🍊A citrusy air freshener that’s entirely compostable? Try DIYing a simmer pot recipe instead of opting for the chemical-laden, plastic-packed alternative. Link in bio 🍊

Lunch inspired from @little_tucker_box - what a great #packedlunch for work, school or weekends 😋❣️☀️

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The top shelf of my fridge. Some thoughts:

I’ve had those onions for weeks now and they’re still good. Not sure the cilantro is comfy in that glass but I ran out of jars. 🤷🏽‍♀️ My husband cooks chicken in a crock pot every Sunday and pretty much eats that for dinner every weeknight. We basically cook for ourselves since I decided to eat more plant based. It’s actually kind of nice. #marriage 😂

The most important part of this picture is actually my oatmeal. I’ve been really trying to eat less eggs and I was never a fan of oatmeal but since making it myself (basic overnight oats) and adding yummy toppings I’m able to tolerate it. I buy the oats in bulk so that’s a #zerowaste plus. 👍🏽

We know. There is a LOT of handmade soap available. It’s one of the most saturated markets, both online and in stores. For every whim, there is a soap. There’s even unicorn poop soap. With glitter! With so many attention grabbing options out there, we knew it would be a risk going forward with our super simple approach. It’s been such an encouragement to hear all your positive feedback! We’re so happy to be meeting a need for pure, minimalist bar soaps. We love and use it ourselves every day, and it’s thrilling to know you’re loving it too. Thank you! The soap pictured here is our Scrub Bar, featuring super fine Oregon Coast sand. We also just released our Shampoo Bar yesterday! Everything is available in our online shop (link in profile). •

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If I’m being honest I’m pretty disappointed in a lot of the eco products I’ve been trying. The bamboo toothbrushes FAIL - cut the side of my mouth, dropps laundry detergent is NOT as good as Tide, and @whogivesacraptp toilet paper is almost as thin and fragile as air. 🙄 Nonetheless there are many many eco products that are just as good if not better than their eco-damaging counterparts! These crocheted pads are a reusable alternative to dry Swifter pads...and dare I say they do a better job (swipe left and be the judge).

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Are sponges a problem area in your zero wasting? It is a real struggle for me. Dish towels were simply not abrasive enough. I found one set of compostable sponges at a local store, but they were wrapped in plastic. Then I sent these to review.

At first, I was intrigued. They claim that the sponges are compostable enough to be tossed in a home composter. They also stated that the packaging is compostable in commercial composting facilities "that meet the standards of EN 13432." What the actual fuck.

So I googled Recology and that code and got no clear answer. So now I have to email them. It's a step in the right direction but I still think we can do better. Because, seriously, if my city can't compost it, I will literally mail it back to them.

The company name is a bit condescending, too... Don't guilt trip me into buying your stuff. 😒 That ain't cool.

Anyway!! 😄 Let's see how well they work! They come in a pack of 5, and claim that each sponge replaces 15 paper towel rolls, and can be machine washed 300 times.

So we will see how well they work, and if they actually DO breakdown in a standard home compost pile.

Cuz mama don't play when it comes to zero waste.

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Right before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, (for the first time!) we had lunch at this restaurant. I had to take a picture of this cute family of mason jars! Why do we love them so much? @liliserra
Pouco antes de atravessar a ponte de São Francisco, a Golden Gate Bridge, nós almoçamos nesse restaurante em Sausalito. Eu não podia deixar de tirar uma foto dessa família fofa de mason jars! Por quê a gente ama tanto esses potinhos? 🤗

My latest blog is all about the Eco Expo in Brisbane that I went to last weekend and it is now live! (Link in bio)
It was such a great day, we met a couple of awesome people and picked up a few waste free products.
I hope you enjoy reading all about it!
Ave you have been to any of the Eco Expos? What was your favourite part?
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Say hello to our shampoo bars 😘 they smell soooo good 😍 good for your hair and you’re helping the environment 👍 #ecofriendly #shampoobar #shampoobarph #zerowaste #ecossentials

Love is 🌴🌳. When you come home to find two new Yukka planted in the exact spot you wanted them, creating privacy between our neighbours and our houses (& hopefully lowering the roar of kids voices from our house!). We will be doing Reno’s soon so having this green, 🌴 tropical outlook rather than an old fence-from the bathroom will be perfect.


