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Tahlija Redgard  Living Surfing Fishing RAW AUSTRALIA (Episode 1)⬇️

Washin the scales off after a fish.📷 @cambo74_
@stacey_mfg #bullettwin

Excited to share our adventures and bring you guys along for the ride... Raw And As Seen Through Our Eyes !!!!!!
🔥Episode 2 🔥Living Surfing Fishing RAW AUSTRALIA will be coming soon🔥 @cambo74_
cheers for the love stabmag @stab
@stacey_mfg @needessentials
#filmmaking #youtube #travelaustralia #RAW

Our new YouTube Channel : Living Surfing Fishing Raw AUSTRALIA (Episode 1)

Journey deep into Southern Australia, on what was supposed to be a surfing / fishing trip..... That quickly changes when we broke all our surfboards at a secret reef break... so then the trip officially became a fishing trip that had us chasing Australian Salmon, Blue Groper, and eating whatever we could find on the rocks and in the water.... this is a short film on our time spent in the Deep South without surfboards and no other humans. @stacey_mfg @cambo74_ @needessentials @alvey_reels_australia @tourism_au #travelaustralia #australia #live #filmmaking #shortfilm #catchandcook @fightforthebight @southaustralia

The Hunt ~ The Walk in ~ The Anticipation
No other fish compares to hooking and fighting a mulloway from the rocks on light gear, soft plastic and alvey. 📷 @cambo74_
#mulloway #alveyreels #mullowayfishingaustralia #snyderglassrods

My best friend in the world @cambo74_

We don't need much in life.... One cast ~One fish ~ @cambo74_ @needessentials @stacey_mfg Full Hookup on my IGTV #alveyreels

The last few months in thick wetsuits and the cold ~ has my mind flashing back to warmer waters 🎥 @mallmic
@stacey_mfg @needessentials @cambo74_

What ya reckon bream? @cambo74_ Where To Next #australia

Sweety off the rocks middle of the day jigging occy legs over shallow reef .... I'm sure in some way where soft plastics originated from .. go hunt down an occy or 2 .... small ball sinker and a packet of cheap Viking mustard hooks ... thread up your hook like a plastic and ball sinker on the hook .... hole lots cheaper and so effective ..I got smashed by a big queenfish on my alvey doing this ... using 25 lb mono and the beauty of it is the fish come back for your occy every time where a soft plastic you only get that one hit chance . TRY IT @cambo74_ @alvey_reels_australia #alvey #simple #basic #undestroyable I go swimming with mine wash in salt water they love it @alvey_reels_australia it's a method we use on the east coast of Australia for mulloway off the rocks. #alvey #alveyreels @alvey_reels_australia

Outside fruit bowl

living on the cliffs ~ 3 fires a day to stay warm ~ raw abalone ~ limpets~ perry winkles on the fire ~ brown rice~ not another soul for miles just us in our world on the edge of the earth @cambo74_ ~ we fished In our 4/3 and beanies it was freezing ~ you couldn't feel your feet ~ then getting in and sending these beautiful creatures back into the ice cold blue ~ memories I'll cherish forever
All you need a wetty some vollys ~ my old alvey and Snyder glass rock classic on 25lb mono back to the basics it's a hole lot cheaper . #alveyreels #alvey_reels_australia

Middle of nowhere ~ @cambo74_

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