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Taisha  Las Vegas⭐️ Romans 8:31🙌🏼 Enchantress ✨🔮 5'2 Nerdy Ninja Milf💗 It matters that you don't give up🦄 Ace ♠️ in a 🌎 full of Kings & Queens 🧞‍♀️

My last try I attempted tricks! 😂😂All I need is me. I entertain the hell out of myself. Thank you! I’ll be here all week ❤️ Follow @t6ish6 for the good shit.


I don’t think I am better than anyone. I have my own place and my own power. I am special because I am unapologetically Taisha. I love that about me. True to self and truth before anything. I let my heart take me wherever my soul might pull. I am a a tornado. With a little Tasmanian Taisha in the center rage fully screaming. My anger I’ve yet to master. I still love every messy part of me. Sometimes recutting myself on each broken piece. Letting go and keeping only what is meant for me. Happiness isn’t the goal. I prefer peace. Happiness requires something to happen. Well I am the happening. Moving forward but not forgetting where we came from. Comment a characteristic you are proud of yourself. But also comment your weakness. 😈

I know you love it! 😈


You can’t go back. But you can turn around. 🌙

Today I tried something new. I had fun 😊🙌🏼Today was a good day! I hope yours was as fun as mine. Will be deleting. Go check out more on @t6ish6 It is just as fun as @hadiiyabarbel makes it look. Felt like a little girl. 💕 It was AWESOME!

Look Mom no hands! Lmfao I’m so old that I get off on these little tricks I can still do 😂. My family @dekkinshawn @kirathedon unimpressed by my Ninja skills 😪 I clearly was JUICED! Yay me! #selfcelebration For more of my hobbies @t6ish6

Seems like so long ago! For wellness tips and motivation follow @t6ish6 On the road to wellness! One better choice at a time. I am cleaning out my life. I am constantly adjusting & growing. Peace is the prize! God bless. Have an amazing day! I love you. With all my heart and want happiness for each of you.

Nobody posts their struggles.... I always have. I’m not perfect & I am not trying to be. Here you will always get the real me. What that means, is I am going to be me for me. A lot of people are walking characters. Like in a Disney movie. They act perfect. Act rich and my personal favorite they play HAPPY! The grass is greener because it is astroturf. I appreciate all my day ones messaging me. I hope all understand the grass is truly greener where you water it. I’ve been so busy watering mine. I haven’t noticed the color of yours. MESSAGE ✉️ Drink your water. Love the people that love you. Work on your goals. Surround yourself with people that lift you up. Always, I repeat always, be kind and try your best at whatever you do. Don’t worry about being anything than better than yesterday. Who watched my story and bought the book I recommend? Prove it by commenting the title below. These people I have a surprise for. Thank you! I love you! Keep yourself in your heart and the haters out of your mind. You got this! If not I got you. Let me show you the way to better days. It’s possible ask Les Brown. ❤️

Thoughts? Are we really celebrating stupidity? The shittier the character the better? We value people who don’t give a fuck. Is that really cool?! I don’t think so. I think it’s cool asf to give a damn. I think it’s dope when you make a difference. Good shit still matters. Big hearts and minds are needed, now more than ever. No more small talk about bs that doesn’t even truly matter. I’d rather die alone than entertain or sit in this ignorance. Needing people that feel & care. Just like me. You aren’t alone. Stupid is just trending. #rise This will go over most of your heads. It’s because I’m talking about you. Times have changed. Do your research before you drop lies in my comments. Shit is not how it used to be. Human interaction is dying out. Human relations are suffering. This is beyond HS thinking of jock vs nerds. I don’t know about you. But I left HS when I graduated. Along with most of those beliefs. I was an athlete and cheerleader with a 4.0 GPA. So miss me with the nerd shit! I’m talking about character. About being spiritually and mental aware or awoke. Not levels of intelligence that is measured via grades dummy. Get out of that HS mentality! It’s unattractive as hell when men are densely dumb. Like level with me people. I know more than 10% of you use your heart. Maybe these posts are wishful thinking. Maybe I’m reaching. But I am reached for back. If I only touch 1 life in my lifetime. I won. If I make you ponder your actions a little longer. I won! Thank you! I appreciate your time and thoughts. Truly! Really! 😈😘 Yours Truly, Nerdy Ninja Milf

Happy Mothers Day! Have a blessed day! I know I will. Look at how blessed I am. #proudmom 🤩❤️😍

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