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Talithanatic Bateman  ♡First Ever Official Talithanatics ♡Heart Verfied for Queen TT ♡1 owner from Philippines ♡ Queen TT noticed me MANY TIMES already ♡🐤: @talithanatics

Life is never easy. I have been very inactive because of my depression. Life is never fair you guys. But i wanna thank @ttbate for pushing me and making me believe that dreams do come true. Now i am gonna strive hard for that. I have big purposes coming on. I need rest for it and i need to prepare. I lost too much, i have been betrayed too much and i am torn so much. I will not be leaving this account and this fandom, i just need to rest and face the real world and learn whats out there. I hope you guys understand. Queen @ttbate i wish you understand too, i will make sure that you'll read this to comfort me and to make me smile cause that what i really want before i rest. I firmly hope that all my comments have at least brought you a smile. But i think i speak on behalf of your family, friends and fans when i say that we would always want to see you smile, or at least thats what i think. As i have written to you before, you are an incredible actress, you are an actress who deserves all the awards and prizes, in short, you are special. I will ALWAYS consider you as the best. You are extremely unique and that nobody can change it. Maybe you will read this or maybe not, because this is just a simple sea of thoughts in my head that i'd love to release with you. I hope someday I'll meet you and you'll hopefully know that i exist, because then my wish will have come true. Keep it up queen!😊😘 So much love xoxo

Only queen @ttbate pulls the best looks like this one😍 she doesnt fail to make my jaw drop😍

I apolagize for being inactive cause being a Student Body Organizer is not easy but my love for queen @ttbate will never end💖 Dont worry ill be more active😍 I love my iconic queen😍

Queen @ttbate looking so beautiful at her gown/dress😍 So elegant inside and out and her smile that makes us all smile💖

I cant wait for The Bruce cause when i rewatch Annabelle Creation and imagine how perfect queen @ttbate is and watched Benji yesterday(rewatching it now again tho😛😍) and imagine how perfect @gabrielmichaelbateman and omggg the duoooo comiiing together😍 ITS JUST SO PERFECT THAT IT MADE ME CRY😢😘😍 SOOO HAPPY HOW THEY ARE SO PROFESSIONAL AT YOUNG AGE💓 Love them so much😍😱😍

Queen @ttbate with the cast😍 And omggg finally queen TT has a pic together with @therealnickrobinson (again) and @katherinelangford 😍 Love the fam so much! Love is Love indeed!

Omggg went to the cinema again to watch @lovesimonmovie again and saw queen @ttbate as Nora Spier and the story is incredibly awesome😍 Came home late but i watch Benji and then its worth it😍 I have to pay for Netflix but its so worth it because @gabrielmichaelbateman just nailed his character💓 of all dog stories like Benji, BENJI IS THE ONE LIKE THE NUMBER 1😍 Queen @ttbate in Annabelle Creation and king @gabrielmichaelbateman in Benji😍😍

Look at the sisterly massive love between queen @ttbate and @leah_angelica 💞 They are one of my fave duos💓

I literally love these two beauties right here cause @ttbate and @leah_angelica is definitely goals😍

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