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T A L I H A - P A I G E  23y full time nurse collects sneakers & listens to hardcore. @Doyoueven: TM10 @titanarena_official: Taliha-15 @zenedahairextensions @athletikan

I get asked how to stay motivated. To be honest it’s my most hated question. Asking someone for help, is different to asking someone to “motivate you”. It’s so subjective to the individual and if you really expect me to list off A B and C in WHY you should get your ass up and start working on your health, I’m not about that. I don’t believe in acquiring motivation as such, I believe in work ethic. You either want to work hard or you don’t.

Today I trained at 5am, did some cardio, edited a clients photos, worked a 10.5 hour shift of work, stuck to my meals and probably going to go back to gym. This is my day, sometimes I do more tbh. I’m not “constantly motivated”, this is just me. I’m so sick of people complaining. I had no one to blame but myself when I was stuck binge eating my anxiety away. Did I reach out and ask someone to motivate me to stop? Hell no. I worked my ass off to change because I wanted to change. I’m not even in prep but I get up every day at 4am to make sure I get my training in. Guess what my prep was like?
2 hours or more training at 4am.
Then a 10.5 hour day nursing.
Finishing with cardio and posing at night.
I did this for 5 months.
Not to mention photography clients on my days off and editing or working on content in my lunch breaks. I prepped my own meals, I didn’t have a sponsored meal prep company doing all that for me during prep, I support myself financially and I live out of home. I drained myself. But I got it done.
I know I’ll win one day, go pro, do whatever my heart sets out to do because I never let myself be held back by anything. Call me honest call me sure of myself call me whatever you wish, but the best damn thing that’s happened to me is anxiety because I will never be held back or stop until I’m done. 🎤⤵️

@nelsonazevedophoto 📷 photographer capturing my off season bod. X

Can’t decide whether to have protein oats or a protein cereal bowl for breakfast? Here’s a way you can have both.
- 30g oats
- 1 egg white
- 10g @titanarena_official cookies and cream protein
- Tsp stevia
- 5g Hershey’s cocoa
Cook oats in microwave with water, remove and add egg white and stevia then microwave until egg white is cooked. Remove and add protein powder and cocoa. Fridge for a few hours or over night (until completely cold).

- 30g cereal
- 50ml protein milk

Honestly I dont know how this idea happened I was just hungry and indecisive. 🤷🏼‍♀️
I want to compare something though because it’s actually easy to fit some of these things I eat.
In 30g oats = 17g carb (0.3g sugar), 115 calories.
In 30g Oreo cereal = 25g carb (13g sugar), 120 calories.
Although one more processed than the other, both are close in calories and both are high carb. Of course it can be argued the affect of insulin spiking and sugar content by having the Oreo cereal as opposed to some oats, but maybe look at the macros before commenting about my diet being loose or how I’ve been fitting in sugar ? LOL. I just simply time my sugars and I don’t go over a set total grams for the day. Pre or post workout this oreo cereal is a 10/10. 🙌🏼 #iifym @titanarena_official
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20% off.
@athletikan @athletikan.street 🖤 #athletikan

Honest post coming right up.
It really resonated with me a beautiful girl saying to me yesterday when we met “I’m so glad to see you’re tall like me”. I just thought like wow how often do we look at girls body compositions in pictures and compare ourselves? You see them in person and think damn why would I compare myself to them they are shorter/taller than me. To be quite blunt and talking in a factual manner, all of the shorter division of bikini girls had glutes and legs to die for at the Wbff. Being taller my legs may look longer but conditioned curve is not my friend.
No one in the world is gonna have the exact same measurements with the exact same ratios as you. Muscle takes so long for us females especially and is dependent upon many factors and also looks different on every body type. My best friend looks insane, but she’s figure division, shorter and more muscular and conditioned than me plus I’m bikini division and taller. How wrong would it be if we would be compared up on stage together? So take it from me, it’s okay to look up to athletes and people in the fitness industry but don’t be fooled into thinking you can look exactly the same as someone just by buying a program when you are NOT made up the same. Just do your best to look your own best and if you want a specific look make sure the plan you have is going to actually work for you. @doyoueven TM10 for a discount. #doyoueven

What a vibe being a part of the Arnold’s expo yet again, despite being sick lol. I can’t describe how good it feels to be surround by athletes, aspiring competitors, like minded fitness addicts... It’s here, doing this, being a part of the fitness industry. I love this. The amount of people wanting to chat, talk goals and just ask for advice was thrilling.

