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So many clues for ep66..The necklace Zeynep is going to wear for the wedding will be the one Emir gave to her as a gift😍..Emir will be at the wedding and I'm sure he's not there as a guest😂😂 #zeymir #zeynep #emir

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Episode 65 thoughts 6:
~1 week later~
Emir calls Zeynep to go to this coffee shop to tell her she bought this place and an apartment for her.That's such a big deal guys.Emir has A LOT of money and he could take care of anything Zeynep would need and Zeynep wouldn't have to work,but no,Emir wants to see Zeynep rise.Give her ambition and make her a strong woman who can stand on her own without needing Emir's help or anyone elses.He wants her to work and find her strength again,to give her a purpose.
..I'm so happy Zeynep didn't sign the papers,that would look like she did it for the money!And she doesn't need an apartment where she would stay alone(even though I would guarantee you Emir would be at that apartment more than at his own house.And his excuse would be "I'm checking on the baby"😂)
Everybody is angry at Fehime for pressuring Zeynep to marry Hakan.I was too,but it was for the best.Not the best for Zeynep and Hakan but the best for Zeynep and Emir.Emir was being so calm after Zeynep decided not to marry Hakan and he's very confident with Zeynep's feelings towards him.That's a good thing but equally bad,a good thing because he knows she truly loves him and a bad thing because he thinks that Zeynep is going to wait for him all her life.
Well no Emir bey,this time Zeynep is choosing her needs before yours.Zeynep made it clear to Hakan that she doesn't love him and if they marry she'll marry because of her family not because she loves him.Hakan accepted that(how weird).
Now Emir will have to do something if he wants his little one back.I'm hoping he does something big and shocks us all😍(for good ofc) #zeymir #zeynep #emir

Episode 65 thoughts 4:
Emir and Zeynep get out of the hospital and Emir starts advicing Zeynep how to be more careful and not feel stressed all the time.And Zeynep's answer"Well why don't we start with you not making the baby's mom sad all the time?"😂👏..Emir-"I'm not the one who's making her sad,her dreams are.I've told you that there's no place in my heart to put you but you still try to get in",yeah Emir her dreams are coming after Zeynep and bothering her,definetly not you😂😂
And the bomb💣Zeynep-"Why didn't you want me to marry Hakan?"E-"for my son"..*cough*previously..E-"I won't come after this child if you marry Hakan"..Damn Emir you change your words so fast please stop the crap and stop using the baby card everytime you get stuck in a situation and just admit you were jealous and didn't want her to marry Hakan because she's yours only!!
Z-"Why did you spend the night with me when I was going to run away next morning?"E-*1 hour later*.He comes up with such a stupid lie😂,"I spent that night with you because you needed the strengh for when you would go out the country."😂Emir are you being serious?You know damn well that even if you would spent a whole month LIVING with her she would still get upset and not find the strength to go to another country knowing that she wouldn't see you or her family for years!
Anyways,Zeynep is an expert when it comes to Emir and she knows that all Emir was saying were excuses to not admit that he loves her and she knew the answer to all the questions she made,she only wanted to hear those words out of Emir's mouth:Because I love you,that's why!!🔥
#zeymir #zeynep #emir

Episode 65 thoughts 3:
The ultrasound scene was so perfect!When the scene started Emir was sitting on a chair like he was about to do the ultrasound😂
Zeynep tells Emir to go because Kemal was on his way and there was not a chance Emir would go from there without looking his son first
The doctress comes and asks Zeynep if she was ready to do the ultrasound and Emir responds out of nowhere with "Yes,she is" like those exited dads that just can't wait anymore😂
Emir sits next to Zeynep and the doctress starts telling Zeynep that she needs to have more peace and not be stressed out.Emir looks at Zeynep and his eyes say everything.He was feeling guilty because he knew that 50% of the reason why Zeynep was stressed out was him
E-"you understood the message" he says while looking at Zeynep with those guilty/sorry eyes.Zeynep nods her head yes and she asks the doctress if everything was alright with the baby
Emir starts looking at the screen and his face😍😍Pure happiness!!💗His eyes looked like they were smiling😍he starts asking the doctress about the baby and gets interested.Zeynep gets so happy by looking at him being happy.It was like they both forgot about all their problems.At that moment,the only thing that mattered was their little miracle❤️ #zeymir #zeynep #emir #poyraz

Episode 65 thoughts 2:
Zeynep was stressed out because of finding out that her brother was lying to her and it looked like she was releasing her anger on Emir /
After she turns her back on Emir and starts walking she has pregnancy pain and oh my😍Emir got so anxious he started running to her in a heartbeat.E-"Zeynep...What is it?What's happening?"Z-"pregnancy pain,I'm having them often these days",E-"you need to go to the hospital",Z-"no,there's no need",E-"come on don't make me repeat it we're going to the hospital.Lean on me".....Ugh I was dying😍💘
Emir was being so careful with Zeynep,holding her until they arrived at the car😍 #zeymir #zeynep #emir

Episode 65 thoughts 1//Sorry for not posting them earlier,here they are:
I'll start from the very first scene,as we predicted Zeynep was Emir's hero this time💗..How Emir opened his eyes immediately after hearing Zeynep's voice.His eyes were sparkling by being focused on her.Zeynep goes to Tarik stoping him from doing such a thing.Emir of course had to say something and he started to use Zeynep card on Tarik..E-"If you kill me consider you've killed her too"..Yes Emir,too good you know she can't imagine her life without you
Emir was probably planning to tell Zeynep she's not guilty of Ozan's murder and that was the perfect moment for him.Since Tarik just attempted shooting him,Emir needed his revenge on him! #zeymir #zeynep #emir

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seni çok seviyorum❤Zeynep
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وهيك بيكونو ثلاث فيديوها ل' #زيمير بثلاث لهجات
عربية 💜 و انجليزية 💙 و هاي التركية 💛
اتمنى يعجبوكم
والي ماشاف الاثنين الي قبل هذا يشوفهم 😍
هم من هون ⏩⏩ #zeymir fans 💘
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