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TAG A FRIEND that's never eaten this before.
This is a Public Service Announcement that the Japanese Sweet Potato is literally the tastiest potato and whole food/unprocessed carbohydrate. Period. You might think I'm playing but I'm not. You could eat them unseasoned and they're delicious.

Simplest way to prepare these is to throw them in the oven, washed, without foil, at 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit, and then wait til you smell them caramelize a bit. Usually takes 1-1.5 hours depending on the heat and size of the potato. Poke with a fork to make sure the center is cooked. Even if you BURN the outside skin, even that tastes good lol.

Season with whatever you like. I use salt, pepper, garlic, onion. Macros are available on MyFitnesspal and every other tracking app. I've been eating these practically every day since @brittanylesser first introduced me. So far, the only place in Norcal that I know sells them is Whole Foods. If you're not near a Whole Foods, Asian markets typically have them.

This picture is unedited and taken with the IG app on our first try!
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" Not everyone will understand your journey. That's fine. It's not their journey to make sense of. It's yours." - Zero Dean

Left pic: 28/12/2016 @82.61kg. End of Week 1 of my cut

Right pic: 24/03/2017 @67.11kg. End of week 14 of my cut.
No matter how off track you are in your goals. Just remember that COMEBACK is REAL!!!! Work hard, stay consistent and ignore the naysayers.

Another 6 more weeks, so here we go!!!!!
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The sleepy morning selfies that look half decent😂👌beautiful people! It's sunny Sunday morning here in Australia so it's time to head out for a surf 🏄 yay! Also check my IG story for me morning detox ritual @jacksonjohnsonfitness click here and hit the profile photo to watch my story, also a great outdoor workout still up as well 🔥💪
What's everyone up to today? What Country are you from and what city? Is it cold or hot? Or just right? Comment below, I'll be replying and checking out my commenters pages 📱
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What do you prefer? 🔥👇

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Cooking my own meal prep for supper and tomorrow 🤤 tired but worth it! Here comes the healthy chicken breast grilled!! 🍗🍴

4 weeks left.. let's see if I can turn my arm into google maps 😶#sickening #shredded

Happy Sunday!!! It's already a blessing that we're able to have another day! Be thankful😊

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Não tinha como começar por outro, não é verdade? .

A insulina é um hormônio produzido pelo nosso pâncreas e liberado em maior quantidade principalmente quando comemos carboidratos (pães, massas, doces, cereais, batatas, frutas doces, etc). O consumo exagerado crônico desses alimentos (lembrando que via de regra o consumo EXAGERADO vem dos carboidratos viciantes: pães, massas, doces, etc) pode levar a uma condição chamada “resistência a insulina” – que fomenta a obesidade e dificulta o emagrecimento. .

No momento que a insulina é liberada vias de estoque de gordura são ativadas e vias de queima são inibidas, por isso a sua elevação contínua ao longo do dia favorece o ganho de peso. .

O que fazer para controlar a insulina e reverter um quadro de resistência: . ✔️ Reduza a quantidade de carboidratos consumidos diariamente, principalmente os processados/industrializados; ✔️ Pare de adicionar açúcar a bebidas/preparações culinárias (entenda como açúcar: açúcar cristal, demerara, mascavo, mel, melaço, açúcar de coco, etc); ✔️ Aumente a quantidade de proteínas (ovos, carnes, iogurtes sem açúcar, queijos), gorduras boas (azeite de oliva, abacate, nuts, manteiga, creme de leite/nata, etc) e vegetais com baixo teor de amido (todas as folhas, abobrinha, berinjela, couve-flor, brócolis, aspargos, rabanete, etc) em suas refeições; ✔️ Exercite-se regularmente. O exercício deve ser considerado parte do tratamento de quem tem resistência a insulina, pois ele aumenta a sensibilidade das nossas células a esse hormônio; ✔️ Se você gosta de canela em pó, use e abuse dela quando for comer frutas (ou em qualquer outra preparação que você ache que combine). A canela tem função “hipoglicemiante” por melhorar a função dos receptores de insulina.

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Once I found out about medium/soft boiled eggs, hard boiled became a thing of my past. ✋🏻#mediumboiledegg #perfection

"Pain is not my enemy,it is my call to greatness."

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