Athens, 2018

Film: Agfa Vista 400
Camera: Olympus Trip35
Lens: Zuiko 40/2.8

Сейчас это только красивая водичка, но потом это будет квас))) надеюсь такой же вкусный как и красивый)

Another long-time-desired addition to the collection. I’ve always been fascinated with the early OM series—so tiny and yet powerful. And those lenses! I was thrilled to score my favorite model (a Black OM-2N) with the awesome 55mm f1.2. It came in a period nylon bag complete with the more common (and smaller) 50mm 1.8, the itty-bitty 75-150 f4, the cheap 28mm 3.5, a 2x teleconverter, a spare focus screen, and the flash adapter. Camera seems to work great. Excited to put a test roll through it to check the seals. #filmcameras #olympusom2n #buyfilmnotmegapixels

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