Different materials, different lengths, different thicknesses and straight or bent - which straw to go for?
You can also get ones for sensitive teeth.
We've written an article on everything to consider when choosing a reusable straw - link in bio!
Which reusable straw did you go for or would you go for and why?
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I used to think that buying waste-free items was hard because ALL my favourite products were only available in packages. Not true🙅🏻‍♀️ After taking the time to research and ask questions, I’ve been able to find many of my favs (or similar item but different brand) in bulk👏🏻 Like this organic gluten-free chickpea pasta and these organic fair trade coffee beans. All from @bulkbarnfoods in my OWN reusable jars♻️
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[secret zerowaster?!]
🌿Мне интересно наблюдать за коллегами и их привычками, а именно выискивать у них те, что эко-френдли, умиляться и даже в особо прекрасных случаях делать комплименты и всячески поддерживать.
👀Так, например, я заметила, что пара человек пользуется одной и той же многоразовой стеклянной бутылкой уже продолжительное время.
Есть несколько коллег, которые принципиально носят еду только в стеклянном контейнере (я насчитала пока 3-х), а 1 носит в термосе. Это ли не замечательно?
😔Но всё же подавляющее большинство людей использует пластик, одноразовый, именно в таком ужасе нам подрядчик привозит обеды.
А теперь представьте моё удивление, когда, открыв пару дней назад общий холодильник, я увидела там БАНКУ с обедом. Стеклянную 😮😍
Вообще, до этого только я одна упорно носила еду в стеклянных банках (и меня все подкалывали), а тут... ребят, у меня появился тайный сообщник! 🤐Я не знаю, кто это, но я так удивилась! Буду теперь его вычислять)) 🕵
но это ещё не конец истории. Не успела я удивиться увиденному, как буквально через пару дней я обнаружила в другом общем холодильнике контейнеры, стоящие в тканевом мешочке 😌 aww.
В общем, я в приятном удивлении, любуюсь и хочу узнать, кто же там у нас завёлся такой сознательный.
🤔Неужели что-то начало меняться в сознании людей?..

Savannah 💚👍📷 @theleafyqueen bulk pantry has been instrumental in reducing food waste and transitioning to a whole food, plant based life. Beautiful picture Savannah. I love it. WHO ELSE LIVE PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE?🙋‍♀️
. 🍓🍒🥑🌽🍊🍉🍇Whole food plant based lifestyle is another way how we positively impact our beautiful planet.
Another great account @theleafyqueen for ZERO WASTE LIFESTYLE INSPIRATION & WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE. Thank you for your passion & thank you for being part of the change🙏
And THANK YOU ALL for stopping by🙏Follow & Use #ourplanetourhome to be featured.
Wish you a beautiful day

A clean and organized kitchen giving me so much life right now.

Apparently over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are drunk around the world every day. ☕️This is a lot of coffee - and a lot of waste. Obviously the good stuff is extracted in the making of my morning brew but there are many things the remaining granules can be used for, in the garden and beyond. 🌿Check out 10 things you can do with coffee grounds! 🦔Link in Bio #mindandseed #theresagoetz

**NEW PRODUCTS** I am like a giddy kid today because my order finally arrived (due to these goodies being made with love) and I am now fully stock with the AMAZING @zerowastepathshop soaps, shampoo bars and deodorant!
I have been testing out these for a good month now and I have to say these are some of the best I have used! There is so much I love about this brand and the products I could go on for daaaaays but here are some of my top reasons for wanting to stock this brand:
>> Everything is made using 100% renewable energy
>> Bianca and Giulio are super transparent about their process and even have a trash jar to document how little waste they produce whilst making their products
>> Packaging is 100% recycled, unbleached paper glued with a plastic-free natural almond-based glue.
>> Hand made in small batches
My ultimate faves from the range are the Rosemary & Mint shampoo bar and the Shea Butter Soap!
Video run through coming tomorrow but you can read alllll about these online now @ WWW.PLASTICFREEDOM.CO.UK!

