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Throwback to graduating...some of you might not know, for the second time! I love getting messages from so many of you this time of year that get A-level results or know people getting them. I get a lot asking how I chose my career and what to do if you don't get the grades. It can be such a nerve wracking time. @holly__sheeran and I have been reunited over in a video on her channel talking all about University of Greenwich and their clearing scheme. If you don't get the grades, don't worry. They offer some amazing courses like nursing, social care and psychology. One of the biggest bits of advice I give when people ask how to get into their dream job is to get hands on experience. These courses do that and have amazing links with places like the NHS so you'll be getting actual experience which really matters when it comes to finding work. And if you sign up before (link is in my bio) then you'll get a time advantage and advisors on hand to help you find a course if you're going through clearing, and help with finding accommodation too. I know how stressed I was when I went through results so I really hope this gives you a little helping hand, or maybe for someone you know #ad

Last night 💃🏼🍸 Loved being home in Nottingham for the opening of Carl Froch’s new bar Alto. The roof terrace reminds me of being in Ibiza ☀️

Can’t believe it’s going to be August tomorrow. The summer is going so fast! Thinking of all the beautiful trips I’ve made so far this year, this one was in Italy 🇮🇹 💛 One of the most precious things in my life is travelling and the memories I get to make. When I was younger all I wanted to do was travel, despite my huge fear of flying. So excited to hopefully do a few more trips this year, where is somewhere on your bucket list?
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The wait is over! Liz Earle has been teasing to their latest release and they've finally revealed it. It's a beautiful Balancing Gel Mask with Elderflower, Meadowsweet and Lime Flower. I've been a fan of their hot cloth cleanser for years and recommend it to my friends all the time, as have millions of others. This is my favourite release they've done since then! It's a really lovely texture, my mum has already been testing it and the first thing she noticed was how it brightens and evens (watch my insta story to see her trying it, mother loves a good swatch as you know!). I've got a 10% discount code which will work on your whole shopping when you buy the gel mask 'BECKY10' and the link is in my bio. I know they put so much thought into their ingredients and this one left my skin feeling really soft and calmed things down, it's such a light mask which is lovely. I love their iconic smell, but the mask isn't that scented which I think is a great shout for those who don't like strong smelling products. Love it @lizearlebeautyco #lizearle

A perfect day for picking the strawbs 🍓

Throwback to living my best tourist life in China 🇨🇳 Thank you Twitter @niche for making all my tea dreams come true 😂☕️

Behind every shadow there is a light. Whatever you build in life, build it with windows, to let the sunshine pour in 💛

Annual Ibiza trip booked with momma @growingolddisgracefully ☀️👯‍♀️ Counting down the days to get back in this swimsuit, sunshine, gin and relaxation!

Fill your world with colour, memories and pimms 💛
📸 @jemmakcox

5 things I need in the morning. Cuddles from Bee, tea, music, positive quotes and the first thing I do when I wake up - my natural cycles thermometer. I’ve been using this for over a year now. I made a decision to finally come off the pill after 15 years and not getting on with it. I was struggling to find a safe, natural alternative. You take your temperature when you wake up, put it into the app and it tells you whether it’s a green day or a red day (you need to use protection). It takes into account things like sperm survival, cycle irregularities and periods. It was perfect for me because I have a morning routine and knew I could stick to it. It was actually from using this I noticed I was having problems with ovulating, and started a journey of understanding my cycle, body and fertility. I’ve had so many conversations with friends and family since, who were also looking for an alternative, and so many of them have changed too and love it. It’s not 100% effective, the same with ALL contraception so here’s some info to compare it - it’s 93% effective - comparable to the pill, more effective than condoms but less effective than IUD. And remember you’ll need to use condoms to protect against STIs. For me, it’s been one of the best decisions I made for my body, so ask me any questions about it below and I’ll be answering them @naturalcycles #ncmorningessentials #yourcyclematters #morningroutine

The good life 😎 Bee thinks she’s a human...a little one at it. Mum took this when they went on holiday to Windsor, it’s one of my favourites

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you may seem” - One of my favourite quotes because I stop and tell myself this each morning I wake up. Does my skin give it away that I struggle with anxiety, or does it show the happiness and confidence that I feel on days like today? You shouldn’t be able to tell either way. I opened up a while ago about only focusing on skincare when I felt a little down because for me, it’s the first thing people notice when I’m struggling. The Olay Overnight Miracle Firming Mask has been doing its job, and I’ve been testing it for weeks before it hit the shelves. Now it’s become my little magic pot (the link is in my bio with £10 off!). So breathe, you’ve got this 💛 #OvernightMask #Olay #OlayAmbassador #SkinDontTell #ad

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