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Katniss Thunder Paw 🐾🐾  Adopted indoor tabby cat living the spoiled life in MN! 👻Snapchat: KatnissTPaw 🐱 Tuxedo brother @OsvaldTheNorse

#🗽 Osvald decided to wear some Americana as his fascinator for the #RoyalWedding instead of a top hat! #OsvaldTheFascinating

Go know you want to! 👆🏼 #BoopMyNose

Crown Prince of Dorkiness. Royal pain in the a$$. #OsvaldTheKitten #TBT #👑

Isn’t it someone else’s turn to babysit Osvald? Silly boy is afraid to be on the deck alone 😹😹

Nobody wants to touch the toys after Osvald gets ahold of them. #OsvaldTheSlobbery

🔊Sound on! We thought we’d try something new to avoid the whole disclaimer thing and so I present to you ‘Moaning Monday’ or ‘Miserable Monday’ or ‘Mousie Monday’ or something something something Monday! #IFiercelyKilledThePinkMouse

Osvald is wearing pink today in honor of all the Mothers! #HappyMothersDay #OsvaldTheBarista #StarbucksDriveThruWindow

Spent my entire day trying to reach that unreachable spot on the back of my neck. #CaturdayNightDerpOff

We’re playing Tag here at Kasa de Katniss and Ozzy is ‘IT’! I think he’s peeking!! What do you think? #GameNight #HideAndSeek #OsvaldThePeeker

His head has gotten sooo big. #MoreWaysThanOne #TBT #OsvaldTheTiny

Queen of the cubes! These Katt3 cubes are now available directly from @petco! @beonebreed sent us 2 starter sets and some accessories to try out and we think they are fabulous! They’re a snap to put together and versatile so they’ll work perfect in any part of our home! Swipe left to see the configuration of 6 we made too! #beonebreed #katt3

Go ahead...throw something in. #OsvaldTheHungry

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