I finally made my reusable tissues! I had a thrifted cotton baby blanket and some scrap fabric. There will be an empty jar next to tissue jars upstairs to store dirty ones which will then go into the hamper downstairs with the kitchen rags. I need some more wide mouth jars because my husbands hands do not fit in the average mason jar 🤣.
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With my neighbours, we are one of the suppliers of this hotel. All our organic waste is a good meal for quests. Zero organic waste in my household because of a smart deal with worms. We deliver food, and the worms produce compost for our rooftop garden: how great is that! #zerowast #compost #worms #wormshotel #hotel #zerowastecommunity #zerowastehome #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastelife #zerowasteliving #zerowastekitchen #zerowastejourney #zerowastefood #zerowastetips #zerowastecooking #zerowasteitaly #zerowasteblogger #wormenhotel #wormenhotels

Orange Vinegar cleaner 🍊

Anyone who knows me know I love vinegar. I used to drink it during recess when I was younger 😂

Now I’m just trying to incorporate it in other parts of my life. When I eat oranges, I save the peels and bring it home to feed to my white vinegar jar. I let it sit for a few weeks until the strong vinegar smell dissipates.
And voila- it’s a multipurpose cleaner.

I am super excited to be a part of @pikespeakmarket 🤩 and to be along side wonderful boss babes in Colorado Springs. Come say hi this Saturday from 10-5!
Photo by: @wilderbag

Wrap in style!
Beeswax wraps are 100% safe & reusable. They adhere to themselves, are antibacterial, and won't leave an odor behind on your food the way plastic does. All you have to do is wrap and mold, the heat of your hands allows the wrap to bend and mold the way you want it to.

Homemade ice tea! With green tea, lime and mint! 🌿

Introducing to you Hanne from @zerowaste_rostock (follow her for a great inspiration)
The day my life changed was some day in October 2016. We had just moved into our own house a few months ago and our little one was 3 months old. We we’re faced with bins so full, that their mouth stood open a few days before the garbage disposal came to empty them – each time. We always had to keep the last sac of waste inside the house, because it would not fit into the bin anymore. A simple solution came into my mind: call the municipal waste management and ask either for a bigger bin (ours was 120l!) or ask for a weekly disposal (we had it twice per month!). The very friendly employee refused. She told me, that with the 4 members of our household the bins HAD TO BE ENOUGH. I was shocked. A typical German service provider, I thought. What means: No service at all. But... somehow it made me think about our trash. Why so much trash? Why are we, and we concerned ourselves eco-friendly, producing even more trash than we should?? I started using cotton diapers from @stoffywelt and started to make my own washable baby wipes. Then I switched to a reusable coffee cup on my daily long, long walks with the baby buggy. I read @mariekondo “Magical cleaning” and reduced our household radically. I felt great. - Until we had some friends staying at our house, who were really into zerowaste and minimalism. He attested me a waste problem. And a water waste problem. And a gas waste problem. I didn’t even ask for his advice!!! How dared he!!! But... somehow it made me think about our consumption in general.
I read @_wastelandrebel_ book about living zero waste. - And then I really hit the road. Bulk store, farmers market, re-sacs, mason jars, hair soap, self-made cleaning detergents, all natural cosmetics and so on. The whole story. The deeper I jump into this topic the more I see what I still have to change. Continued in the comment section👇👇👇👇👇

Have you ever considered opening your own zero waste shop? Perhaps you live in a community where there are limited zero waste options, and you could help to fill that void.

Not sure where to start? Check out The Zero Waste Collective's interview with zero waste shop owners Nicola and Richard about their experience with @earthfoodlove. Link in bio! 🌿 #zerowastecollective #earthfoodlove 📷: @earthfoodlove

Found this #plasticfree, #bamboo and metal dustpan and brush, and dish scrubber in @homebargains yesterday!
They had long handled scrubbers, long handled floor brushes, and lots more in the same range. All plastic free! 🙌 Last place I would have expected to find a sustainable home range like this.
I gave my Mum my old plastic dustpan and brush as she needed one, so nothing has gone to waste or landfill.

I absolutely love summer and plenty of local produce without packaging!
#zerowastekitchen #localproduce #nollahukka #nollahukkaruoka #satokausi

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