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Alfie and Zoe's story on 14/9/17.
I am just waiting for Alfies birthday ❤❤. ❤❤
@pointlessblog @zoella
#Zalfie #Zoesugg #Alfiedeyes #zoedeyes ❤❤❤

the last edit of this theme!
this theme actually sucked, i feel like i'm not giving you the best i can, sometimes i just edit something and its really good and i want it as my theme but idk.
whatever lol.

QOTD: tag someone beautiful
AOTD: @vanillazoe
keep calm and love zoella😍

legit NO ONE is on right now but...


hope you guys like it, even though it's awful😂

tag @zoella @pointlessblog

#pointlessblog #alfiedeyes #zoedeyes #zoesugg #zoella #zalfie

Alfie and Zoe's Stories on 12/9/17. ❤❤❤
They are on the verge of getting married guys❤ The caption Zoe gave for the new photo❤.
It melts my heart how much they love each other.
I hope you all get a Alfie ❤✌. #Zalfie #Zoe #Alfie #zoedeyes.❤
@pointlessblog @zoella
Please tag them ❤✌
If you like it please comment down below your thoughts sweethearts❤✌

Please tag them 👉 @pointlessblog @zozeebo -
Please comment '💝' if you smiled
QOTP: Who's your OTP?

a bump and a
ring alfie deyes

three more years
at most ;)

#zoesugg #alfiedeyes #zoedeyes #zoella #pointlessblog #zalfie @zoella @pointlessblog


I’ve had enough summer I want it to be cold ughhh

Alfie and Zoe's story on 14/9/17.
I am just waiting for Alfies birthday ❤❤. ❤❤
@pointlessblog @zoella
#Zalfie #Zoesugg #Alfiedeyes #zoedeyes ❤❤❤

📷🌊⛵️| tbh right now, im shipping zalfie more then ever, i love them — also idk whether i should have an autumnal theme or spring theme because it's spring for me but obviously for zoe it's autumn and she's gonna be posting autumnal photos so it's probably best i go autumnal 🍂

Zoe's story on 11/9/2017
They are so cute together❤❤
Please comment down below your thoughts about this❤
Love yaa all❤
#Zalfie #zalfieforever❤
#alfie #Zoe #alfiedeyes #Zoesugg #zoeDeyes #2017 #Youtuber
@pointlessblog @zoella

I wish I went☹️

White sweater from @asos

An accurate example of how people take photos of me vs how I take photos of myself😂

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