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TALIA SUTRA•loveandalliscoming  Earth child. Akiva’s mama. Ezra’s🖤. Here to Listen. And Remember: You Are Love. Look within: Freedom is HereNow ✨הכל לטובה✨ #loveandalliscoming

There is no combination of human letters and sounds that I can make to try and explain the light and wonder that you are.
I’ve loved you always.
Happy birthday my heart.
#Akiva #Ram #shalOM
#happybirthday #loveandalliscoming

Share your presence with everyone.
#loveandalliscoming #now 📷 @ezrabaderman

See you very soon Zurich yogis! 🖤#loveandalliscoming #zurich #yoga
📷 @ezrabaderman

On a whim, we joined my dear friend @swami_jnanamudrananda to a little village called Tolochenaz.
About two hours away from Zurich and home to just 1800 residents. It looks like a storybook village, beautiful homes with pastel colored shutters, green pastures and free ranging cows with bells around their necks. Oh, and the legendary Audrey Hepburn made it her home.
@swami_jnanamudrananda grew up on her films as did I.
It was special walking through the little village and visiting some the monuments in her honor. It even stopped raining and storming as soon as we got there.
Thank you for all the love, kindness, grace and simplicity you continue to inspire Audrey, this dancer pose is for you.
#loveandalliscoming #audreyhepburn #yoga

Lion’s breath in Zurich with my cub. So cute it hurrrrrrts. #🦁 #👅 #baby #lion #yoga #baby
📷 @ezrabaderman 🤸🏻‍♂️ @aloyoga

Thank you for showing me the way Akiva. #loveandalliscoming #mothersday #myheart

VIENNA!! See you guys Sunday!! #loveandalliscoming #vienna #austria #yoga #mommyandme

The first time I remember being aware of the “voice in my head” or my thoughts, I was around 5 years old. I was actually using the bathroom (anyone else have revelations while relieving themselves?😂) when I became aware of the “voice” and I then ran downstairs quickly to find my mom and ask her about it.
I remember telling her urgently that there was a voice in my head!! I also remember asking her- how do I know which is me and which is the voice?
I don’t remember her answer. But I recall the feeling of being lovingly cherished and respected. I know my mom listened deeply to me, learned from our conversations and encouraged my questions.
I still wonder sometimes, how do I know which is the real me?
The ego can take many identities. You lose one form and it cleverly latches on to another, trickier disguise.
One way to know is when you become aware that you were not aware. Or you become aware of judgmental thoughts- such as I am right and they are wrong, I need more, I am not enough...This is not the true self speaking but the false and transient identity- ego.
When I know who I am, I can walk and move, speak and extend myself with love. The true self responds, forgives, listens deeply and is joyful in the aliveness of the present moment. Every time we make a choice to align with this truth and with love, we allow more people access to their insight and to collective liberation.
#trueself #peace #yoga
Photo of an extended scorpion in Wadi Rum desert by my husband @ezrabaderman, thank you for supporting me. Thank you @aloyoga for the gear.

I was lucky enough to get some time for myself today and I was able to run errands and even get a manicure.
The place I walked into was small and a bit shabby, one of the technicians was smoking a cigarette in the front. But it was only a few minutes away from home so I walked in despite the fumes.
The woman doing my nails had her young grandson in the shop. He was clearly bored and out of place. She ignored his questions but eventually,holding my hand and the bottle of polish, raised her voice and essentially demanded that he stop or else.
Normally a situation like this makes me reactive and I go into fight or flight mode.
Today, I did something different.
I looked at the woman sitting across from me. I told her: It is so kind of you to watch your grandson even while you’re so busy working. It can’t be easy.
She looked at me and exhaled. She told me about her daughter at the other side of the country. The endless work. She wanted to sleep.
I nodded and encouraged her to take some time for herself.
When the grandson returned to the little shop, she was noticeably more patient with him and asked one of the girls to go get him his favorite spaghetti dish from the cafe next door.
When I saw Ezra a few minutes later, I immediately told him what happened. I didn’t react. I was able to listen to and find compassion for someone whom I usually react to with fear.
Love is the only choice. I pray that I am able to make it every day as long as I live.
The photo of course is by the one and only @ezrabaderman

Tapas is the inner fire which ignites the practice.
From my experience, the deeper that fire is connected to a source of LOVE, the greater its ability to burn away judgment, blame, fear and anxiety.
The moment my son came into my life, my heart expanded and I became overwhelmingly aware of the endlessness of it. It brought up a lot of fear. A lot of doubt.
But I continued to practice daily. For myself. But also because I love my son. And I want to be lit up for him. Practicing with him in my heart and sometimes literally on it fuels me, ignites me and sets my soul on fire.
#pathsofmotherhood #tapas #loveandalliscoming
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You have to take time for yourself.
Leave the house a mess once in a while and just lay in your bed and close your eyes and listen to your favorite song.
Fill up the bath and make a ritual out of it. Add your oils and soaps and really enjoy the feeling of the water on your skin.
Take time.
For yourself. Just for yourself.
Without measuring or counting or feeling guilty.
Read your book. Sip on the tea. Ignore the phone.
Kiss passionately. Allow yourself to be discovered.
#mamas #takeyourtime #loveandalliscoming

We had so much with @acrowithjon and @gilbackman today!!! Ezra and I never do any Acro Yoga but we should because every time we get to try it, we LOVE it! Except for Kiki- who really wasn’t into it at all! 😬
#acroyoga #backbend #yoga
Clothes by @aloyoga

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