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Taira Adair~Art That Overcomes  Word Art + Paintings of Movement 🌿OVERCOMING 🌿depression, anxiety, loss 🌿all in the name of LOVE {b l u e p r i n t} collection coming July 2019

{hope} ⠀

root words include:⠀
hopa, n. (Old English) -confidence in the future ⠀
hopian, v. (Old English) - to have trust, specifically in God’s word. ⠀
hop, v. (Germanic) - leaping in expectation

Something I’ve been meaning to tell you guys... ⠀

The first ever print of the month is here! If you remember me mentioning that I’m working on “creating space” in my shop (literally), this is why!!⠀

I want to be more intentional in what I offer you, and this is my first step. Soooo there will be a new print offered EACH month! Each print is *very* limited edition in that they will only be available from the first through the last of the month. ⠀

🌿”There is a young girl inside me who refuses to die” ~ Tove Ditlevsen; only available through May 31 ... link in bio 🌿

{fragile} ⠀

Still one of my favorite abstract paintings to date... thick, layered oil on canvas. It would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Message me or check out the “original paintings” tab on the website 💕 I’ll be shipping orders tomorrow and Friday! Free local delivery if you’re in the Jax area through Sunday afternoon!

Napping so hard in this rainy weather. Anyone else feel like they sleep better during a daytime nap than a full nights sleep??

Such beautiful imagery isn’t it? That we have a God that carries us above all the madness. That He would lift us from the heaviness of our own sin and out of the weight of the world. ⠀

I imagine soaring, gently and safely, on the feathered wings of an eagle. Observing from above, sunbeams flickering through the clouds. A true birds-eye view... seeing the pain and suffering below, but being held above it. Not that I can’t or won’t experience it - but I can see it for what it is. I can see around all the brokenness...there is light & hope.
Image from @shereadstruth, who by the way has my favorite Bible study app. If you’re using it, I’d love to know so we can walk through it together!

“I cannot fix the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.” ⠀

Where are my Jane Austen fans!? This line is from Pride and Prejudice and is obviously about love, but I think it can apply to so many other things. For me, it’s kind of how I feel about painting. What does it make you think of?
💌 You can find this lovely card in my shop! Just follow the link in my bio 💌

{from my journal} ⠀

Today, I met a woman named Victory. It was only in passing and yet I immediately wanted to know her. I wanted to be a part of the peace she was carrying. She wasn’t doing what most people would consider a glorious job. She was changing the small desk trash cans in an uncomfortably quiet office building. What struck me most about her, was that as she did this task, she wore a gentle smile, as if she held some secret piece of wisdom.⠀

After she left, it occurred to me that maybe this is what Victory looks like. It doesn’t have to be loud boasting. It may not even require words. True victory is held in a deep inside us. We don’t need to shout it, because the look on our face is enough to stir wonder in those around us. When we are in the midst of chaos, when we’re doing dishes (my personal least favorite house task), when we take on jobs that aren’t ours, for the sake of others’... there is victory there. ⠀

You may not feel victorious, but you are. You woke up today, you courageously faced things that don’t necessarily spark joy. There will be days where you don’t think you can face those things, when you can’t get out of bed due to mental or physical ailments. Even then, you can hold victory. Jesus won it for you. He declared victory over sin and death. He is fighting your battles. When you feel like there are enemies on every side and there’s no way out, He is your sword, your shield, your Protector and Savior. He will not let you perish. When you feel as if there is no hope, be still. Let Him gently remind you - He is victorious, and when He lives in you, you are too.

Mmm peach skies forevaaaa. I may have to draw a little inspiration from this beauty for a commission I’m working on. ⠀

Do you have any questions about how commissioned paintings work? I’m writing a blog post about the process soon and I’d love your input!

“Mercy triumphs over judgement” ~ James 2:13. ⠀

How often do you let yourself feel judgement, guilt, shame? For me, it’s wayyy more often than I’d like to admit. But those feelings aren’t meant for us. They were nailed to a cross 2000 years ago. Now we have access to peace, joy, righteousness, a relationship. Because of His loving mercy. That does, and will, triumph over those lies of judgement. ⠀

Pic from @gritandvirtue 🙌

It’s only 2 weeks until Mother’s Day! 😱 I have a few surprises for you guys coming THIS Wednesday... first hint: one of them will include this lovely lady, appropriately titled “For Momma” Any other guesses??

“Praying” and “Waiting”, two babes from a while ago that I still think about. What do you think of the size of these? Should I do more?

At the end of March I was planning all the different things I wanted to talk about for Stress Awareness Month... I started taking my own self care more seriously and creating templates for you guys (and myself) to answer some hard questions and get mindful about how we’re treating our minds and bodies.⠀

*Cue record scratching then silence* ⠀
Then, of course, life happened. Plans changed. I was asked to help with a job I left 6 months ago. I’m so glad I did, because in the process the Spirit revealed some things about myself, about human nature, and about the infallible love of God. ⠀

But- I let my health take a back seat #whenwillilearn. I’m not sure I really understood the gravity and effects of my own anxiety until Jason pointed out that I was having headaches and throwing up with no physical cause that we could see.... Yep, the same girl that was about to tell you how to take care of yourself, was now dry heaving in the middle of the night because of stress 🤦🏻‍♀️⠀

My business may be built on helping others overcome, but don’t think for a second that I don’t struggle with the same things. I’m a human being, learning right beside you, and encouraging you with no room to judge. I’d love to pray with you and tell you you’re not alone. My inbox is always open for you 💌⠀

📷 by @antoniogrosz

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