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Wanda Tali  Illustraishons & varieté Buenos aires, Argentina. #wandatali #wandataliart #drawllowan Pink4EVER For SALE info please DM! All questions are welcome💖

YA LLEGA EL SORTEO PARA ARGENTINA!!! SÁBADO 24 DE NOVIEMBRE, 20 HS. Hacemos el sorteo en vivo en mis historias. Si todavía no te anotaste, tenes tiempo para participar EN ESTA PUBLICACION hasta el viernes a las 12 de la noche! Si ya te anotaste en la publicacion anterior y volves a participar en esta tenes doble chance.
PREMIOS: 3 ganadores de un print tamaño A4 a elección (si, el que mas te guste!) cada uno. .
1) seguirme en instagram
2) etiqueta a alguien que creas que pueden gustarle mis dibujos
3) compartí esta publicacion en tu perfil o tus historias y no te olvides de etiquetarme!!! Si tu perfil es privado no puedo verlo, por favor envíame una captura de pantalla para confirmar que estén todos los pasos y anotarte! .
Los espero el sabado, GRACIAS!!!

Hello gorgeous! Sleep all day Monday is here, but I really should use this day to make some computer and phone cleaning, cause they are a huge mess of pictures and folders and more pictures! I've been trying all weekend to draw the Ripley I've promised Hans and Gaby, but omg I couldn't get myself to like it and I ended up hating what I've started... I'll give it another try sometime. I've made a Black Lady though, this was @angbanana 's request, I hope you like her Ange! Thanks for the idea! .
Hola! Podría dormir todo el día pero debería aprovechar para organizar un poco mi computadora y mi teléfono que están llenos de fotos y carpetas y archivos y más fotos... nunca encuentro nada! Trate de hacer el dibujo que le prometí a Hans y a gaby, pero no me gustó para nada lo que estaba haciendo así que lo deje ahí para más adelante. Hice una Black Lady igual, a pedido de Ange a quien espero que le guste y le agradezco por la idea! .
Argentina: proximamente novedades del sorteo!!!
#blacklady #wickedlady #sailormoon #idontlikemondays #artistsofinstagram #drawingoftheday #drawingsofinstagram #communitynotcompetition #pink #wandatali

Sup yo?! 😁 I'm soooo sleepy today, but I'm eager to start working on those ideas you gave me on my previous post... meanwhile here's a tiny new pink girl i painted yesterday to keep the pink motor running. How's your Friday going? Are you sleepy too?
Tengo tanto sueño... pero estoy ansiosa por empezar a trabajar en las ideas que me dieron para dibujar en mi Post anterior. Mientras les muestro una pequeña chica rosa que pinte ayer para no perder la costumbre. Que tal tu viernes? Cansados como yo?
#pink #pinklady #pinkhair #illustration #watercolorpainting #artistsoninstagram #drawingsofinstagram #instaart #postcard #wandataliart #practice #sketch #girly #pastel #tiredeyes

Amanita muscaria tiny study I've painted as a warm up for Drawlloween's mushroom day. Events change a little bit when Alice photobomb the poor mushroom and ended up having all of the attention for herself... mischievous little creature that Alice is, right?! But I was really worried about making a beautiful pink mushroom and this study was my ticket to success. Here he is, before he looses his 15 minutes of fame, poor thing. Yet still, very special for me 💗 I was remembering this highly creative day and comparing to where I'm now, and I think I might be going through one of those infamous art blocks we all know so well... do you think you can help me? Any ideas on what should I paint next would be an awesome kick to my creativity. So PLEASE! :::
☂☂What would you like to see painted in my style? (You know girls are my fav subject, but im open for certain challenges you might give me) Leave a comment with your idea below, and in return I'LL SHARE MY FAVORITE 3 PICTURES FROM YOUR FEED ON MY STORIES🌂🌂
Aaand about that! My wifi is back, and I bought a few new pencils. This might sound stupid but I'm immensely  thankful, your purchases had help me move on, you've helped me grab from life more days of this, of doing what I love and sharing it with you. I'm happy beyond words, not only because you like my work enough to buy my prints, but also because you've done it with love. And love is all I have and all I truely care about and it's the main reason I do art. Thank you for being here, thank you for being so so kind to me, thank you for being my friends and helping me, and THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MY WORK IN ANY WAY YOU CAN. This is the best thing that ever happen to me, this feeling can't be found in any other ambit but the artistic one. I'll work my absolute best to be worthy of your respect, and keep working hard to make the money that will allow me to be doing what I love from now to forever 💖💖💖
#amanitamuscaria #mushroom #magical #aliceinwonderland #curioserandcurioser #weareallmadhere #bestpeoplearecrazy #iam #artblock #helpme #loveyouguys #thankyou #communitynotcompetition #artistscommunity #growth #infinite #love #wandataliart #hiddendrawing

