A wine bar customer made this bed for me from a wine crate. Gives a whole new meaning to Ruffino.. The Sommelier's Dog—should be a t.v. show! #ruffruff #zwwb @@cordeliamaxine @ruffinowines @zewindhamwinebar #zwwb #sommelierlife #shihtzu #dog #wine #somm #sommelier

Headlining with my mommy again! 😍🐾❤️🍷🥂🍾🎉things you may not know about me: i love to fetch corks & if you pop a bottle of Champagne I'll come running to retrieve the cork accordingly. #zwwb #thewindhamjournal #windhammountain #thecatskills @windham_ny @zewindhamwinebar @cordeliamaxine

Wine & Books Wine School with @briarsandbramblesbooks to celebrate National Read a Book Day! We paired wine & food that evoked the sentiments in the books, all books available at Briars & Brambles Windham:
-The Great Gatsby with Sparkling Wine (Jay Gatsby always kept the bubbles flowing at his lavish parties at his mansion in West Egg!)
-Memoirs of a Geisha with Sake & avocado cucumber sushi roll
-The Time in Between with a Verdejo from Spain & pearl mozzarella with prosciutto skewers -A Year in Provençe with a Provençal rosé & herbed goat cheese cucumber with a carrot ribbon
-East of Eden with a Californian Pinot Noir & barbecue sauce braised kielbasa -The Name of the Rose with a Tuscan Sangiovese & Italian herb marinated artichoke heart
-The Book Thief with an Australian Shiraz & salted caramel dark chocolate square
#books #booksandwine #zewindhamwinebar #zwwb #somm #sommelier #briarsandbramblesbooks #cheers #bookstore

As our 61st Sold Out Tuesday Wine School approaches we thought it was a perfect time to release fall themes!
9/18 "My Doctor Said I Need Glasses" (wine glasses of course!) 🍷while dressed up as doctors & nurses we will look at the health benefits of wine (almost sold out!)
9/25 "Wine & Disney" pairing wine with our favorite Disney characters (ALREADY SOLD OUT!)
10/2 "Wine is a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma" a look at the mysterious beverage that captivates us all...
10/9 "Thunder Down Under" after Safari night's raging success we thought we'd go down under all dressed up while hunting crocs, cuddling koala bears, dodging kangaroos and drinking Aussie wines. 🇦🇺 🍷🥂🍾
10/16 "Wine Boss" be the boss! 🍷 it's also National Boss Day
10/23 "Candy is Dandy, But Wine is Divine" right as Halloween candy takes over we will look at why candy and wine is soooo hard to pair (nor very good!) with wine. Chocolate.. now that's a different story!!!
10/30 "Ghostly White, Bone Dry Red" this year's hallo-wine party! 🎃❤️🥂🍷 #wine #zwwb #zewindhamwinebar #somm #sommelier #wineschool #winetasting #winepairing #cheers

Safari Night! 🐯🦁🌴🥂🍷🐆🦏🐘Wines of South Africa. We hunted animal crackers & no animals were hurt in the execution of this Wine School! ❤️Lions & tigers & wine—oh my!!
Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc - gnocchi & pearl mozzarella rolled in pesto
Rustenberg Stollenbosch Chenin Blanc (South Africans call it Steen) - herb rolled goat cheese ball
Rustenberg Petite Verdot Rosé - Smoked salmon pinwheel
Nederburg Pinotage (yes it tasted like burnt rubber & barnyard!) - turkey wrapped stuffing ball
Two Oceans Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend - BBQd meatball
The Beach house Shiraz/Mourvèdre/Viognier blend - dark chocolate with hazelnuts #somm #sommelier #southafrica #winesofsouthafrica #zwwb #winetasting #wineschool #pinotage #nederburgwines #rustenbergwines #twooceanswine #thebeachhousewine

Happy National Emoji Day! Everyone rated tonight's wines with emoji stickers, some got 😊& others 😑while some got ☹️or even 🤢 !!!🍷❤️🥂🐿🐾😈👻🎉we even had a 💩 cup for spitting or dumping wines that didn't make the cut! We went around the room and mentioned what emoji we thought was missing (a glass of white wine was mine! 🍷? Don't get me started on the lack of a rosé one!)
-"Spritz & Giggles" California Sparkling wine with potato chips
-Riesling with fresh mozzarella, pineapple & fresh rosemary sprig
-Atwater Bübble Rosé of Pinot Noir with watermelon, feta & fresh spinach -Nero d'Avola with mini "smiley face" quiche
-Tempranillo with bacon wrapped potato tots
-Fox Trot Red 🦊Finger Lakes with chocolate chip cookies #somm #sommelier #winetasting #wineschool #zwwb @zewindhamwinebar #emoji #winepairing #emojiwinepairing