Thank you always to my beautiful sponsor @zenedahairextensions and @hairwithenvy salon. You look after my hair and allow me to feel confident for all my shoots. Make sure if you’re at the expo today ladies you enter their comp to win a beautiful set of hair extensions! Booth 89. #lovemyzeneda

Nothing made me prouder today than watching @belindamarie_pt compete... and then go fake nails deep into one of these bad boys with me. #noragrets @threeone2one

Guess what’s being restocked tomorrow. Lavender and black seamless! 💜😈 @doyoueven
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You know what I love about bodybuilding... People only see the surface of you in your off season, when you’re heavier, your condition is not clearly visible but you keep on grinding knowing your own potential.
Then when it’s time to shred down for comp, work your ass off blood sweat and tears the hard work shows.
It’s a bit like analogy for personal strength.
Strength is not always visible, not everyone is gonna be able to see it in you, but when it’s time to dig up that strength, it’s earnt and you’ve worked your ass off for it.

I know when it’s my time to shred down again for a show, not only will my physical strength show but my mental strength too. Head down and keep grinding legends, physically and mentally. You know what’s underneath. #notagooglequotejusthighonpreworkout #offseasonshape
Last week on the GC with @nelsonazevedophoto 📷
@zenedahairextensions booth 89 this Saturday Arnold’s expo 12-3. #lovemyzeneda

What’s better than a 2 day week oh a fresh pair of all reds. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #imdone #FAVES #puma @puma

No matter what my head space is like, it can’t take my hard work away from me. Working towards a better week this week. We’ve got this guys. #mentalhealthawareness #fuckanxiety

IIFYM is not all ice cream and cake. Tracking micro nutrients and bulking up meals with nutrient dense foods makes you feel that much better in general. I get asked a lot how to start tracking? I have learnt over time how my body responds to macros and I’ve gained a bit of body fat lately so I think I’ve found my maintenance calories for now so I’ll taper back to that. Just really trial and error and I’m still learning and making mistakes.

For anyone getting started my biggest tips are:
- Have a dietician or nutritionally educated coach calculate your goal macros (based on height weight and fitness goal.)
- If you plan to lose body fat or gain muscle you have to have macros specific to suit your goal. No point being in a huge deficit of calories if you plan to put on muscle. Likewise if you aim to lose body fat being above what’s calculate as your maintenance calories may see you GAIN body fat.
- NEVER and I mean ever have someone give you a nutritional plan without asking your current stats (ie. weight height current calories current foods ect). Metabolic damage is a serious thing. Not only that I see rebounds happen all the time especially from girls and guys doing ‘challenges’ following diets that’s aren’t specific to them just a quick fix to lose some body fat that usually revolve around dropping into a significant calorie deficit.
- Think long term with every approach you apply. There’s no reason you can’t be LOSING body fat on a comfortable amount of food, on a high carb diet with minimal cardio. The weight loss/fitness industry will try and have you brain washed to think otherwise to buy certain products/programs.
- If you really want to learn yourself, start tracking everything you eat, weigh things, learn what macros mean, get an idea of how much you eat in a day and start making smarter choices, compare foods, read labels.
- I make sure I supplement with vitamins to maximise my body absorbing nutrients even if I’m eating nutrient dense foods.

In nursing everything we do is based on evidence based practice. Same with nutrition and training. You don’t have to be qualified to make your own decisions, just have patience to find what works for you.

Left June 2016:
I was clean eating, training 5-6 times a week, trying to lift heavy not “smart”. Prepping for my first comp. less educated about training and nutrition.

Right March 2018:
Flexible dieting, doing my own macros, my own training, my current off season shape 5 months post @wbff_aust. I do a lot of resistance band training for legs because of my back issues, I do regular steady state cardio just because I like too and I eat dessert every night. I reversed myself out of this comp and I’m damn proud of this. I’m still learning, but I’m also very much about making my own mistakes. They say you shouldn’t train twice a day, don’t eat sugar, dont do this don’t do that. It’s not until I stopped listening to everyone (in reason) and started making my own decisions that I was at peace with my results. I don’t want to leave any effort left in the tank at the end of the day, nor leave my journey up to one soul person sitting there telling me what to do the whole time. I wanna go pro, simple as that. But what happens in between this huge goal is most important and that’s working on my mental health, learning my body and helping other people. THAT’S the journey.

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