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If you want to get out of your head and into your body for a little bit, come to ZGYM (ZuzkaLight.com) and do the new 300 Killer Rep workout with me. ❤️💪

Staying flexible means staying young. It’s easy to keep it up when you already know what to do. You need a plan and you need a structure. I’m going to help you with that in my next Coffee Talk that I’ll be posting tonight on my website ZuzkaLight.com - it’s going to accompany the new ZGYM weekly workout schedule so make sure to check back! Have a great Sunday ❤️💪

If you like surprises and discovering new products and brands, make sure to sign up at www.fabfitfun.com using discount coupon “ZUZKA” to get $10 off your first box. Each seasonal box is filled to the brim with full size products - it’s like Christmas 4x a year and you’ll be supporting female founded companies and other important causes. Some of the products from the winter box include:
• BB Dakota Poncho - ultra cozy and reversible • Doucce Eyeshadow Pallette - cruelty and paraben free eyeshadows with smooth highly pigmented powders
• Homemade by Ayesha Curry mug - perfect for holiday beverages • Ponte Studio Aloe Infused Socks - relax your feet after a workout • creams, and scrubs
Sponsored by @fabfitfun

Did you know that many times the people who are too busy to spend more than 10-15 minutes a day exercising are actually making a better and faster progress than those who have the time to spend couple hours at the gym? Think about it . When your time and options are limited, it forces you to compensate and be more creative. You’ll be more likely pushing yourself to get the most out of your ten minute workout. If you can’t make it to the gym, then you’ll be forced to use the most simple home equipment such as kettlebell and jump rope which also happen to be the best choices for building an amazing strength and endurance. Your dynamic and busy life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you! 💪❤️ see you in the ZGYM at ZuzkaLight.com

Hey Zgymers!! hahahahaha... Hows this weeks Workout Schedule looking for you? Im looking forward to reading what you guys think, so leave a comment in the ZGym..

Good Monday.. Did you guys like todays workout? -Summer Shred 25- A good way to start off your week..

The gym! This past month I’ve been experimenting with some workouts and boy are they effective! This place helps me release some stress! I don’t know how you guys deal with stress but if I don’t let it out with a workout I turn into one angry angry beast! #gym #gymrat #zuzkalight #zshred #zgym #exercise #health #fitness #workout

Hey guys, I’m back! :) it’s so strange when I miss a day or two on Instagram. It’s been such a daily habit, that it feels unnatural to break it 👽 that’s also what happens when you get into the habit of daily exercise. It’s almost impossible to fall off track at that point because missing a day just doesn’t feel right. That’s the human nature. We’re all creatures of habit so if you want to finally become the person who gets up early and does a workout before work or school, you have to really commit to the first 66 days before it becomes your second nature. Who’s ready to do this? 💪❤️ I can help you with that - sign up for ZGYM at ZuzkaLight.com and workout with me daily. Click on the link in my bio to see my workout schedule 🔝

What is it that you're procrastinating about? Write it down and make a commitment to yourself to be more accountable. Put it all on paper and make sure to add what kind of positive outcome you'll get out of your commitment. Look at the paper as often as possible to keep reinforcing it in your mind. Creating a new habit is not easy but we can do this 💪❤️ let me know what is it you need to start doing and why. I personally need to stick to my schedule and to do list to be better organized so that I can have more free time.


Although I had the energy my workout sucked today 👎🏽😒 Oh well, I’m over it 😏I’m grateful I have the strength to workout regularly #ireallyamblessed #fitnesslifestyle #goaldigger #getextrafatoffarms #hateabsplitterssomuch #zgym #zuzkalight #transformationineffect #alwayskeeptrying

The gym! This past month I’ve been experimenting with some workouts and boy are they effective! This place helps me release some stress! I don’t know how you guys deal with stress but if I don’t let it out with a workout I turn into one angry angry beast! #gym #gymrat #zuzkalight #zshred #zgym #exercise #health #fitness #workout

Scored this awesome @gaiam sports bra at @macys at the @galleriaftlaud mall, and gotta say that it's awesome! It looks great, it feels great, it fits perfectly and somehow I got it for just $11!

Mañana me toca la Fika sueca en mi trabajo. Sabías que aquí en Suecia 🇸🇪 lo más importante en las reuniones de trabajo es la Fika. 🤪🤪😜 #nohreliasfit #theeverygirl #swedishfika #honestbeauty #fitfreefearless #zuzkalight #alexiaclark #fitness #program #progress #fitorareason #queenteam #fitness #fitgirl #lifestyle #homework #homeworkout #motivation #inspiration #happygirl #fullleg #serenity #gymlife #workmotivation #Venezuela

#roller #season has begun. My #partnerincrime has high #cycling hopes for me for next year. I am seriously thinking for believing in me as much as he does 😀 #indoorcycling can be #sauna too 😂😋🤣
Between #restdays is my beloved #zuzkalight time for #strength

Hoy estuve en una conferencia que terminó con esta cita “Nunca obligar,
Nunca abandonar”
No necesitas obligarte hacer las cosas que no te gusta, pero tampoco necesitas abandonarlas. .

#nohreliasfit #theeverygirl #honestbeauty #fitfreefearless #zuzkalight #alexiaclark #fitness #program #progress #fitorareason #queenteam #fitness #fitgirl #lifestyle #homework #homeworkout #motivation #inspiration #happygirl #fullleg #serenity #gymlife #workmotivation #Venezuela

Ballerina plie squats in the ZGYM. I am grateful for the chance to reconnect with myself. And by refilling my soul, quietening my mind, and refueling Me, I can more fully serve those who are most important to me in my life, handle my personal daily goals and challenges, and experience joy. 💖💕
Quiet your mind. Free your body. 🙏💕
#zgym #zuzkalight #squats #metime #grateful #stretchandtone #poweryourpassion #yourmindisyourgym #healthispartofyourhustle #homefitness #homegym #fitover40 #bikinibuttlift #fitnessmama #fitnessisfun #fitness #inmyhappyplace #motivate #moveyourbody

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