It’s Cancer Season and the Moon is in Scorpio, yikes! The energy was HEAVY yesterday, you may still be feeling it today and into tomorrow.
Old wounds are coming up, feelings you thought weren’t there are resurfacing...you’re feeling drained and emotionally raw... Hang in there.

To stay centered during Cancer season, get in the water. Whether a trip to the beach, or taking more baths than showers, the waters will keep you calm.

During Cancer Season you’re more likely to speak and take action from an emotional space, as opposed to a logical one. Be careful. Remember that feelings aren’t usually facts.

Make sure that you’re journaling and meditating so that you can discern between your emotions and what’s actually happening.

Be gentle with yourself during this season. 📸: @ohjoy

Hey Libra sorry you got neglected this week I was doing work that pays me lol

Oh no did I accidentally reveal that I’m upset in a way that I can be held accountable for?

I am convinced that free online therapy portals are for air signs that don’t want to dominate the conversation with their friends or pay for therapy IRL

Oooo.... you look like you’re going to exhaust my emotional energy and leave me upset that I’m not asking for more ;)))))) I’m so excited to teach you how to love!

We love a Devil’s Advocate 😈😈😈

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