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Presents a Holiday Edition -
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Happy Holidays!

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If one can be balanced and harmonious within oneself, one is clear and aware-awake in quietude, accurate in action: thus one can respond to the endless changes in the world.

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Mind the body and the breath, and then clear the mind to distill the Heavenly elixir within.

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Brain Hemisphere Dominance:
Thousands of years ago the oriental practitioners of self-care disciplines intuitively developed an awareness of an alternating cycle of the predominance of body activity from the right side of the body to the left side. One particular Qigong practice, Taiji, is founded on a constant, flowing of the limbs in circular motions, alternating from right to left. The side of the body that bears the weight is planted, stable, and associated with the Yin. The side that is free to move and kick is active and associated with the Yang. Constant alternations of right and left side activity are thought to balance the forces of Yin and Yang in the body. Focusing on the right and left sides alternatively activates, and reputedly balances, the right and left motor centers in the brain.
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Shift of Neurotransmitter Profile
Much of the new science of psychoneuroimmunology is founded upon findings in the area of neurohormones, neuropeptides or neurotransmitters. It has already been mentioned that neurotransmitter receptor sites have been found on lymphocytes. A particular profile of neurotransmitters is present in a person who is experiencing pain, anxiety or depression. (59) In contrast joy, comfort or celebration produce unique neurotransmitter profiles as well. (60) In hypertension, pain and inflammation, which have been associated with the hyperactivity of the sympathetic aspect of the autonomic nervous system, a number of specific neurotransmitters are present in the blood. In patients suffering from pain, increased norepinephrine, reduced cholinesterase and depressed beta endorphine were found to be typical. (59) When methods are employed that regulate the sympathetic function through the hypothalamus a neurotransmitter profile characterized by decreased norepinephrine, elevated cholinesterase and elevated beta endorphine emerge. (59)
The neurotransmitter profile present in the parasympathetic and usually more anabolic (alkaline) environment is recognized as able to reduce pain and depression (59), reduce cravings for addictive substances (61) and promote healing. Chinese research has quantified neurotransmitter activity specific to Qigong exercise. It was found that the Qigong effect is associated with specific shifts in the monoamine neurotransmitter content of the blood. (62) 5HT and 5HE generally tend to be decreased by Qigong practice. Noradrenaline and dopamine tend to increase. The aspects of Qigong and Yoga that quiet the mind and relax the body induce a neurotransmitter profile that is conducive to healing.
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When you enter the Qigong state you step closer to your essence of personal wholeness and unity with nature. Qigong is literally a method for awakening to the fact that you have radical access to the power of the entire universe.

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Qi is free, it is everywhere, and everyone has direct access to it through simple methods that are easy to learn and practice. Qi can be cultivated purposefully to resolve any challenge or enhance any function.

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Exciting new opportunity!
Dr. Roger Jahnke offers a Free Ebook 'The Healing Power of Qi is Within You'. Created to offer you a simple guide of mind-body practices for self-healing.
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Qigong workshop with Dr. Roger Jahnke and Michael Gelb.

January 3-8, 2016

For more info on this event:

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