Special delivery to Rome, Italy.
Thank you @zildjiancompany for these shining new blings ❀️
- 18” A Custom Crash
- 11” Oriental Thrash Splash

If u look closely u could see me gesturing with a happy thumb up πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‰

Nerd time post number 3!
Gretsch Catalina Silver Sparkle (Originally silver, turned yellow-ish over time): 26’’ x 16’’ Bass drum
18’’ x 16’’ Floor tom
16’’ x 16’’ Floor tom
13’’ x 9’’ Rack tom
10’’ x 7’’ Rack tom by Pearl
14’’ x 5’5’’ Snare by Del Ray
Zildjian set:

22’’ K Ride
20’’ Oriental Crash of Doom
19’’ A Medium Thin Crash
19’’ K Hybrid China
18’’ A Custom EFX Crash
17’’ A Medium Thin β€˜Ozoned’ Crash (as HH top)
17’’ A Medium Crash (as HH bottom)
14’’ A New Beat Hi hat
AND a trashed and recovered 17’’ Fierce Crash by Sabian

Surely the biggest setup I’ve ever recorded on: 4 toms, 4 crashes, 2 hi hats... I was looking forward to recording my own drum kit on this track, so much that I took an extra day before hand to go over every bit of dust, dirt or rust and made sure the kit was spotless. Jake and I took the time to put fresh drum heads on, all by Evans. I’m a big fan of single ply, coated and went for G12 on every tom batter side. This is the perfect head if the G1 isn’t robust enough for extra heavy playing while the G2 may stop a little too much resonance. On the resonant side, I opted for the Reso 7, another single coated drum head, slightly thinner. It helped control the right amount of overtones and get a warm, round sound. The extra 10’’ tom also features a single ply coated batter head but no resonant head. You can hear how this tom popping out compared to the other toms. The lack of resonant head helps with a sharp attack and a short sustain. The bass drum had a coated EMAD single ply on the front and a ported EQ3 as resonant with a couple of pillows inside as well as a blanket over the mics and resonant head to catch both the subs and the attack of the kick. As for the snare, this 1964 Del Ray was on point. A Calftone on the batter head did the trick, it gave a super warm yet serious attack to the snare sound.

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Ava killed it 😍

Amazing gig @thecornishbarn big thanks to all who came! Was very special ☺. Playing The Star Inn ( St just) tonight
9 - 11pm
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