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talia sutra  yoga, motherhood and how love conquers all. #loveandalliscoming click this to start practicing now 🖤

Let there be nothing but seeing in my seeing.
Nothing but hearing in my hearing.
Nothing but feeling in my feeling.
#loveandalliscoming #yoga #vipassana
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It isn’t your thoughts that have meaning- good or bad. It is your deep rooted conditioning, interpretation, and reaction that ultimately shift the mind into states of fear, anxiety or unhappiness.
When we begin to develop concentration and insight, we can look into our inner world and begin to make conscious, aware choices. Most times these are choices to connect rather than attach.
At first, it feels like a sacrifice, and the fear swells up inside and the heart beats fast, and a part of you is fighting, or running, or both.
But soon, there is a stillness. A quiet. And you are simpler, lighter...emptier....you are yourself.
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These moments are built on trust, compassion and a lot of forgiveness...
I’m about to turn my phone off and enjoy a day of contemplation and forgiveness.
If you’re reading this and I’ve ever hurt you in any way, please forgive me. And if you’re holding back a forgiveness, maybe right now is the time to let go.
#yomkippur #forgive #slicha #loveandalliscoming #yoga #momlife
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Video is sped up and @ezrabaderman is singing a song he just improvised about “boo” 🍼😂

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my practice and experience with so many of you on @alo.moves.
If you’ve been wanting to practice with me, click the link in my bio to try my latest series, THE METHOD: BACKBENDING.
In it I share, as clearly and simply as possible, everything I know to be true through my experience. 🙏 #loveandalliscoming #themethodbackbending #yoga

Have you ever seen an angel?
I think in certain moments we all have been an angel to someone.
Can you guess who mine is?
#loveandalliscoming #kiki #angel
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I got to sit just a few meters from @eckharttolle tonight and soak up some his light directly.
Here is a spark I can pass along.
Eckhart uses a metaphor, comparing individual persons to ripples on the ocean. These ripples are often busy comparing themselves to other ripples or worrying about their short existence as ripples...their attention is focused solely on the surface, horizontally so to speak, so much so that they are oblivious to the truth of who they are: a part of, an extension of, the deep vastness of the ocean.
He urges us to awaken to the truth of who we are, a part of unimaginably, infinitely vast dimension of spaciousness. A dimension which can be imagined in terms of vertical space, going inwards deeper and deeper, rather than skimming horizontally on the surface of the mind.
He reminds us that all of us are connected to the same ocean. And that knowing this is love. The other is not so other after all.
We are all...one.
And of course, now is all there is. Life is now. And you are a part of it.
Thank you @eckharttolle
#loveandalliscoming #now
Beautiful moment with @riva_g_ captured by @shaniyoga.photography
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I’m here to help you backbend, no matter where you are in the world.
I am so happy to announce the release of my new series on @alo.moves THE METHOD: BACKBENDING !!!
This series is devoted to clarifying every single aspect of backward bending through a method of three steps and tutorial classes which break down all different aspects of backbending from elongating the hip flexors to flipping the grip.
I put a link in my bio for you guys so you can try it for yourself! As always, you can get a two week free trial to @alo.moves, and signing up is SO worth it. You get an encyclopedia of yoga on your devices. You get to practice anytime with some of the worlds most incredible teachers.
Can’t wait to see you applying the method in your practice, keep me updated how it goes.
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There is no way you can avoid challenges in your life, because challenges define the ease.
Your struggles will define your peace.
So if we can really understand that the WHOLE is compromised of different but NOT separated parts (at least from a rational POV) won’t we have more compassion for ourselves? Forgiveness for others?
#ithinkso #loveandalliscoming #differentnotseparate

When you forget not to use magic outdoors.
#oops #hovering #bananas

I wrote this last night. My writing process goes something like this:
Unroll yoga mat, sit in bound angle with a block under my feet, leaning forward and gazing at the photo that I chose. The image usually helps inspire the words somehow. I rarely know what I’m going to write about and I like that. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Stillness is the revelation
within the movement of the creative.
The surrender in the act as it manifests.
The flowering of doing into being.
#loveandalliscoming #still #yoga #process #practice
Photo by @eladnissim

I remember, about seven years ago, I was in a cab with an old friend, I was a little distraught because of something that had just been said on the radio. Something horrible had happened.
My friend remained grinning and said dismissively: don’t worry, there is no good or bad.
I stopped to look at her but said nothing.
We took many cab rides together, but only this one stands out in my memories.
I did not agree with her statement then, nor do I now.
Accepting and surrendering to the present moment does NOT mean apathy. Or lack of action when something has to be done.
I can accept the moment I am in, even if it is painful, INWARDLY. This way, when I act outwardly, my action comes from a deep place of surrender. I am one with the moment and can therefore adjust or respond to it as IT or at least without apathy or further violence.
Inner acceptance allows us to respond to painful situations from a place of love, which is the only sane option.
#loveandalliscoming #acceptance #yoga
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