kinds of pastries, smoked fish, and fresh-squeezed juice -- and takes it from there. 🥞🍳⠀

Day managed by umbrella position. Inbox managed by an "I'm away and not checking emails" autoreply: that's the way to live. ⠀

I always come back grieving that I can't live that way all the time. ⠀

I also build in a few extra days of officially being "away" even though I'm physically back. ⠀

But yes, I'm back. ⠀

🔋⚡️Do you come back from vacation excited to get back to business? Batteries all recharged?⠀ Reply "yes" or "no" in the comments. You can elaborate, but don't lie.

🇮🇹🍝🍷🕶“E Americano e multo famoso .” Two men have just come out of Enzo, where we waited half an hour to get our little table. I say to Steven, oh - maybe that douchey New York guy who was trying to jump the line with his friend in the terrible outfit and all the tattoos actually *is* someone. While they were standing and waiting near our table like everyone else, Steven had looked at the friend and said “He’s rocking a real normcore look.” He made me promise I’ll never wear a fanny pack even if they’re hot now.⠀

The Italian men see me eavesdropping about the famous person and say, “Michael Moore is inside.”⠀
Michael Moore! How’d we miss him? Not the sexiest sighting but still interesting. ⠀
“But he’s not this one,” the man says, showing me Michael Moore on his phone. “He’s a rapper.”⠀
Steven gets it right away. “Not Michael Moore. Macklemore!”⠀

Mr normcore with the fanny pack. Duh.⠀🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

Anyway. Da Enzo in Rome. Peak #amatriciana and #cacioepepe moment. Worth the wait. ⏳#romeeats

🇮🇹 📝🍷🍝Finally rested up enough to post pics from my Riomaggiore workshop with @italianfix! I could not be more lucky, having this opportunity 3 years in a row, in a setting like this, hosted to perfection, with dream views and dream snacks, the great posse of friends who came along and had dinner and prosecco and train trips with me🚇, the 24 brilliant women (and the one @heathc8) who signed up and made the schlep to Rio and then the schlep up the steps, so many steps. The wrap party hosted as always by the wonderful Fuori Rotta. 🍷🍷🎉The infinite thought and care from Bianca Gignac and Kiiri Sandy and Monique. ✨💫👌The poor hotel guy who kept trying to make an iced coffee to my specifications. ❄️☕️🧐(Starbucks was inspired by Italy but not vice versa.) I miss you all already!

🥐🌊☀️⛱What a perfect way to recover after 3 days of teaching #copywriting and creativity! Beach, pool, flea market, salade by the sea...and a little sunburn. 😬You can do worse than having a friend who says, “Come stay in my castle in Antibes” - and another who can shift her itinerary to join you. Haven’t been to this area in over 30 years. I love that it’s still pretty much the same. Though last time I was at Eden Roc I didn’t pay a dime. We snuck in and spent the day at the pool for free. I think they’ve beefed up security since. A perfect weekend. Thank you @grysinding for providing my recovery spot!

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