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  I'm the ethereal pain you've been craving for.


🇫🇷 (Paris, Menocourt, Cergy)

Very glad to be back in this country on 2018. Was here on Autumn 2016 & 2017, but nothing as BIG as actually traveling on peak season and spending NYE here! (and Christmas Eve & Day in the Netherlands 🇳🇱)
I’m grateful for all the miracles in my life. 2017 has been a big year mixed with beautiful and mess, I’m ready for more to come 💝 never stop dreaming, it may come true sooner than you think! ✨ (Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Aachen, Essen, Köln, Bonn, Oberhausen)

Chilling in our personal Jacuzzi 💕 .
Tips foto: dibanyakin grainnya biar ga terlalu Explicit untuk para juling- eh julid.

a group picture ✨

Here’s to the night we promised to break our fear, when we realized we are made to be scared.
to fear reality so we hold on to it so dearly, we are bound to our fright we forget - there’s so much things in life than just fear. We are flesh and bone and skin and things that are meant to decay and die, but we’re here - free, happy.. alive.

I noticed I’ve been deleting some of my selfies or portraits because I’ve been so FOCUSED with things people SAID about me. I am NOT supposed to feel that way regarding my body, I love it and I DO NOT care if some of you commented on how I should dress or put my makeup. Fuck off and let me love myself 🌸 #VSCO #VSCOCAM #VSCOPHILE

I tainted my skin because I just couldn’t love them the way you do.

🐹 By posting this photo, I would like to say a few matter. I like wearing clothes that makes me feel confident and happy. And most of my clothes are deemed provocative by some people - they decided to share my photos to my family members, friends - and have an audacity to HARASS me ‼️
I wouldn’t justify WHY I am wearing what I wear, I could wear a summer dress in the winter if I’d like to - IT’S MY BODY and IT IS NOT AN “OBJECT” that’s able to MENACE you, IT’S NOT A THREAT. 🌺 Nobody is a provocateur for wearing whatever they feel happy in. 🌸
IT IS NOT A MATTER: if a model wears short dresses but it’s unacceptable for plus size girls to wear shorts that shows their stretch marks? Or busty girl to be nipple free because having to carry 36E sized breast hurts them? 😡 🍒 DEAR FUCKED UP SOCIETY, stop harassing women with “different” body types than what you’re expected. OUR BODIES aren’t OBJECTS. We are not here to SATISFY you - if you want to get satisfied, get yourself a dildo or vibrator. 👋🏼 Now those who’s been sharing my photos to talk trash about me, I know you. STOP STALKING ME and work your way out to be HAPPY instead of being a salty hoe/assholes 💋 💗

(Sound On)
And to the ordinary places I’ve went to.
You made the memory so beautiful - the plain walls and constant mirage, we’re together to change it for the better. o hi @jblaede

No matter how many sugar packets I pour in, my coffee bought here will always taste bitter.

Don’t make an effort to put someone as your first priority when you’re the twentieth on their list 🤷‍♀️ also, #freethenipples #stopsexualizingme #imnotanobject 💥

If they only like the best side of you, they also have to accept the worst side of you. If not, then bye bye 👋 #repost #vsco #vscocam #vscophile

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