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Talib Kweli  Purveyor of true majik, little Lebowski Urban Achiever, Mr International. Your favorite MCs favorite MCs myself & Styles P are The Seven!


Im djing in Brooklyn tonight. Yea dat.

Kendrick Lamar speaks on his influences and names me as one. One love! @kendricklamar 🙏🏾💯✊🏾

Stop telling people to ignore bigotry and hate.

RI P his writing and delivery defines a generation

Fixed it for you @metasota
I played myself and now I'm feeling the heat.
I apologize to my fans for looking like a failure as I tried in vain to clown Kweli for no reason. I made a "jab" at him on twitter thinking I had it like that but soon learned I did not. He sonned me after I played myself but my ego wouldn't let me just take my sonning like the man I claim to be cuz I was clearly out of pocket. The truth of my coonish ways (I ignored Nazis who helped me harass Kweli for no reason) was too much for my fragile ego to handle so I continued to lash out at Kweli even tho I was clearly in the wrong. I decided that "irritating" Kweli was the right course of action for a grown man. I went as far as to falsely accuse Kweli of harassing women, numerous times. I provided no proof for any of these vicious lies cuz I'm just a shitty petty lying person like that. I stopped responding Saturday night but Kweli has way more stamina than me and was in the right so he kept going and now I'm shook cuz I made my city look bad. I should be embarrassed for myself but again, my ego won't allow that so I will say I'm embarrassed for Kweli and his fans. Rather than admit my actions enabled racists that harass ppl like Kweli everyday I will feign ignorance and write "man I don't know what happened." Rather than focus on Philando, I decided to "clown" Kweli one of the only rappers that speaks up and speaks out on situations like Philando. I decided to say Kweli uses activism to "prey on women" something that never occurred cuz I'm a liar. Cuz I'm petty and edgy like that. Kweli was my former idol and I fucked up I probably should have just shown him the respect hes earned considering im like a fake Kweli and maybe I would have gotten a feature, which is really what I wanted. I just have emotional problems and can't express myself well. I used Kweli as a distraction, I tried to clown him, I failed, I got mad, so I made up lies and said he harasses women, cuz I had nothing to actually stand on. I apologize to my fans but I'm still too much of a ho to actually apologize to Kweli, the only person wronged here.

P kept it thoro. Salute this general. #RIPProdigy

Bree Newsome. Marc Lamont Hill. Rosa Clemente. Reverend Sekou. Cornel West. Squad.

Who in Minnesota OR Ferguson know this fuckboy named Metasota out here lying saying I harassed a woman in Ferguson? This after he tried to "clown me" (his words) the same day Philando killer walked free, rather than putting on for his city. Let him know we on his head. You don't make accusations like this. Not about anybody but esp not about OGs in your field of choice. I need details. Who is this imaginary woman? Does she have a voice? Disgusting that so called woke ppl would do shit like this. Using imaginary black women as weapons against me.

Missing the homie Timbuck2 RIP family...

The milk. The ok sign. The kek shirt designed as a nazi flag. These are dog whistles. Nazis and white supremacists realize that can't call themselves what they truly are without pushback. So they've developed these dog whistles that help them connect with other Nazis and white supremacists. It started with "Pepe the frog" now this is where it's at. And yes it's very weird and cowardly AF. When you are harassed or trolled by people doing these things or using this symbology, understand they are signaling others who think like them and trying to be part of a white supremacist network. Know your enemy.

Let's go San Diego the party don't stop! Pull up!

This is what happens when I touch down in the Twin Cities. Hands go up in the air. Shout out to Rhymesayers #soundset2017

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