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When someone takes your last slice of pizza without asking cough cough my bf cough cough... like I know sharing is caring but come on if you want something of mine at least ASK k bye

Felt like a little horseyyyy at da jimmy the other night with my hair I don't know if I like it or not 🐎 #takecarecablefrontrow

I put this hunk through one of my workouts from my Bubble Booty Vol. Dos yesterday and he legit almost threw up but I almost did twooo LOL that just means we both kicked butt and gave it our all and for that I'm hella proud πŸ‘πŸΌ#takecareandcareless

So about yesterday's workout... holy πŸ’©it was brutal, I was sweating my booty off so hard that it looked like I peed my pants but hey I didn't mind lmaoooo but for reals if you want to kill your leggies this superset is a MUST. Weighted pulsing lunges (go heavier than usual for a lil challenge) then right after do some weighted jumping squats... if your legs aren't on fire and you aren't out of breath by the end of your set then go heavier 😈
Song: Zayn- Still got time
#takecarebarpulsecurtsy #takecareweightedjumpsquat

I didn't get to train legs on Saturday so y'all already know it's about to go DOWN later at the jimmy πŸ˜­πŸ‘ ps the winners to the @bpi_sports giveaway I did a couple of days ago are @loveee.bby24 @officialrickymccoy @theycallmevickster
Thank you to everyone who participated & congrats to the 3 winners!! DM me your full name and home address so I can ship out your goodies ASAP rocky πŸ’•

You may not see progress right away, but when you do you won't regret a single workout eva again. Be patient with yourself and learn to trust the process. Everything takes time and hard work so keep killing every single workout πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ #takecareandcareless #girlswholift #takecareuprightrow #takecarealtlateralraise #takecarehanglateralraise

Happy Father's Day to the man who kicked ass tonight playing volleyball. Seriously so proud and thankful to call you my dad πŸ’™πŸ˜­

Trying to decide where I should take my papi out to eat like... hmmmm pizza or froyo? πŸ•#theanswerisboth #snoozecubebed #ad

Running into mi familia at the Europa & I wouldn't have it any other way #vivaloslatinos #thatmustachetho

I showed this picture to someone this am after I took it and they told me to edit it to make my face look clear before I post it.. you can do that? Wtf that's so wrong πŸ˜‚ Ima post it how it is because dis is me and I love myself with or without breakouts. Ish happens. Plus if I edit my pictures then meet my webby friends (you guys) my skin is OBVI not gonna look flawless like the edited picture. amiright or amiright? These editing apps need to be band fo life bc whyyyyy
ps I'll be at the expo from 10-1 and I'm HELLA HYPED too meet y'all πŸ’•

I said this on my IG story yesterday and I'll say it again. I'm thankful to be alive, healthy, and being able to go to the gym daily and sweat my booty off. Never take anything for granted. Be thankful for every little thing in your life and enjoy every bit of it because every day is a beautiful day 🌸#bootybuilder #itsabeautifuldaytohaveabeautifulday #takecareandcareless

I used to HATE sweating at the jimmy and would do everything I could to avoid it but fast forward a year into lifting and now if I'm not sweating my ass off (literally) I feel like I'm not killing it. I work my assssss off to drip sweat when I train. I love it. Legit felt like a sauna in this room this afternoon but I'm not complaining. I had an amazing killer rockin bootylicious workout today and now it's time to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day🌻
ps if you plan on not going to the gym today think again. Getcho ahhh up and go lift some weights 😘
Song: Cheat codes- No promises #takecaresumomorning #takecaretempolegpress #takecareoverheadbulgarian

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