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t  good heart x good intentions design x art x life exploring #everygoodthing

finders seekers.

what matters most.

dear summer, please don't go.

faith etc.

God is love. #yafeelme

working from fort.

there's power in you. His light. don't ever forget you're a force. 💥 art / @tessarlo

there's beauty in the dying too.

i love every growing thing.

on the tireless pursuit of all things good. #oogelato

it's hard to feel like yourself while figuring out yourself. like, what's normal.
the thing is, there is no normal.
it's all process.
and evolution.
in the meantime, just love.

i've been keeping to myself the last few months/year for a variety of reasons, only coming back on the ig lately to see 🙈... and share a bit of what i've been seeing. anyway, just wanted to share a little of what my friend @kayinto saw. of my home, now featured on @designsponge. (design sponge, guys!!!!!) check it out if you have a chance (links in profile) and if you haven't already. this was like a month ago 🙊. ps major mabrooks to kisha, on making major moves of late. you're going places girl. much love to you. xx

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