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When you have the dusky pink, marble and grey office of your dreams to work from each day 🙌🏻 This is one of my favourite rooms in the house, Mum has worked so hard doing this room up (tap for details) and I just love it ✨✨✨
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Oh hello sunshine ☀️ Literally soooo good for the soul. What have you guys been up to this sunny Spring weekend? xxx

Tech has always been such a huge part of my life, it's the very reason I made the step to doing YouTube full time and my life changed forever. So I'm always interested in what's changing and what's going to happen. Mind literally blown yesterday at the 2018 Artificial Intelligence Expo, it made me realise how much is coming. I learnt all about Olay's Skin Advisor (link in my bio). So refreshing in an industry that can leave us overwhelmed with choice. It scans your skin, shows you your skin strengths and the areas you can work on with the products that might help - all from one selfie. I got to meet 3 inspirational women talking at the AI Expo who have been leading the way in this industry. This couldn't have come at a better time for me - celebrating women. I had no idea what AI meant before I took on this project with Olay and being here has shown me how much work is being done to carve incredible changes in areas like beauty, wellness and the NHS. It's great to see Olay celebrating women within the tech industry. Keep your eyes peeled for my YouTube video, took me back to my reporter days! 📸 @jemmakcox #OlayAmbassador #OlayxAIExpo #AIExpo #AD #OlayAgeless #OlayUK

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea, and that’s kind of the same thing ☕️
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Honestly guys, over the moon to be able to share some really good news with you 🙏🏻 Remember a few months ago when I posted a before and after of my mum with an Olay eye cream? Well, the results and feedback from you guys from using that cream has been so incredibly overwhelming. It’s a brand both my mum and I have adored and used, and afterwards they asked me to partner with them for 2018 to work on some incredible projects and take you guys with me. I feel so honoured to be partnering with Olay. The last few months have made me realise how important wellness and skin is so I feel like this is the perfect partnership. They are making huge strides in leading new changes and innovation in skincare and are using AI technology to help women find their personalised skincare regime. So the first project is going with them to the Artificial Intelligence Expo this Thursday to learn all about Skin Advisor, a web based tool they’ve created to help us understand our skin better which I personally think will be fab because it can be so confusing to know what to use. They are the only beauty brand making an appearance there and I’m going to get to speak to their Principle Scientist, Dr Frauke Neuser. I’m also going to be talking to some amazing women in tech who are speaking there who just sound so empowering - just what I need! Olay is celebrating women in AI and tech and we’ll be speaking to some of the women after the expo. So write any questions below you’ve got about skincare, its future or perhaps for the inspiring women I’m going to get to meet. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m really excited to take you with me! 📸 @jemmakcox #OlayAmbassador #AD #OlayxAIExpo #AIExpo #OlayUK #OlayAgeless

May your smile always be shining and your brows always on fleek 💫 Ventured out today with the little sis to have a bit of a pamper at @shavatabrows - they have come to John Lewis in Nottingham and seeing as I suck at doing brows I’ll be a regular here 🙏🏻 Feel like I’ve made little steps (hair wash, brows done, nails painted) and big steps this week and it’s ended by achieving something I feel so proud of and motivated for. I’ll be able to share a little more with you tomorrow but after the last few months it’s exactly the news I need ❤️

One Day or Day One. You decide. Sometimes you have to completely stop, reset and go back to realise that actually you really are in the right place at the right time. Whatever your situation, it’s happening for a reason. The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself, and it’s something so many of us forget about. When you slow down, it becomes so much clearer what really matters in life, and that’s when it all starts to fall into place ❤️

Feels so lovely to have had a few little bits of sunshine and warmth in between the clouds. Is it officially Spring now? This was taken from a shoot back with @jemmakcox I love it when I can work with friends and play with fairy lights in a forest. The next few weeks are going to be pretty full on with work and projects - I know I need to make sure I’ve got my mojo on and everything ready to feel more balanced, energised and calm. I’ve literally spent the last week just relaxing. Might post a little reset routine this week all about how to do that ✨✨✨
#sunday #forest #fairylights #bblogger #sundayfunday #goodvibes #wellness

Back ❤️ The last few weeks, switching off, reconnecting with myself has been the best thing I have ever done. I feel like it’s the start of a new journey and today I’ve filmed something very different for me, a sign of what’s to come. I hope you like it xxx (link in my bio)

Happy Easter my lovelies 🐣 Today is always such a special day in my mum’s house with egg hunts and family, she literally decorates the whole house. So for the first time in almost three weeks I’ve curled my hair, half done my makeup, put on something more than comfy PJs and had a little walk with my family and bestie @jemmakcox who came to visit from London. I still feel a little exhausted (fire lit and nap time now before dinner) but so glad to be feeling a bit more human again! What have you all been up to this weekend? Lots of love xxx
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Who wants a year of free tea?! Can’t really wait any longer to give this opportunity to one of you guys! National Tea Day are going to let one of you become an ambassador for them alongside me! It means you’re going to be able to taste so much tea, devour all the afternoon teas you can eat and go on a load of incredible experiences, lots of them with me! All you need to do is follow @nationalteaday and comment below how much you love tea or your favourite tea! Tag your bestie or someone you know this would be a dream role for! I was so excited to share this with you 🍰☕️
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Hello world ❤️ Just wanted to say a little hello. It feels so strange not talking to you, I have never been without you all for more than a day. Have spent the last week on the mend resting and recovering. Thank you to everyone for the lovely messages, to all of you that were there when it happened and helped me and for everyone being so patient including all the projects and work I’ve had to put on hold whilst I get better. I’m taking one more week to rest and reconnect with my mind, body and health. I’ll try to post a little bit on here and I’m going to try to post a little update on Wednesday on YouTube. Hugs and kisses 💕

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