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Ken Derrick 

Left to right; Ross Hull, Jessica Goldapple, Mark Taylor, Victoria Sanchez, Ken Derrick, Nicole Lyn, Katie Emme, Miklos Perlus and Jamie Elman.
#StudentBodiesReunion #FanExpo

"Hey, it's not real life, it's high school!" #StudentBodies #EdisonHigh

After 6+ years of faithful service, I think it's finally time to retire my second NYPD cap.
We've been through a lot together and I'm definitely gonna be buried with this hat. But it's sustained too much damage over the years and I'd rather not wear it out any further.
So, goodbye, old friend. Thank you for being there for me, no matter what. Especially during my brief moments of perfect happiness. They wouldn't have felt right without you. You can sleep now.... #ThingsArePeopleToo #NYPDCap #TooOldForThisShit #CopCap


Loyalty first, all the bullshit second.... #Chuckie #FSD #LittleOlderBrother #InternationalDogDay


Which of these girls is different from the others?

Politically Correct Answer: They're all the same. They're all people.
ACTUAL Correct Answer: Second from the left.

Somebody opened this box and stole it from SDM. Presumably to apply it to their own box. That's the definition of "Injustice". They didn't deserve those twenty enhanced orgasms.

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