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Do you know how long it's taken for me to feel this comfortable? I look back at only a few years ago and I hated my skin, and put layers of foundation on to try to compensate. I had acne for years, and when that went, I hit the years of 'combination' skin which threw my skincare routine that I was familiar with out the window. My biggest problem was trying to find something that gave me moisture, but that wasn't heavy and greasy. I've been raving about the @OLAYUK Whip moisturiser ever since I got to try it, before it even launched and I had to keep it a secret. It turns from a cream to a liquid as soon as you put it on and is super lightweight. I've actually been using it as a primer too because it smoothes so much. It's been so nice getting direct messages from all of you that have gone out and bought it and loved it! They do three varieties – Regenerist, Luminous and Total Effects, so you can choose which one is best for your skin type, and then if you want SPF added in or not. And it's so affordable too, you can get it in store from @superdrug now (on sale for £22.99!) The link is in my bio #THEWEIGHTISOVER #FeelTheWhip #OlayAmbassador #ad

Oh I do love jumper and boots season 🍂

Happy Sunday 💛

“Wear fabulous underwear, even if you are the only person who is going to see it”. I can’t tell you how much throwing all my old stuff out and getting so many fabulous new bits from @bouxavenue made me feel. This is one of my favourite pieces. The ‘Odette Deco Body’. I’ve never been confident in underwear, never felt ‘sexy’. And I’ve been wearing the WRONG size for over 10 years (34DD and I’m actually a 32D). So after a proper fitting, and some gorgeous new pieces, I left feeling something I’ve never felt before. I just feel different, and it was a huge confidence boost that I never expected. So treat yourself to something special, because it was exactly what I needed and I wish I had done a haul like this years ago!

Autumn I love you 🍂 I surprised myself with actually managing to make this from scratch! Thank you @wildathearthq for teaching me...I want to make a door wreath for every season now, doesn’t it look pretty!

And just like that...I was in my new home 🏡 I’ve just uploaded a moving vlog, I can’t wait to take you with me on the day and a look at the house! (Link in my bio)

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go 💫 Isn’t it amazing how something so little can light up the darkness. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about and been told recently. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to change things around you, because no matter how hard you try, the reality is you often can’t. So work on yourself, because if you change your inner world, it reflects outwards and will in time change that. For the better. Sometimes that’s really hard to do - taking a step back and trying to be the best versions of ourselves or making changes for the better. Just like a sparkler that brightens up the darkness, your influence is bigger than you know, it sort of happens without you even noticing. So if you want to change the world, make little steps in yourself first. And trust and have hope that everything will work out in the end 💫
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What better way to spend a Friday than covering my new jumper dress in foliage and wreath making with @jr_slimmingworld (he won the prize for best student in class 😂) with @wildathearthq and @thebodyshop followed by gin o’clock reunion with @iamjemmacox 👯‍♀️ Best end to the week, my friends are my 🌎❤️

NEW HAIR 💁🏼‍♀️ Took the majority vote from you guys...a bit more blonde and toners to lighten it through the lengths but staying dark on top. A much needed miracle refresh from the girlies @meraakihair ... Grown all by moi

For the last six months, I’ve never paid more attention to what my body needs. Making small changes have made a huge difference in how I feel. I went on a bit of a journey trying to learn about vitamins, and wished I’d started it a long time ago after seeing what a difference it was making. Recently, I’ve introduced Hotpod Yoga into my morning routine. Although I love it, I found myself feeling a little bit tired afterwards. I’ve always been slightly iron deficient but was nervous about taking supplements after reading about some of the side effects. @blueironhealth is a really gentle one on your stomach and I’ve been trying this for about a month now to make sure it does what it says! I don’t have that afternoon tiredness slump now. I like vitamins that target things. So if you’re struggling with brittle hair and nails, tiredness or you’re struggling to concentrate sometimes then this might be really good for you. You can buy it online from Boots or from I’m filming my morning routine over on my stories today telling you more about it and the changes I’ve made now we are in Autumn 🍂 #feelthedifference #blueiron #ad

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