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First time I ever lifted weights was with my old man. I was 15. DIdn’t have the confidence back then to go to the gym on my own, I needed him there. At the time, I wasn’t a confident kid. I didn’t feel like I looked very good & I knew I wasn’t very strong. I thought changing that would change my life. I thought looking better, being stronger & feeling more confident in my appearance would shift other’s perceptions of me & make my life inherently better. These things matter when you’re young.
I think at times we all make the mistake of thinking that fat loss is the answer. Maybe you think getting bigger is the answer. Maybe it’s having visible abs or being able to lift more than anyone else. But it isn’t the answer - not on it’s own anyway. We think that these things alone are going to contribute to a more satisfying & more fulfilling existence. We think they’re going to validate us & allow us to better identify as who we truly believe we are. We think that they alone will rid us of our issues & our insecurities & our problems. How many times have you caught yourself saying ‘things will be better when…?’
Achieving these goals might contribute to that happiness, but realistically they'll never be enough to truly satisfy us. I’ve been a chubby kid, stage-lean & everything in between. We put conditioning up on a pedestal, but often forget the sacrifices involved with attaining & maintaining such an extreme look. A six-pack never made anybody truly happy - if you're going to chase one do so without allowing the important stuff - relationships/ friends/ family/ career - to fall by the wayside. It’s taken me near ten years to understand that there is so much more to life than the amount of body fat you have. DOn’t miss out on life.
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👉 Turning water into wine. So much can change within a short period of time. With discipline, persistence, and grunt work comes a world of results.
One thing to note, is that through all this, the biggest ultimate change has been psychological. There's a lot to be learned from the aspect of changing ones body. It's a very simple equation, effort > reward. It's no secret that someone who follows through with their fitness goals, whether that be weight loss, muscle gain or lifting a certain amount of weight, becomes a better person in the process.

This is the hidden gift that comes along with physical exertion. Not only do you get an array of hormonal benefits, but you also get a long lasting sense of confidence. This confidence comes from accomplishment. It's setting a path for yourself and having the courage to stay on that path till completion. It's as easier as 1,2,3. 1. Pick a path. 2. Walk it. 3. Repeat.

However, what's easy in theory is not always easy in application. Therefore, to make your journey easier:

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▪️chest superset. Set the cables up on the highest height. First start off with a bent over fly for 10 reps. Once you complete the first set stand back up and do 5 isolation reps alternating your arms going across your body . 20 reps total = 1 set. Aim for 2-3 sets. Tag your chest day partner. ▪️@ieatprotein
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The most relatable meme I've made/will make ever


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It's a lifestyle! Try to make the desire to improve everyday a lifestyle or a value that you carry forth into everything you do! That's one of my goals at the moment and as I write this I'm asking myself: what have I done today to improve myself in the different domains I concern myself with? So ask yourself daily or even every other day, am I actively doing something in order to improve in this area of my life etc, and let's grow together guys!

#Throwing it back to 2012 when I did my first bodybuilding comps, looking forward to seeing this level of back detail in addition to all the gains that have been made since then 💪🏼

Desmond has lost over 6kg in the 2 weeks! By tracking his macronutrients and a combination of HIIT cardio and strength sessions, he is well and truly on the way to smashing his goals!
Desmond is already seeing changes in such a short time, using his workout time efficiently.
Well done mate! Stay consistent in both your diet and training!

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Goals are achieved through nothing else but pure determination and consistency. The grind doesn't take breaks. If you aren't out here grinding someone else is and that is not ok.

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