And on purpose, I choose you.

If the world could give us an opportunity to take all the chances we missed, to relive the moments we loved so much, would you take my hand and try again? Would you want to try again?

As you get older, you realize that you’re not always right and there’s so many things you could’ve handled better, so many situations where you could’ve been kinder and all you can really do is forgive yourself and let your mistakes make you a better person.

By the time we meet again, I hope that you have sorted out your rattling thoughts, and that you have found peace within your bones. I hope by then, I will see a sincere smile on your face, that you will tell me how comfortable you are in your own skin. And I will smile. I will smile the proudest smile as I begin to tell you how I have never stopped loving you all this time.

People who are most afraid of their dreams convince themselves they don’t dream at all.


Every person I’ve ever loved has some how become toxic to me. A living, breathing reminder of why I was always better off alone. I love too hard, too quickly and then sometimes I don’t love enough. I guess I’m just bad at love.

I know it’s over, and it never really began, but in my heart it was so real

Be who you are, love who you are. Because self love isn't selfish.

Every night I think of all the mistakes I’ve made and how much I regret making those decisions because my life could have been different.

Someone loves you.

It’s important to have parts of yourself that are just yours. Parts that no one else gets to see, a side of you that’s secret. Because then, no matter what, there’s something that you’ll always still have, that will always be just yours. Inside jokes with yourself, secret places that you never take anyone. This keeps you sane and this keeps you real and this ensures that the most important person in your life will always be yourself.

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It's just a random pic, but still I can't help to expect soooooo much! 😭

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I love you means: I've seen the darkest parts of you and i am staying.

We have both changed and nothing can go back to the way it was before.

The most attractive thing you could show someone is effort & the most important thing you could give someone is time.

Your voice could calm oceans.

i’m falling in love with you the same way i’m falling asleep to the sound of your voice and the rain.

Just remember, After every raining day there is always a rainbow.

Do you ever just listen to an old favorite song really loud in your headphones while staring at a skyline and fall in love with the world and your life and the person you’ve become even if things aren’t actually going well for you at that particular moment? Because it’s surreal and it’s empowering and I think it’s bliss.

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