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It's that time of the year again! Our zine is all about collaboration, expression and giving a platform for people to showcase their work. Sounds good? More info link in bio.

Also a page from a mini zine I made a while ago. #artistsofinstagram #illustration #mixedmedia #zinelove

Here's to the end of a long week! We're looking forward to a zine-writing retreat for a couple of days - have a great weekend!

I will be showcasing at least three new zines. Nervous and excited. As my mom recommends, I gotta “prepare, not worry.” Donate to my ko-fi account to help out with the tabling fee, gas, and art supplies: https://www.ko-fi.com/jlinjessica (Ko-fi is ideal bc it doesn’t charge me commission, so I receive every cent you donate!).

So f*cking excited to announce I’ll be teaching my first-ever zine workshop. This ventures marks my transition into respecting myself by asking for money for my art services. The art industry is severely underpaid and even more under appreciated. It is hard for me to ask for money when I know some places offer art workshops for free. As well, I’ve been worried about accessibility since I know firsthand what it’s like to struggle financially. (I’m offering a student discount and anyone else with financial issues can dm me so we can negotiate a work trade.) Hopefully, this will encourage other artists to demand fair wages for their work. For transparency’s sake, I will tell you I’m paying the venue for the use of their space, as well as spending money on supplies like paper, high quality writing and drawing tools, and printing costs. And that doesn’t even take into account the hours poured into creating these fliers and driving to dozens of locations to distribute them. To end on a positive note, a huge thank you to my friend and spoken word artist @kategotsoulpoetry for giving me the last push I needed to make this happen. I love my friends.

#currentlyreading 'Building: A DIY Guide to Creating Spaces, Hosting Events and Fostering Radical Communities' published by DoDIY.org for some much-needed inspiration!

“Jerry made bad life choices as a child and now he is sad. Bushman is his older brother who made good life choices and got a job. He is vegan” (Volume 5/Issue 1).
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It’s been so hard to keep at this lattice work! I really struggled with it! I just wanted the end result. Which fortunately I’m happy with. 😬 #wip #zine #zinelove #painfuldetail #fire

thanks @donutislandpress for sending us these beautiful zines! #snailmail

What feeling or feelings do these doodles evoke within you? I drew them when I was feeling frustrated, anxious, and angry. I wonder if it shows. But making something during that cacophony of feelings made me feel better, in the end.

“What is love?” Zine made with anonymous submissions is coming together💕💕💕

Zine swapping with @zinesandthings made my day! An awesome exchange of gorgeous, thought provoking pieces arrived in my mailbox. Delicious design and tender topics = zine joy. I loved Ephemera & Crybaby Crybaby for reminding me to practice self-love and that it's OK to shed tears♥
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So this week was the first week I haven’t shared anything new for about 2 years, mainly due to being busy and not having time for the darkroom - next week I will have ✌️ - here’s #zine roundup of some amazing releases that have made their way to me recently. (Including @allformatcollective members @nickexposed and @dvdpdvn) - all zines are tagged. #zinelove
#filmphotographic #shootfilm #ifyouleave #somewheremagazine #dazedandexposed #back2thebase #grainisgood #subjectivelyobjective #photofilmy #allformatcollective

A mix of old and new zines. Started (didn’t finish all) five new zines on Tuesday and Wednesday to combat the stress, anger, and anguish I was feeling. Will share photos of the other zines at a later time. Shoutout to my friend and artist Alyssa (@lluluwa.illustration) for helping with the layout of this photo.

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