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I'm sorry but I need people to understand something.
I may not be the law but I do follow the law. And I have taken the responsibility to make sure other people follow the law as well. I cannot personally arrest you or bring you to court but I can make sure that the art community is safe by getting your account deleted. I work hard because these people also work hard. It takes about ten seconds to screenshot art and repost it, when they have taken hours or days to complete it. You are the lowest of the low, and I say that not to bully but because it's true. You are below a bully, you are a thief. And thieves need to be brought down. I am not the law but I do my best to protect it. Please help support artists by following or taking a look at my anti art theft account, @nightingaleaat. All original artists of stolenart need the support and love they deserve.

Posted on my anti art theft account but let me just say this: it does not matter who you are. If you STEAL something, it is ILLEGAL. Offline or online, if you STEAL it, you are committing a CRIME. Yes! This is for everyone! If you take something that is not yours, it is illegal no matter who you are! This comment makes me so very concerned for the future!

PENDING. Putting this one back up as well!
Common Skaun adopt! This is Bear. Himalayan brown bear skull, gold halo and eyes. You may change the name and halo to whatever you want but everything else must stay the same. You may offer (from most to least preferred):
DA points
FR currency
AB $3 or 250 dA points
Comment below your offers! #willowdemonskauns #taineforsale

CLOSED. Common Skaun adopt repost! The last person has not responded to me for two weeks and so the adopt is back up! I accept almost anything. What I dot not accept:
- game items unless it's flight rising
- shoutouts
What I do accept:
- art
- PayPal
- dA points
- flight rising currency
- OCs
- customs
I'm mainly looking for art and money, but go ahead and offer anything! No AB for this one. #willowdemonskauns #taineforsale

If y'all want to know how I start drawing stuff this is step one. So so messy dear lord. #wip

MY SMOL CHILD IF YOU HURT HIM I WILL KILL YOU. Anyway, this is Tik. He's the lover of @mossy_draws poncho pal, Soan. The time on his face is the same time as the time where his lover is. So if Soan is on the other side of the world, his clock will read that time no matter what. The time on his face in this picture is when we decided to make them lovers. Poncho pals are an open species by @sleepygrim. I will be making a mini silhouette version as my watermark, he'll have my initials on his poncho and the time 1:31 on his face. #sleepyponchopals

#missgs40kraffle I NEED SKIN TONED MARKERS REALLY BAD. I'll be drawing one of her ocs so expect another post in a little bit after I'm done. (You have to draw one of her ocs to post twice)

Traits for my Saverdrake species! I TOTALLY forgot to do this and I feel bad. Anyway! These are an open species by me and @/protosyke! Feel free to make them! You may not use rare traits unless I give you permission so dm me for permission. And you may never use ultra rare unless you buy an adopt with those traits. #saberdrakes #saberdrake #openspecies

Wip of my poncho pal! An open and EXTREMELY cute species by @sleepygrim! Go check them out! All info under #sleepyponchopals! THEY ARE SO CUTE I WANT TO DIE. This will be my new "mascot" per se. You'll see him in my watermark from now on. Yes, Mixtape is my fursona but I can still have a mascot. Do NOT steal him from me.

EDIT: this is an open species by me and @protosyke. Please check out the ref sheet and all current Saberdrakes before making one. Ask me or proto any questions you have about traits you can and cannot have.
- - -
Custom Saberdrake for @ironscaless! All markings including the inside of his mouth (tongue is optional) glows purple. His paw pads glow, not his claws. You may change anything but you may not add rare or ultra rare traits. Any common or uncommon you are allowed to add. I hope you like it! #saberdrakes #saberdrake

Payment for @raingusher! I love this pose and will be making it a YCH for the future you guys so keep an eye out! The wings aren't my best but I felt this style (closer to yours than mine) fit her better. I didn't do shading or anything since I sent you that dragon and the crown as well. Anyway, I hope you like it! Such a cool character.

Alright! First batch of shoutouts: and the only official shoutout for today will be @monteswords! They were the only one who joined my shoutout Friday thing by drawing my jelly cat. Go follow these guys! Their art is absolutely fantastic and they deserve so much love!!
- - -
- - -
If people don't follow my shoutout rules on that post then I'll just shout out my friends on here lol. You guys deserve shoutouts but as a selfish human being I wanted something in return but hey it's whatever 😊. Sorry if I seem moody I've had a rough day. Anyway, go read that shoutout post to get a chance to be featured for 36-hours!!

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