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Any rapper who know or fuck with this lying racist piece of shit named Diabolic is a bitch. I went to elementary school with PH. How dare he bring up MY homies to spew his racist lies against me. That goes for that bitch Block McCloud too.

Yea, none of this happened. This is the claim of a rapper named Bekay otherwise known as the real Becky. This is a Diabolic fan boy who has been threatening me for a year plus. I've never met this dude. When these racist white rappers I've never met threaten me, I see who stands with them. I see the black "rappers" I hear their silence loud and clear. Now these fuck boys are either showing up where I be and lurking, or not showing up at all and lying abt it. If you stand w the racist I'm treating you like the racist. Period. When I be out here in these streets standing for justice for and with the ppl, most of y'all silent. When these white supremacists launch attacks on me online or otherwise, many of y'all silent. Your silence is a statement. This dude Becky is clearly violently delusional and clearly racist AF. Don't wait til he come for you to speak up and DAMN sure don't be standing next to him when he receive his karma for harassing, lying abt and threatening those that uplift the culture. If you fuck with this dude, you my enemy. Know that. And holla if you got a problem with it.

in Ohio with Pino Palladino, John Mayer and Dave Chappelle. This was the night Charlie Murphy died. It was a celebration.. of his life. #RIPCharlieMurphy

Can you? I take issue with the phrase "Muslim" being used without it saying "radical" in front, but other than that, pretty accurate.

All white people are racist? Nah. I never made this claim. Ever. Anywhere. Not in a song. Not online. Not in a convo public or private. But look how sad and lonely these racist liars are. How absolutely miserable and pathetic.

So much love for @itskvalentine she out here making it happen! Follow her today and pick up #hereforareason #javottimedia

For those asking, THIS is why I never ignore bigotry.

Happening right now on BET tune in... #usorelse

When you not prepared for TMZ but still on point...

Meet me in San Juan PR May 19

Lol my fans don't play #poorbecky

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