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The last shoot my pup styled w me. He was into the bagels AND cookies. #elliottogram #brueggersvip

Elliot “Elliotto” Danger Dekok
5.13.05 - 12.10.17
My little 12 year old baby pup passed away this weekend and I’m so incredibly heartbroken. He understood me more than anyone and listened intently every time I spoke! Whether it was to him or not. I always asked him for fashion advice, gave him samples of everything I cooked or baked (dough too!), showed him flowers (that he smelled) and cuddled him during fireworks. We were each other’s space heaters when I had a bedroom with no heat. He would rest his head on me even if I just leaned down for a second. There were more days than I can count where he was the only ray of sunshine in my day. His love is unmatched. I’m going to miss him every second. His head tilts, his prance-y walk, his kisses, his sass, his attitude, his thoughtful face, his love for avocados and tomatoes and cheese, his love for being wrapped in blankets. Honestly there aren’t words that can some him up. We made so much sense to each other and the universe is missing a rare and beautiful creature. #elliottogram

Hot mess. (My apt.)

December has a way of feeling the opposite of magical to me. Anxiety is rude like that. It tries to make ya think everything is terrible when it’s really a beautiful life. ✨

Not into the holiday season. Always into taking the time to make myself breakfast. Whatever helps!

#TBT to funfetti shortbread bbs.


Thinkin’ bout last years’ Christmas cookies! (Cream wafers, Chocolate Crinkles & Grandma’s Molasses) #nationalcookieday #fashionablylate

Real cute day.

🍝🥧✨ Made @pinchofyum’s veggie-filled spaghetti pie for tonight’s dinner and as many other meals as it lasts for! (Used 1/2 noodles 1/2 squash noodles.)



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