ENG/ something I've done to start doing something. I'm squeezing my pink watercolor tube till it dies 💖💖💖
ESP/ Algo que hice para hacer algo. Estoy estrujando mi pomo de acuarela rosa hasta que se muera 💖💖💖
#artistoninstagram #pinkart #pinkhair #pinklady #pastel #pastelgoth #darkeyes #choker #harness #freckles #illustration #drawingoftheday #painting #watercolorpainting #cantstopyawning #myart #lowbrow #fantasyart #wandataliart

💖⭐ ALL ADOPTED ⭐💖 Hey guys! As I told you before, I've discarded so many drawlloweens! Either cause i didn't like them at that moment, or because I felt it wasn't consistent with the rest of my drawings from the pink series. I quite like them now... These are three of the ones that are finished, for prompts grave, goblin and bride. Do you like them? If you do:
🎁 SURPRISE PROMO TIME!🎁 If you buy anything from me and you are one of the first three buyers, you'll get one of this original artworks as a gift 💖💖💖 .
#surprise #originalartwork #sale #prints #stickers #artsale #artforfree #artistsoninstagram #drawingchallenge #originalillustration #Drawllowan #drawlloween #myart #wandataliart #supportartists #artistasargentinos #pinkart #pinkhairdontcare #goblin #brideoffrankenstein #grave #hand

ENG/ 🌟🖼PRINTS FOR SALE!!! 🖼🌟 I'm very happy to announce that I'm finally ready to start offering you my prints for sale! I have promos and surprises, please don't hesitate in sending a DM to ask me anything. Your questions are welcome!!!
Btw, it's ON DEMAND (any drawing you want from my feed; with little exceptions) via instagram DM, through PayPal payment, worldwide.
This is huge step for me, with your purchase you'll be helping me so much to continue my growth on this art journey that I love so much! I have no more pink watercolor and I don't want to start a masters degree in any other color yet!!! 😂😂😂 I'm very happy, thanks to you. I wouldn't be doing this without your amazing support 💖💖💖 A reminder, while I'm out of wifi, I'll be here a lil while once or twice a day, so please bare with me, I'll answer your messages as soon as I see them 🤓
ESP/ Copias a la venta!!! Estoy muy contenta de anunciarles que ya puedo empezar a ofrecerles mis Prints a la venta! Hay promociones y sorpresas, no duden en enviarme un mensaje para sacarse cualquier duda, tu pregunta es bienvenida! Es A DEMANDA, por lo que podes pedirme una copia de cualquier dibujo en mi feed (con muy pocas excepciones) enviándome un mensaje en instagram te paso la info. El pago es a través de paypal.
Este es un gran paso para la Wandidad, con tu compra me estas ayudando a seguir haciendo y aprendiendo lo que amo, y a comprar una acuarela rosa que no tengo más! 😂 Estoy muy feliz, y es gracias a ustedes. No estaría haciendo esto de no ser por todo el apoyo y el amor que me dan 💖💖💖
#prints #sale #promos #myart #buyart #buyprints #artistoninstagram
#new #artistcommunity #communitynotcompetition #givemeyourlove 😍 #drawllowan #drawlloween #stickers

ENG/ Heeey!!! It's a horrible rainy and without internet day today, so no netflix to save us from the boredom... I took advantage of this and went to my fav printing shop (idk the right word in english) @graficab612 to make some samples, and I'm happy to announce: they turned out awesome! 😍 Hopefully there'll be some sunshine tomorrow so I can make some more progress with my work. I hope you're all having an amazing Friday! I'll try to be here a while tomorrow so I can catch up to your latest posts😘😘😘💖💖💖💖
ESP/ Holaaaa!!! Es un día lluvioso sin internet y horrible por acá, así que no hay netflix que nos salve del aburrimiento... aproveche que no hay nada que me distraiga para ir a imprimir unas pruebas a mi gráfica favorita @graficab612 y me alegra mucho anunciarles que están buenísimas! Con suerte mañana haya algo de sol para ayudarme con mi trabajo. Espero que estén pasando un hermoso viernes! Abrazos 😘😘💖💖💖
#prints #progress #samples #illustration #pinkart #artistsoninstagram #igart #myart #drawings #forsale #drawllowan #frankenstein #frankenlou #leeloodallas #ouija #Bowie #goblinking

ENG/ take one down and pass it around, 29 drawings of drawlloween on the wall! 😂😂😂 sorry for the aweful picture, I really wanted to see them all together (swipe for a better compilation)
Drawlloween's last day and day after feel a lot like PMS. I've slept as much as I could but I'm already working on the prep for prints, hopefully I'll have everything ready for next week! Guys, btw, I think I deserve a pink masters degree after this! I wish someone could make me a certificate 😂😂😂😂😂 Nothing more to say but THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AWESOME. ILY ALL!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
#drawllowan is expecting your compilations too!!!
ESP/ 29 dibujos de drawlloween en la pared! Perdón por el horror de foto pero quería verlos todos juntos, hice un mejor compilado en la siguiente foto.
El último día y el que le sigue a drawlloween se sienten igual que el SPM 😂 dormí todo lo que pude pero ya estoy laburando para tener listas las copias, con suerte la semana que viene largo la venta!
Otra cosa, después de esto creo que me merezco un título de máster en rosa... quisiera que alguien me hiciera el certificado 😄😄 nada mas que decir excepto GRACIAS, los adoro, SON LO MÁS!!!.
#mabsdrawlloweenclub #compilation #drawings #myart #wandataliart #drawlloween2018 #pinklove

