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That Guy  Effects of Binge Drinking👇

Tag a friend who needs to know the effects of binge drinking (Link in bio)

Think a nightcap will help you get a better night’s sleep? Think again. Truth is, alcohol blocks REM sleep & robs you of the quality ZZZ's you need.

Alcohol dependency can take shape in many forms. This #MentalHealthMonth, know the signs & symptoms (Link in bio)

Making a change in your drinking habits? Find support (Link in bio)

Did you know #alcohol can worsen, not relieve mental health concerns? If you or someone you know needs support, help is available (Link in bio)

Binge Drinking = 1) Slower muscle development 2) Weight gain 3) Poor sleep 4) Weakened immune system 5) Impulsive behavior

Bad case of the Monday Lisa's? Avoid them with this tips (link in bio)

Take back your Sunday with these tips (link in bio)

Sound familiar? Learn more about the effects of heavy drinking (Link in bio)

Who's controlling who? Rethink how you drink (link in bio)

Avoiding a hangover has never been so simple (link in bio)

Four Loko? How about NO loko...
Mixing caffeine and alcohol is no joke. Since caffeine is a stimulant and has the opposite effect on the brain as alcohol (a depressant) it masks your intoxication level BUT doesn't cancel out the effects of intoxication. Basically one epic recipe for disaster. Learn more (link in bio)

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