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Tahmina Begum  🍒Editor🇬🇧in🇧🇩Chief @XXYMagazine Columnist @screenshotmagazine 🌞Freelance Journalist at Dazed, AnOther, Sleek, Oh Comely etc ✍🏾

This book landed on my doorstep on the most apt, perfect day. Thank you @_pound_project @dollyalderton

Wrote a thank you letter to @miamatangi activism for @galdemzine and my apu is out here QUOTING ME sxlsnsilwoajslkalamhduowkw

The real question is: why are Bengali girls so good at eyeshadow? 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩#xxymagazine #badandbengali

Scrunchie season


This was def a “Dear Diary” moment but all this and more is in the new issue! Idk if I’ve mentioned it but they’re for sale now! Nearly sold all of our first print run so runnnnnn 👋🏾 our photographers are tagged 👅 #xxymagazine

Last night was a dream come true. Over 18 months in the making, hundreds of contributors, 198 pages, countless rounds of coffee, I got to finally share one of the biggest projects I’ve been working on with the people I love, the women who have shaped my life, our loyal readers and a team that I’ve shared my late teens and early twenties with. It’s been nearly six years since @ibkamara hired me as a features writer, the same amount of time we’ve been talking about non-binary stories, giving voices to those who are rarely spoken to but always for - with matching artwork - and being able to work with those who always try to broaden minds, eyes and souls everywhere. Alllllll praise to Allah for always giving me more than I need. I now understands tears of joy. #xxymagazine #badandbengali

My print pregnancy is over! So excited to celebrate with everyone tomorrow 👅👅👅 who’s coming? RSVP/ more info on @xxymagazine 🍒🍒

Where my avocado turmeric latte loving my ye is different to your ye mortgageless millennial thank u, next bitches @ 🥑🥑🥑

I want to be able to paint this thick + good

Been going together like potatoes and more potatoes since 2011

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