He Lou, me Wan, you Frankie 😍😍😍😍 ENG/ omg this guy! I'm in love with my frankenstein! I tried a new technique (?) for this one, it turned out so cool! What do you think?
So this is it... the perfect month is over. I'll be taking some days off drawing to rest my hands and sleep, and then start preparing the most wanted drawings for prints to sell, I'll be updating you guys on the matter while I'm on it (meanwhile I would love to know if you have a favourite one, you can tell me in the comments or DM me)
I'm so happy, I can't believe the amount of drawings I made this october that i love so much. I would have never draw them if it wasn't for the club, and the madness of @mabgraves promptlist this year... so many animals! I haven't done any before! Nor guys either!
I've also reached the 1k! I'm super thankful for all of this, I can't wait to start getting to know better all of the new followers and follows. Thank you all for the support through my ups and downs, I can't tell you enough: you guys are the best!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 AND HAPPY 200TH BIRTHDAY #FRANKENSTEIN !!!
ESP/ Jelou!!! me encanta como quedo mi frankenstein! Probé una técnica nueva con este dibujo y salio bárbaro!
Ya se termino el mejor mes del año, me voy a descanzar unos días y después empiezo con los preparativos de los Prints para vender (les voy a ir informando, mientras me encantaría saber si queres uno y cual es el que mas te gusta, sin obligación de compra 😄)
Estoy muy feliz con todo lo que aprendí este mes, animales, chabones, me supere un monton! Y llegue al 1k que tanto esperaba! Así que también en poco tiempo se viene el sorteo para Argentina (si sos de argentina y queres participar busca la foto que dice "sorteo" con los pasos a seguir) Muchas gracias a todos por el apoyo, sus corazones y comentarios significan muchísimo para mi 💖💖💖💖 nos estamos viendo! FELIZ HALLOWEEN! Y FELIZ CUMPLE N° 200 FRANKENSTEIN!!! .
#MABSDRAWLLOWEENCLUB last day 😭😭😭😭 #frankie.
#loureed #takeawalkonthewildside #perfectday #perfectmonth #frankiegoestohollywood #tomodel for #andywarhol in #pinktober and #support the #breastcancerawareness cause #realmenwearpink #sickgirlsclub

At this point I'm living backwards. Drawing by night, sleeping by day or not sleeping at all to be able to do all the things I have to do besides drawing, to remain human, and a good roommate, and helpfull. My hands are hurting, frustration has made me cry more than once, i've broken pieces into tiny pieces, I threw finished drawings in the trash that my bf rescued when I wasn't watching. I've saved and made magic with what I believe was useless to begin with. I fought against my own inner monsters, those who are always telling me that this is a waste of time, that I should be working in a supermarket earning some real needed money... I've been sick, and tired, excited and happy. But I'm not disappointed at myself, I'd do it all over again a million times, cause the outcome has been improvement and the bumpy ride gave me purpose. I'm glad it's almost over, im glad i did it. I'm glad we have #drawlloween, I'm glad I'm a part of this community and i'm proud of myself and proud of all of you.
#mabsdrawlloweenclub day 30 #bride
#ido #brideoffrankenstein #pinkhairdontcare #pinktober #pinkgirls #monster #fanart #drawllowan #artistoninstagram #plantecfans #wandataliart #myart #artchallenge #artcommunity #artfriends #dailydrawing  #improvement #happy #thankful #thankyou @mabgraves .
Y gracias @equisuvedoble 💖 yo existo porque vos crees en mi. .

I saw Mary Shelley (the movie) recently, and i was super anxious to make a portrait of her for this prompt. @ellefanning is one of those girl actresses that make the world a better place just by smiling... it's like hypnotic or something!!! I Love her, I think she's gorgeous and i'm so mesmerized at the frankenstein mix of emotions; sweet/sad/melancholic... rollercoaster ride she takes me to with every expression. I think I didn't fully captured her fairytale young beauty on my drawing, but I still like it cause I've enjoyed making it very much.
Have a good Monday dear club, 2 more prompts and this challenge is over... and then we'll be impaciently waiting for October 2019 to hurry the hell up so we can draw, go batshit crazy and suffer and be the happiest ever all over again 😂
#mabsdrawlloweenclub day 29 #maryshelley #ellefanning #drawllowan #wandataliart #myart #frankensteinsmom #beautifulyoungwoman #dailydrawing #illustration #watercolorpainting #polychromos #plantecfans

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