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Talacrest Ferrari 

Great to see #Beth barking at the crows this morning. Taking each precious day as they come. Been tough week couldn’t concentrate on anything but #Beth couldnt think on deals on three #Ferrari worth in excess #22 #million dollars I’d give them away to get another 10 years with Beth

Like a normal Friday me #Beth a #Budweiser and chilling out on patio tonight. Didn’t think this would have happened earlier in the week. She is as much as #Talacrest as me. Taking everything day by day. Jc

Cancelled #Monterey trip next week #Beth means too much too much to me.#ferraris can wait always another time. Precious time for me she was barking at 🦅 birds this morning jc

Thanks for all lovely messages .Long night with Beth last night. Brought her home and she had good night kept me awake everytime I stopped stroking her she looked up and nudged me. Went to vet today and she decided not to put her down as bleeding stopped said she wasn’t in pain despite cancer of spleen and heart. Told me to enjoy day by day. So more precious time but for long how knows. Thanks Jc

Beth enjoying her bone couldn’t care less about 15 million pound #Ferrari P car in background ex #violati #maranelloRossi museum Mind you if you approached me or went towards car watch out she was lovable but ferociously protective #talacrest Beth you will be missed. 😪😪😪 jc

Here is Beth with #Ferrari250bertone special bodies#SWB she is a great dog. I d rather have her for another 20 years than the car xx sad two days but really hard today 😥😓

Beth just arrived home from hospital looking after her won’t get much sleep tonight but don’t care. I love that dog so much I rescued her 4 years ago and been great dog known her from a puppy in 2007 jc

Not my happiest day my beloved #Beth the best #germanshepherd in the world took suddenly ill yesterday and terrible news she has dreaded cancer and not expected to survive the night. Brought her home from Luton hospital as they wanted to put her down. I want her to die with friends and in her own bed. Shattered #Beth the loyalist dog ever 😪😪😪 she was great until yesterday running chasing birds Jc

Another view of my tasty #Ferrari that nobody with ounce of brain matter would turn down. I love the nerd comments they make me smile. I should have painted it green ha ha said the clown #Ferrari #Laf #ferrari #ferrarichat #ferrarisupercars #ferraridubai #america #japan #china #kuwait #london #saudi #Arabia #Ferrarlaferrari #ferrariinstagram

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