Fingers crossed these two 2 metre tall plants take to our soil. A neighbour was getting rid of them so it was worth a try! My partner roped his friends into helping get the job done before the rain comes ☔️ ___
Do you have garden plans for the weekend?
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☕ But first, coffee! Our vacuum insulated, stainless steel coffee mugs are the perfect alternative to the disposable kind - they'll even keep your coffee warm for up to 8 hours. The unique, pop-up lid gives you 360° drinking access and is also leakproof. Want an in-car coffee mug? These are also cup-holder friendly and of course, BPA and toxin free 😇

Residents of Takmung, Klungkung and tourism stakeholders came together at Lepang Beach on World Clean Up Day (WCD) which fell on 15 September 2018 to clean the beach of plastic and any other debris that may have washed up on shore. This Corporate Social Responsibility program was led by Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort Bali, a beautiful 5-star resort located right on Lepang Beach in East Bali.
The event was attended by Klungkung’s regent, Nyoman Suwirta with the Resort’s General Manager, Agus Suananda, CHA. The clean-up took place from Lepang Beach all the way to Sedayu and Tegal Besar Beach.
With the objective to combat waste globally, World Clean Up Day connects people and organizations around the world in the efforts to keep the earth clean while educating the public on waste management and trash placement.

#cleanupday #nowaste #zerowaste #noplastic #cleanbeaches #bali #balibeach #indonesia #support #wastemanagement #balitravel #islandlife

Gangs all here. What's your favourite shade?Mooloolaba Mint, Bells Blue or Byron Blue? 💧🌏💦

Our "Generation g" gPants are cuuttteeee! Have you snagged a pair for your little one yet? 🌈

The only thing better than a nice cool day in fall is the smell of my mom's kitchen on Thanksgiving. 💛

🌿{ENGLISH - below} Правило 5 R - отказ от приобретения и пользования одноразовыми вещами

Refuse/Отказать, Reduce/Сократить, Reuse/Использовать повторно, Recycle/Перерабатывать, ROT/Компостировать. Пять действий, которые вы можете предпринять, чтобы отказаться от ненужных отходов.

Откажитесь покупать или принимать продукты, которые могут нанести вам вред, и на окружающую среду.
Подумайте о бесплатных товарах, которые отдают компании. Откажитесь от химических растворителей и используйте альтернативы, которые основаны на воде. Задайте вопрос: "Зачем я покупаю этот товар?" Или "Зачем мне это нужно?" Reduce/Сократить
Сократите, чтобы использовать меньше. Подумайте о том, что вы используете и покупаете. Вы можете сократить?

Reuse/Повторное использование
Повторно используйте что-то, что у вас уже есть, вместо того, чтобы что-то покупать. Замените ненужную единицу, используя что-то, что вы можете использовать снова и снова.
Медленно заменяйте любые одноразовые предметы многоразовыми - например, многоразовые бутылки с водой.

Перерабатывайте все базовые вещи, которые вы можете: бумагу, пластик, металл и стекло.
Переработка пищевых отходов в компостную почву или в качестве продовольствия для местной фермы.
Перерабатывайте всю ткань, даже ту что была испорчена пятном или разорванную одежду. Перерабатывайте всю электронику.

Компостирование - последний шаг в превращении мусора в сокровище. Компостируйте, сколько вы можете: фруктовые и овощные отходы, яичные скорлупы, обрезка травы и кустарниковая отделка, газета, картон, древесная стружка, хлеб, крупы, макаронные изделия, кофейные остатки и чайные листья. #нольотхода

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, ROT. Five actions you can take to go zero waste.🌿 .
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