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One of the best movies 🎥 ever. Well not really. But it was when I was a kid and wished I was an adult. Now the reverse is basically true. Except middle school. Which was extremely awkward. #big #zoltar #makeawish

#Zoltar speaks.

Look what I found!...should I make a wish? I've always wanted to see what it would be like to be a grown up! #BIG #ZOLTAR #zoltarspeaks

Can you name the movie #Zoltar is from? 🔮#ChildhoodMemories #OneOfMyFavs #PennyMarshall

#tbt to when #zoltar spoke.

When it comes to fortunes, Matt is the expert! Find out what he will predict in our NEW sketch! Link in bio! 🔮 #StudioC #Zoltar

I've never been one to think my fate was decided, or that other's premonitions over me were true. I won't say I never allowed anyone's thoughts about me to move me, but I certainly don't anymore. I just don't believe in fortune telling. I don't remember any specific instance where I learned to believe I had the power to change my circumstances and my position.. but I do. I know hard work produces results and perseverance can win a lot of battles. Perhaps I was born resilient, but I've never had time for Zoltar. I'm too busy crafting my future.
#blessed #Zoltar #fortunetelling #newmexico

When last weeks episode of @areuthe1 is at the speak easy you went to in NOLA & it makes you miss it even more 🔮 #ultimatetourist #zoltar


A new kind of Zoltar 🔮 #Zoltar #fortuneteller

I had to #zoltar

I wish to be big

Zoltar, Arizona 💥

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