Flash back to last week's "Liquid Assets" Wine School, sign up for September! It's booking up quickly. -Garganega (gahr-gah-nee-ga) Soave Classico with ham, pineapple & red onion flatbread
-Vouvray sparkling chenin blanc with goat cheese ball rolled in housegrown chives & parsley
-Petite Chablis with Brie & candied orange peel
-Baron des Chartrons Bordeaux with Roquefort cheese
-Chapoutier Red Rhône Blend with potatoes au gratin
-Barbaresco with strawberry yogurt chocolate bar
Photo credit @aimee__anna #zewindhamwinebar #zwwb #somm #sommelier #windhamny @windham_ny @cordeliamaxine

Magical Unicorns 🦄🌈🥂🍷❤️🍾🐾#zwwb #winetasting with #somm lady @cordeliamaxine #shihtzu #wine #wineschool #shihtzusofinstagram

For National Red Rose Day!Wine & edible flowers with the magnificent help of @m.millerdesignsinc We got crown wreaths, red roses, a bit noisy & rowdy but most of all spoiled by @miriam.miller & @jessikaschreiber -Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay with dill havarti on cucumber slice garnished with borage flower
-Sauvignon Blanc with goat cheese & squash blossom on baguette
-Bordeaux Rosé with smoked salmon pinwheel garnished with pansy -Shiraz with nasturtium flower
-Pinot Noir with bacon quiche garnished with apple blossom
-negroamaro with gnocchi, shaved Parmesan, fresh chive & choice blossom
-barbera d'asti with fresh fruit in chocolate cup shells garnished with confetti flowers #somm #sommelier #zwwb #wineschool #winetasting #nationalredroseday

Spring is nature's way of saying let's party! #wine #cheers #zewindhamwinebar #zwwb

Wines for Goth Night:
•Black jewel
•Earth, Zin & Fire
•Black Pearl
•Mystic Red by Auspicion
•Apothic Red
•Apothic Brew (cold brewed coffee infused red wine)

It is very hard for me to look angry 😈🍷🖤🍷❤️🥂🍾 @apothicwine @apothicrd #zewindhamwinebar #zwwb #windham #somm #sommelier #wineschool #winetasting #apothicbrew

Novinophobia [no-vee-no-fō-bia] (noun): the fear of running out of wine. *used in a sentence: I began suffering from novinophobia until I realized the wine bar was OPEN again on Thursdays, thank goodness. #zwwb #wine #somm #sommelier

We have high hopes for this weekend at the wine bar as last weekend we helped Tom propose to Natalie at the wine bar. 💍🥂🍾(p.s. she said yes) Congratulations you two! #zwwb #zewindhamwinebar

Happy end of April! May #wineschool is popular to say the least we only have 5 spots left! Book ahead for June so you don't miss out on awesome themes like:
5/1 South of the Border
5/8 When Donkey Saved the Day (yup, a donkey in Burgundy played a crucial part in teaching the monks something about viticulture!) 🐴🍇
5/15 Goth Night (we'll be dressing up gothic style per the request of a weekly wine school attendee, naturally the wines will match the mood 🖤)
5/22 National Wine Day (in anticipation of National Wine Day a few days thereafter a.k.a. every day)
5/29 Wine + Cheese (they go together like peas & carrots after all 🍷+ 🧀) #winetasting #somm #sommelier #zwwb @cordeliamaxine #zewindhamwinebar #cheers #wine

Cork [kawrk] (noun):
1. An obtrusive object that comes between a person and eternal greatness. *used in a sentence: That wine cork almost ruined my Saturday until my Sommelier Cordelia uncorked it. {also see screw cap}
8 new wines join our list this week, bringing our by the glass offerings to 38 wines from all around the world! #zwwb #zewindhamwinebar @cordeliamaxine #rosé #roséallday #wine #somm #sommelier #wineschool #winetasting

Happy Spring—noooope. 😂🥂🍷🍾🎉OPEN 3-10 today. #zwwb #wine #thecatskills #snow #somm #sommelier #winepairing #wineschool #winebar

44th Wine School, appropriately themed: What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? Sign up for the rest of the month, only a few spots left! 🥂🍷🍾 #wineschool #zwwb #sommelier #somm #thecatskills #wine #cheers #winepairing

"The wine-cup is the little silver well, Where truth, if truth there be, doth dwell." -Shakespeare 🥂🍷🍾🍇43rd sold out Wine School tonight, here are April themes:
4/3 What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? 🐥 🍳
4/10 Flight School (costumes encouraged as flight attendants & pilots & we will go around the world with our flights of wine!) 👩‍✈️✈️💺
4/17 You Think You Got Problems? (A look at the troubles vineyards face growing grapes & making our favorite drink, things like frost, hail, mice, pests & animals eating the grapes, too little or too much sunshine, it all makes the job of the vine grower & wine maker very difficult) 🍇🍷🍾
4/24 "Wine with Shakespeare" in honor of National Talk Like Shakespeare Day #thecatskills #windhamny #somm #sommelier #wine #wineschool #cheers #zwwb @zewindhamwinebar #domperignon #lvmh @domperignonofficial

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