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Tales Of Tails  Akanksha's terrific videos and Vedika's terrible puns. Very often Vedika has to remind Akanksha to represent cats too in this feed.

These Golden Langurs are found only in western Assam and Bhutan. Used to deep forests and high canopies they face habitat loss. They were discovered not very long ago (1950's) only once man started cutting down their home. Now there are only 2500 of these old world monkeys left on this planet, most of which are mature individuals, meaning very few infants are being born.
They have a beautiful soft (yes, he let me touch him) golden coat, dark face and a metre long tail! If anything, they radiate calmness, have extremely kind eyes and and accept food from humans only if they are being offered (well, unlike regular monkeys who wreck havoc). This langur here belongs to a troop of four and they all respond to their names given by a local man who has been taking care of them from 10 years.
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These giant black softshell turtles are extinct in the wild, Now found only in a handful of community ponds in Assam. They mainly depend on humans for food as religious offerings since most of these ponds are located near major temples. They are quite accustomed to human presence and even love being touched by them. This turtle here is over a 100 years old. Some believe there are turtles over 200 years old in this pond. The world around them has evolved but what hasn't changed is the threat these beings face as turtle meat is considered a delicacy in Assam. Conservationist are to thank as their eggs are now being hatched in vitro and later released in the ponds as well as in the wild. The only reason the turtles here are not being poached is because of the notion, although religious, that it is considered 'bad luck'. #Tailtherapy #Turtles #AmphibiansOfInstagram #StopPoaching #TurtlesofInstagram #Assam #Ponds #ConservationIsTheKey #endangeredspecies #HelpEarth #LetThemLive #instaturtle #turtlelover

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