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Day 1: hospital sucks and I can't help but feel ashamed.

Will be super awesome if everyone can check out my story In the Sunshine Coast daily. It mentions pirates, depression, the French resistance and the homeless

Omg. I have trolled the entire sunshine Coast.

I trolled the community boards so hard that a radio station contacted me. The joys of having no life.

After five months of sitting inside I got a little board and stared trolling the Sunshine Coast Community boards selling weird things.

Life goals

Hey guys, my name is tahni, I'm 27 years old and I'm an alcoholic, I also suffer from depression, bpd and bipolar. Yesterday I left the house for the first time since the end of September last year, I haven't had a hair cut (it's usually shaved) , I haven't seen sun, I haven't seen anyone besides the only person who has stood by me @teganisapringle and my mother who takes care of me as I am unable to do so myself. I just needed to share to my accomplishment with everyone because you all walk of the door every day without a second thought and it's taken me almost five months to be able to do that. Baby steps #someonecutmyhair #bpd # bipolar

My God son is all grown up and awesome at life #shakasforlife

You are the most gorgeous little man.


I got these beauties today from the sweetest girl ever @teganisapringle. no matter what's going on with us she always tries to make me happy. I'm incredibly lucky and undeserving of such love