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Lee Soares 

Been wanting to climb this building for a while now. Made it to the top and back down safely, after a pull-up and db snatch workout. Eagle claw out.

Floating feathers. On the water today during my swim . There were tons of them around on the calm water. Geese

The eclipse has begun !! Grab your glasses

Stay strong! Someone may need you one day

Some workouts demand more of you than others. When the challenge comes from the Navy Seals, count on plenty of demand. Loaded carry ,1mile, back rack position with body weight. Used 225. A little over mine. Finished it. 👍

A little something for the little ones at Resilience Crossfit. @crossfitresilience The place is looking amazing too.

There is beauty in everything. Some more than others but it's always there.

Standing the bar up from the athletic position with no pre stretch today. My skinny ass got this up! Been a while since I've had 405 lb on. I'll take it.

Today at Blue hills. Down and back up, then 2-4-6-8 handstand push-ups and L-pull-ups. Planned 3 rounds, did 4.

#31heroes can be a brutal workout. When you do it three times over the weekend because you can and know there are times our boys can't stop doing what they do for us. No complaints just gratitude 8/6/2011 remember the fallen 🇺🇸🇺🇸

This is Bart. He's number 31 on the chopper that got shot down in 2011. Wanted to do a little more than just workout this year. God bless all those lost #31heroes #rememberthefallen

Not as quick as the top dogs, but not bad at all for my division. Nice way to start the day.

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