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ザトークトゥグループ株式会社  トーク2の「いつでもEnglish」は最新形式の個人英語指導を提供しています。 場所を選ばずオンデマンドで, 煩雑な契約手続き不要, 定額制ではありません, 最低受講レッスン数のきまりはなし, 最小レッスン時間のきまりもなし。レッスンの日と時間を設定するだけです。レッスンの長さは皆さま次第です。

British English Part 8
Astonishing, astounding, surprising, bewildering, stunning, shocking, startling .... no more, no more!! Adjectives to cause great surprise or wonder are fabulous!! People too often use “nice”, and I hate it. There are so many breathtaking, fabulous adjectives you can use. In England we tend not to use “awesome” why I don’t know. American English uses awesome a lot in slang. Did you know you can even have awesomesauce which means something spectacular! I’m just enjoying my Laduree’s #いつでもenglish #talk2group #learnenglish #britishenglish #laduree

Advanced English 8
I’m still thinking too much about my Laduree macarons! If someone is doing something at their own preferred pace, regardless of how you feel about it, you can say “Don’t worry about me. Just do it in your own sweet way “ #advancedenglish #britishenglish #learnenglish #talk2group #talk2groupidioms #いつでもenglish

Advanced English 7
As a birthday gift I was given some Laduree macarons which are my favourite. This made me think of “sweet” language. How about to sweet talk someone, to talk convincingly to someone with much flattery. Example: I didn’t want to help her, but she sweet talked me into it. #advancedenglish #britishenglish #learnenglish #talk2group #talk2groupidioms

Advanced English 6
LOVE TO DEATH 💀 Means to love someone very much, feel extremely strong affection for someone, love someone all your life, i.e., till you die. Example: She loved him to death. Even when he was no more, she kept his memories alive by keeping his belongings close to her. Also, check out Love Me To Death video by Kathie Lee Gifford. Do you know any other songs?
#advancedenglish #britishenglish #talk2group #learnenglish #いつでもEnglish

British English Part 7
Eggplant or aubergine 🍆? That is the cooking question. Although eggplant is the common name in most countries, in good old England, it’s called aubergine, and in South Asia and South Africa, brinjal. Here in Japan I have to say 茄子 [なす (nasu)]. #britishenglish #learnenglish #talk2group #いつでもenglish

Advanced English 5
A stiff, erect, and apparently arrogant or conceited walk. Example: He must be drunk. He’s really strutting his stuff”. #advancedenglish #britishenglish #learnenglish #talk2group #いつでもEnglish

Advanced English 4
I love this idiom because it reminds me of so many songs: I only have eyes for you - The Flamingos 1959! Check it out on YouTube. Can you name any other groups who sang a song with this name?
#advancedenglish #talk2groupidioms #britishenglish #learnenglish #talk2group #いつでもEnglish

British English Part 6
This reminds me so much of my years in England. Looking forward to wearing jumpers in autumn. In American English they tend to say sweater. Similarly, here in Japan it’s a similar word セーター (sētā). We sometimes say pullover too. Just keep warm 😊#britishenglish #learnenglish #talk2group #いつでもEnglish

Feeling focused, in the zone and ready for a busy day in The Talk2 Group office. Enjoy your day 😊#britishenglish #learnenglish #いつでもenglish #talk2group

Advanced English 3
Are you deeply affected with or struck by strong feelings of attraction, affection, or infatuation? If yes, you’re smitten. Example: “I was incredulous when I found that you, too, were smitten” E O’Brien #advancedenglish #britishenglish #learnenglish #いつでもenglish #talk2group Remember, if you have any questions I’m only DM away :-)

Advanced English 2
This phrase is believed to originate with Bill Milliken’s book in 1968. It’s an expression used when someone treats another person harshly because they want to help them in the long term and this requires some pain in the short term. “I don’t care how this makes you feel toward me. You may hate my guts, but I love you, and I’m doing this because I love you” B Milliken #advancedenglish #britishenglish #learnenglish #いつでもenglish #talk2group

Advanced English 1
We’ve all been guilty of giving compliments that actually turn out to be less-than-sincere upon closer inspection - a back-handed compliment. Example: Your Instagram makes you seem so fun - implying that the real you is less glamorous than the image you’re trying to project.
#advancedenglish #britishenglish #learnenglish #いつでもenglish #talk2group

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