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عند الكرامه كل المشاعر مجبره أن تموت🕊✋

⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀- #Legend_Designs | #FHK 🍁 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ..🕊من رحت الفرح طـار ، وبيّـا مدري شصَـار

‏الغرِيبُ فِي الحُبّ ، أن يَأتِي شَخص مِن لَا شَيء ، لِيصبحَ كُلّ شَيء❤️#حبي

ZE&KA♥️ #karasevda #kemasu #zeymir


zeynep : you won't leave tonight ... right ?
her head was on his chest
she was touching his neck with her fingers
emir : I won't
touched her bare back and then took her hand that was on his neck
emir : you said something ... your voice was low ... I didn't hear it clear
- I said so many things ...
she smiled ... kissed his chest softly
emir : tell them now
zeynep felt her heart started to beat faster again
she didn't want to admit that she fell in love with him ... but she had been saying that in that bathtub while he was kissing every inch of her skin
emir took her chin softly , made her look at him
emir : say it
- you heard it
- say it
- no
emir kissed her lips shortly
- I want to hear it now ...
zeynep whispered : no ...
again he put many short kisses on her lips , cheeks ... her whole face and took her breath away once again
zeynep said hardly : I ... I ...
emir : you what ...
kissed her shoulder
- i love you
emir smiled and zeynep felt that on her skin
finally he stopped and let zeynep breathe normally
- look at me
zeynep looked in his eyes
emir : never change ...
looked at her lips then again her eyes
emir : always stay mine ... be my little one ... always ...
kissed her nose and made her laugh by shivers her back
they slept next to each other all night
I can't post more today ... sorry ☺💜💙
wait for next parts tomorrow 😉👋
#zeymir #kaanurgancioglu #hazalkucukkose #hazalfilizküçükköse #emirkozcuoğlu #zeynepkozcuoglu #zeynepsoydere #karasevda #berensaat #burakozcivit #hazkaan #hazalkaya

Just what i noticed! He already had her lipstik on his lips and Zeynep the lipstik taken from her's before the kiss so i think they shooted the kiss scene first before all conversation😎😻😈
#zeymir #hottestturkishcoupleever #karasevda #hazalfilizkucukkose #kaanurgancioglu #hazkaan

Put her on the bed , Licked her breasts and finally entered her gently, she let out some beautiful sounds encouraging him , making him feel her femininity and taking him to the end of this universe " you are mine , Zeynep don.. don't you ever do that again " he said while showing her the stars with his perfect method " i love you .. i real..ly do !" She said ..... The sheets became wet , Zeynep and Emir were sleeping, holding each other tenderly, fully naked their chemistry lightened up the sky , that night..
Zeynep opened her eyes , looked at Emir while caressing his face lightly with her finger , putting her leg on his leg "wake up Mr.kozcuoglu " she bit her lip waiting for him to respond " good morning " he said with his sexy sleepy voice , in that moment Zeynep melted so she hugged him , emir smiled , held her hands and rolled her , he was on the top of her zeynep smirked and looked at him waiting for his next move " i'm .. i'm sorry " she was shocked the moment she heard that , " Emir are you ok? " she put her hand on his head checking his temperature then she laughed " hahaha .. " he glared at her for mocking him , " don't look at me like that , i am sorry too " they both laughed .. " emir don't act like a crazy " drama queen " again , it wasn't worthy.. you know " he put his hands on her shoulders after leaving her hands and got closer whispering to her , zeynep felt his hot skin on her body " conclusion : you will never do this again , don't make me doubt you , i don't want us to fight not even for few seconds, you can't come or go with other men 'cause yeah ! you are not nihan , you are mine my little one " zeynep smiled and answered him with a flirty voice " okay kozcuoglu " #zeymir

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