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#欧萱 #赵非儿 #陈罗密欧 #钟一鸣 #志在四方2
#jeanetteaw #zhaofeier #romeotan #zhongyiming
#zzsf2 #thedreammakers2 #throwback

When yall 1st in class be like😜🙆‍♀️
2nd post of 2018 woohooo💁‍♀️📸
How is 1st week of school💓😎

Hoping that 2018 is a bttr year for her!!!😚
#方彤琳 #zzsf2 #dreammakers2

Cutest bride ever i saw on tv😎🙆‍♀️💁‍♀️
I miss zzsf 2 alot and ruiwu👫📺🎞
Wat type of gown yall want!😀😻😌
Do share it wif me on the comment🙄

While I haven’t shared this with a lot of people before, I thought I shall share it now. -
Two years ago when I was still an overweight kid, I got a 2 second role on a local drama. As short as the role was, being able to be a 2 second actress was a dream come true because I wanted to major in acting when I was in Mass Comm but too bad I dropped out LULZ. -
I didn’t want to share it back then (at most I shared a picture) because I was too conscious about my body image. I was bigger sized as compared to my peers. -
On average I was a L - XL size. An XL Size denim shorts might even be too small for me. Free sized clothes were not free to me at all.
The consciousness doubled when mum told she she didn’t even know it was me. -
BUT!!!! Today although 10kg lighter, thanks to the people around me especially Chow from #OBC @ourbralette.club who taught me on body positivity, all shapes and sizes is as beautiful as can be ☺️☺️ and different clothes can have different sizing. I can be XS - S from H&M, M from Uniqlo, still an L - XL for shorts that are from Bangkok lol because Tom Yum makes you slim. #bodypositivity #weightloss #youarebeautiful #mediacorp #zzsf2 #facestm -
Do you remember me @romeotan hahahahah


知道不可能感动她可是everything must try 🙃
#方彤琳 #zzsf2 #dreammakers2

Before I forget, here's wishing a Happy Birthday to 2 beauties whom I hadn't seen for a very long time... both of them same age I believe.
#JoeyFeng who was runner-up for Miss Singapore Universe 2007 (the last televised MSU 2007 finals) and had appeared in a few Channel 8 dramas: her first acting role being Jin Feng (金凤) onscreen sister of Li Nanxing's Jin Long (金龙) in "The Golden Path" (黄金路) back in late 2007 (bedding her stepbrother Huang Kaijie and later being pushed into the sea while being preggers, going into a coma and dying alongside unborn child), and as Zhao Fei'er's PA Cat in #thedreammakers #zzsf2 (Dream Makers 2). Last saw this cutie at Asian Food Expo in late 2010. Yes a long 7 yrs... Though I do walk past the air purifier store (with her photos on it) at Square 2 at times. Joey is now the COO of Air & Odor Management (AOM) which promote and encompass all aspects of clean air living.
And also model/actress #melissafaithyeo who started off as a suitcase girl in Deal Or No Deal season 1 and had starred in a mix of Channel 5 and 8 dramas such as The Pupil, Mata Mata season 1, 拍卖, 荒岛冒险记, etc. She once collaborated with Vertical Dancers in an episode of OMG aka One Moment of Glory (pole dancing! 😍😆) and she had a starring role as Helle in last yr's 2025 sci-fi drama which was kinda perplexing. She also graced the cover of FHM Singapore twice. Last saw Mel (whom I felt looked like a mix of Anne Hathaway & Dawn Yeoh 😅) at MDIS Open House in March 2013.

when sees Chen Guang😍💛#zzsf2 #dongzihuai #JulieTan 💛苏小小

That hurt face🙁#JulieTan #dongzihuai #zzsf2

Downloading the wedding pictures first,@wstcarrie😂😂😂#JulieTan #dongzihuai #zzsf2

Guess who is leading The one and only DONG ZI HUAI💕Remember to vote for Julie Tan at 1900-112-2003. #JulieTan #dongzihuai #zzsf2

The call you hate to recieve😭😭😭#JulieTan #dongzihuai #zzsf2

Their love is😍😍😍#JulieTan #dongzihuai #zzsf2

Smile of warmth😊💓👰
The reaction when you are getting married😜💞miss tonglin alott alr💘

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