shownu has the same angle in every selca.. 😪

why does all his selcas look the same

dominic thane vitali

comment your name lbl for a tbh.

legal. leo. italian. loves jasper. switch with a thing for age gaps and nasty kinks. icp and beastie boys. a possesive and passive aggressive asshole. always ready to square up. photographer and boxer. guys and girls. single, and plans on keeping it that way. foul mouth that works wonders. hit him up.

I pushed him over the rail after this 🤪😎
Camera 📷: @mirabellebridges

Mr. Brightside.

tbh this will always be my favorite selca of his 🤧💓💕

like and comment 3x for a rate and a dop
kota. 16. virgo. boy n girl kisser. mars's girl. #1 kale shipper. freyr's best friend. hood enough. 5'5. animal lover. filipino as fuck. rebellious. smoker. will talk shit about you in multiple languages. italian sodas. illiterate. jealousy. trust issues. looks like a bitch but is actually nice. loves her friends. sex jokes. drake and ariana grande. soft for some people. models and dances. hit her up with wholesome memes.

I'm dying. coke is a bad thing it hurts ur eyes nd ruins ur brain nd makes u emo nd do shit u shouldn't nd then u loose a bunch of money buying more coke so u can feel like it brain dead and then u find xanax nd take it and feel like u flying. take drugs. kill yo brain kids. die young. hate yourself always. santa hates u. goodnight.
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stormy marie;
seventeen. no one’s girl. libra. british. a huge softie. ana is her romeo to her juliet. sad most of the time. once upon a time enthusiast. fortnite god. adores lil skies. has low amount of friends so hmu!

big dicc goth bf

how to i give my whole heart and soul to someone bc gosh 💞💖💘💘💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💗💘💖💓💗💘💕💞💕💞💕💕💞💕💗💖💖💘💓💞💕💞💕💗💕💘

— Kind eyes can be detrimental if given enough trust.

— Remaining a shadowless and unkempt daydreamer. The vinyl spins and the candle flickers endlessly, like my hunger for something to celebrate. I count the clouds through my window. I am those clouds, wistfully roaming among the same grounds, the same piece of sky. Perhaps the heavens will inhale me, take me to a far-off galaxy.

Dear New Bestie,
I am not the kind of person who makes friends easily - in fact I’m the kind of person who has had the same best friends my entire life. Branching out and making new friends will never be my specialty, but meeting you was different. Friendships can takes years to grow and become strong, but ours LITERALLY happened in the past few hours! All it took was a few hours and we clicked. So rare, but so awesome! Since we haven’t known each other forever sometimes that makes our friendship. I am still trying to figure out how to have a new friend, and how to be a new friend. I have friends who, I swear sometimes, I can read their minds. With a new friendship, you have to work up to that, but we will get there! You already know me better then some people I’ve known for years! But there will come a day where I will know what you're about to say before you even say it. And, as with all friendships, there will come a day where I piss you off, a lot! But, we will work it out because thats what true friends do. (Sorry in advance for whenever that day happens!) Thank you for getting to know me and for becoming my friend, not because you felt like you had to. Thank you for being kind, honest, and fun all of the time. Thank you for accepting me, even when I'm being crazy.
Love you Mason💕🤧

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