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Part 22
Emir's eyes widened as soon as mehmet had opened the door "A..a...sorry i...its the wrong address" emir turned to leave but mehmet stopped him
"emir kozcuoglu"
Emir stopped and turned to him , zeynep's eyes widened she stood up running towards the door "d..dad"
Emir looked at zeynep then smiled angrily "i said its the wrong address" emir turned again
"Wh..what did you want from my daughter" mehmet had tears in his eyes
Emir turned "But i told you its the wrong address" he said angrily
"And you want me to believe it"
Zeynep had tears in her eyes "i..its ok , it can happen" she smiled to emir and closed the door , mehemt looked at her with doubtful eyes "zeynep" he whisphered
"Dad i.." she couldn't continue as mehmet talked "Emir kozcuoglu is my enemy's son"
Zeynep's eyes widened
In the morning mehmet had already left he just came to see zeynep , zeynep went to emir's house but he wasn't there so she waited for him
She was having lunch , she looked at efsane "efsane what do you know about emir's mother"
"Wh...why are you asking?"
"TELL ME efsane" she said angrily
Efsane sighed "she died infront of emir bey's eyes"
Zeynep's heart skipped "h..how"
"Galip kozcuoglu's enemy had kidnapped her and then....cut her hair off and...ra...raped her infront of emir bey"
Zeynep's fork fell from her hand and she stood up quickly "i...i am in my room" zeynep climbed the stairs , she entered her room and sat on her bed , tears fell from her eyes (Emir kozcuoglu is my enemy's son) she put her hands on her ears "no no my dad can't do such a thing , no" she kept on crying *.*
At night
Emir arrived and opened zeynep's room "you didn't tell me" he said angrily
Zeynep looked at him , he saw tears in her eyes "Zeynep"
(Everything was weird from the beginning , emir insisted on having me from the very beginning , is it all a game!) She thought "M..my dad...is your father's enemy"
Emir closed his eyes tightly already knew what is going on
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