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#ZindagiKiMehak Samiksha Talks about her Outfit @samikshajaiswal16

Delhi Times #ZindagiKiMehak

Weddings in TV shows usually go on for weeks, and the actors told us that it has been many days that they have been shooting without any break. “We usually pack up by midnight and there are hardly any places in Delhi open at that time where we can go and chill.The only thing we manage to do is go to a friend’s place and just dance to let the frustration out.We also go for a long drive,but this wedding sequence shoot has been crazy.We haven’t really found time to even do that,”said Samiksha. Karan Vohra,who is from west Delhi,said that he has always preferred simple and low-key weddings, but the audience is used to only watching the grand ones.“Despite being from Delhi,I preferred to have a simple and subtle wedding with very little naachgaana and band-baaja.All this drama and grandeur is irritating at times,but that is what the audience likes to watch on screen. I heard that the government was planning to put a cap on the expenditure on weddings,but I don’t think that the government should intervene in this, as it is one’s own choice. But people should sometimes practise some restraint and avoid extravagance,”said Karan.

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Karuna in making !

#ZindagiKiMehak Precap:Mehak and Shaurya do the final marriage rituals,Mehak is happy,while Shaurya is haunted by Inspector words

Both pics in black but a drastic change in both the pics .Amazing, fantabulas, gorgeous, super se bhi upper bro @itskaranvohra #zindagikimehak

Angry Khanna 😯😯 #ZindagiKiMehak #Shaurya

#ZindagiKiMehak Episode starts with Sharmas tries to steal groom shoes,Vicky gives in easily as Nehal gives him flying kiss,Mehak trips and Shaurya holds her


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This was bliss 😍 #ZindagiKiMehak #ViHal #Vicky #Nehal @shinydixt @siddharthsipani0033

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