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Talen Heater  Artist. Music/Video Producer.

This is the only time and moment I actually filmed during Dan & Alena’s entire wedding a couple days ago, but I’m so glad I got to capture a small but beautiful part... the beginning of their first dance. Love you guys! @alenaelizabeth @dan_the_snuggler_walsh

Yesterday I got to be a part of and witness watching one of my sisters get married and it was nothing short of beautiful and unbelievable. Congrats you two on an extraordinary and amazing day and I wish you nothing but happiness. The love you two share is an inspiration! ❤️

Some young guns trying to make a difference in this wild world. #Happy4th #MusicOnTheWay

Shit might hit the fan here and there, but it’s always refreshing to know we control a lot of our own happiness. Too many good times recently! #OregonCoast #ColumbiaRiverGorge #Oregon #BeHappy #Explore #GetOutside

Happy birthday my love! It’s been an amazing time thus far growing, loving, learning and taking life head on with you. Here’s too many more memorable times together ❤️


A rare gem of a falcon I took last weekend. It amazes me how much I take this amazing earth for granted!

New Music Video! Would mean the world to me if you watched the full video (link in bio) 🎶🙏🏼 Here's a snippet! 👀 Had lots of fun with this one! Let me know what you think! #Today

25 but feeling 5. #HappyHalloween #Unicorn #ForeverYoung 🦄🎃👻

What's up PDX. Exploring my potential new home. 🌹🌹🌹

Soaking life in.

You'll always be my brother. You were always by my side. Can't even begin to think of all the memories I have of you and will have for the rest of my life. Thank you for shaping me into the person I am today. I can genuinely say that you had as big of an impact as anyone on me growing up. Your strength and courage will not go unnoticed. You showed nothing but pure love, and that impacted me more than you'll ever know. Love you from the bottom of my heart Tilly ❤

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