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Tali Best  Runner, exercise enthusiast, beginner yogi, book nerd, may have a 'problem' with ice cream, coffee and a 👛 🐶 🤓

Another day with @tae_bo_fitness . My gym was closed due to a power outage and the last thing I felt like doing was working out but I’m glad I pushed through 💪🏻

This is the face I am lucky to come home to every day. 👛🐕❤️

Day 3 of getting back on track. Walking this past week has left me winded. Although it’s been cold out it’s been humid which wreaks havoc on my asthma. 😷Always moving forward. Keeping my mind healthy and my heart happy.

Current reads🤓

Another sweatfest with @tae_bo_fitness @billy_blanks . I was already sore from yesterday’s workout but after celebrating @brutal_honey ‘s 40th last night this was in order.

Back to basics on this rainy weekend morning with Billy Blanks.

An inspiring brisk walk this morning. Who doesn’t love fall?

Great company for a great walk. Thanks @hitthafloor 😁

The season is NOT over yet⚓️🚤👍

😲 I saw this beautiful red tailed (I think) hawk around the corner from my house! He was huge! Almost as tall as my knee and stunning. I saw something out of the corner of my eye and pulled over, I thought he was a wild turkey at first bc he was so huge. I feel so blessed to have seen this creature🙏❤️

Strange tales from the life of a strange man. Art work is perfectly gnarly and blunt.

Inspiring evening at FIDF Annual Dinner. After hearing Ohad's story and Dennis Prager's keynote speech I'm ready to make Aliyah. 🇮🇱❤️🙏

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