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The ghost of Christmas past, 3 years ago. Y'all now know who wears the pants in this house. #ZLadies

Our team with the fashion guru @zaihanimzain at the launch of #JovianMandagieforZALORA yesterday

The #Zladies slayed the look with poise and elegance in @lubna.official #zaloramy #zaloraya2016

Good luck to these 2 awesome #ZLAdies! #TeamZilla is gonna miss you!

Keeping Up With the... #Guzmans #aftermath #SundayFunDay #zladies

attended the pennsylvania conference for women today along with 8,000 others πŸ™ƒ thank you @revzilla for letting me go and for supporting me as a female leader in the workplace! πŸŽ‰ #pennwomen #revzilla #zladies

Massive throwback to my farewell party with the one and only #ZALORAMY gang. Cheers to our big boss @gxilo! 😊 #zladies #zbabes #buangbalik #Zoukkl


Good luck to these 2 awesome #ZLAdies! #TeamZilla is gonna miss you!

#zladies in Business

Thanks to #pyro @apnsupplements 😜#impooped 😴 1hour of #bootcamp πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺ🏼 and another hour of #cardio with my #ZLadies πŸ’ƒπŸΌ #runner #runnershigh #runnerslife #2weekstilRevel #halfmarathontraining #fitbit

@mirandaess #zladies in business

It's been one year with this beauty and I still don't have her where I want to, but we all start somewhere. #allstock #370z #dailydriven #fairladyz #nofilter #stickchick

Your Output Reflects Your Input

Failure, success,... Is determined by what you give.
If you are lazy at work, you produce a lazy work.
Most often we think we are not in control of anything forgetting everything we do is controlled by everything in us; our mind,attitude, ... Once upon a time a poor orphan gave all her money and sold all she had to educate herself but she couldn't afford it till the end so She didn't succeed. ( failed)
She tried again, this time with all the energy she had, she worked day and night, prayed day and night but this time her all determined her success.
Question is what did she fail to do in her first attempt?
Sometimes you give your all yet you do not get what you want. Don't give up. Try another time but watch carefully this time, ask yourself what didn't you do right amidst all your efforts.
If you read carefully, you will realise that in her first attempt she never communicated to God, never informed him of her losses and gains but on her next try,she did.

My dear if you give God the position he needs to take in your life,He will crown your efforts with success
What you really give is what you get. Give God a place in your life and he will do same.
Ingrid Ammah once said, sometimes you may think a sinner or an unbelievable gives no reverence or anything to God yet he loves them. But infact they rather give their all. YES, They give their life. It is through the consequences of a bad life lived by an Ungodly man that you learn your lessons. It is through the grace they receive from God that makes you value God more and more.
Be warned. Nothing is little , every little thing is something. (LexySigns, 2015)

Have a blessed day.
#zladies in Business.
@ Miranda Essuman

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