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You realize It's most difficult to stay motivated when you notice how unmotivated the rest of the world is.
This is why it's so important to surround yourself with like minded people who want the next level as much as you do.
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I’m on year 14 how about you?
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Now you know the system isn’t going to change. Only you can change your path in a society that is set up to keep you a slave. Take initiative!!!

We all hit the bottom once in awhile but I want you to remember that the extent of your success will depend on how long it takes you to recover, get up, and keep going. Every slip up is knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Hurry to get back up and put it into practice!!!

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We don't fail, we pay for lessons! Sometimes we think of failure as a lost opportunity, but instead it may be the precursor to something bigger and in fact it usually is.
So the next time you feel like you failed your one and only millionaire opportunity, keep in mind it could be the lesson to prepare you for something worth much bigger. It can be worth more in the form of knowledge and experience than whatever you were trying to accomplish in the first place.
Don't be convinced that failure is always bad, try to find it's purpose first. You just might discover something extraordinary, have a blessed day!!!

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Luxury doesn't have to be a luxury, make it a lifestyle!!!
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